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Expert Solutions for Trade Show Displays & Exhibits

We are a 40+ year old Seattle-based provider of displays and supplies for trade shows, exhibits, and corporate events, and have helped many thousands of clients find the right tradeshow display for their requirement. May we help you find displays and supplies for your next show?

We are proud to bring incredible variety to the table by being an independent distributor for almost every US exhibit and trade show booth manufacturer. You name it – we’ll find it. If you need a custom display, we can do that too!

We work with global clients, shipping displays and supplies across the US and around the world. 

We guarantee our customer satisfaction. This means we live by the golden rule – we all shop online these days, and we all want to be treated with respect, in a fast and efficient way. Great customer service is our target and focus; we strive to provide all the info you need, in a respectful way, without wasting your time. Once you make a purchase, our project managers follow the job from start to finish, keeping you up to date on status, providing tracking numbers when your job ships. Free graphic design is part of our customer service focus; when you purchase a display, that online pricing includes free graphic design services. Our designers will review your artwork, alert you to any issues, and provide a digital proof. Or they can design it for you, iterating the design until you are happy with the result.

Our trade show display store and showroom was located on the Eastside of Seattle for over 30 years. In 2018 we moved, to a more cost effective location an hour west of Seattle, near Bremerton. And then in 2020, during Covid, we went virtual. Same team, just working virtually, like many other businesses these days.

You’ll find that our receptionist answers the phone and directs your call when you call! (7:30am -4:00pm, M-F, PST).

Our goal is to provide fast and friendly customer service. We work to offer very competitive prices on the best supplies and displays that we can find. We try out all of our convention supplies ourselves, before recommending them to you.

We only offer the highest quality trade show exhibits and ones that we would be comfortable using ourselves. We keep looking for the best displays and supplies and the newest ideas. This allows us to provide a one-stop solution for all your booth and exhibit requirements.

You will get your own personal account executive to take care of your needs from start to finish. While we do have many members in the team working toward your goal, having your own personal executive means a lot less work and time for you in explaining your booth requirements. When you call, you will always be able to speak to that familiar member of our team.

We also have some amazing graphics designers, both on staff and as partners, ready to help with both exhibit designs and graphic designs. Our designers are professionals in wide format graphic designing and they know their stuff! They are ready to provide free graphic design with your orders. If your artwork is already designed, they will review your artwork, alert you to any concerns, and provide online graphic proofs at no added cost. We can provide renderings too, to help you visualize your new exhibit and how it fits in your booth space.

Our Variety

One of our primary goals is for our clients to feel freedom in their selection when shopping our booth displays. As an independent distributor, we work with almost every major US manufacturer and offer all of their best conference booth displays and solutions. These are eye-catching and budget friendly exhibits designed to help you convert sales at your next event. We also keep a close eye on the latest and greatest for the industry so that our customers can stay ahead of the game. Our vast exhibit network is sure to provide you with the style and feel you are hoping to achieve.

We’ve grouped the main trade show supplies, booth ideas and booth designs, first according to size, from small to large – banner stands, table covers and table top displays, floor standing backdrops and popup displays, larger island displays, and then all the needed accessories like trade show flooring, shipping cases, and other supplies.

Backdrop Displays

Backdrop displays are placed against the back wall or curtain of the booth, and are most often seen in 10x10 and 10x20 booths, placed behind everything else in your booth. The graphic backdrop wall can be built using tube frames, popup frames, extruded aluminum display frames, specialized panel frames, and even truss frames.

animated trade show pop up portable backdrop display
10ft Popup display
Backlit Popup Frame

Pop Up Displays

Pop up displays all share one characteristic - they ALL have an expanding accordion frame. Initially, accordion frames used either “carpet” panels or printed lambda mural graphic panels. Currently, they almost always use light weight dye sub printed fabric graphics. Many pop up frames can be used with internal led lighting and backlit graphics.

MultiQuad 10x10 Trade Show Backdrop Design
Extruded Frame Display with fabric and rigid graphics.
SEGUE Portable Hybrid Displays -- VK-1900, VK-1905, and MOD-1250 Lightbox

Extruded Frames 

are another way to create a trade show display and exhibition displays. These frames are made from light weight extruded aluminum. The displays are modular, easy to reconfigure, and have been tested to last.

Some extruded frames use tension fabric graphics, others use rigid graphics, others use rollable graphics.

These tension fabric displays can also be backlit to create high impact presentations.

Tube Frames

use light weight aluminum tubes, with dye sub printed tension fabric graphics. They are named zip-up displays by some, due to the zipper under the base of the frame that pulls the fabric graphic taut. Others call them banner displays or modular signs. Tube frames come in different sizes and shapes, and can be connected to create unique layouts.

Waveline Tube Frame Displays
Calypso 10ft Waveline Tube Frame Booth
Waveline Tube Frame

Truss Frames

If you're not familiar with truss displays, then stop what you're doing and get ready to change the way you exhibit.

Truss is one of the sturdiest  display styles in the world and offers maximum modular freedom -- you literally get 100 exhibit displays in one!

It’s easy to create completely different looks from the same group of parts. Show up fresh every time with this one-of-a-kind stunner.

Truss Displays: Multi-level Island Exhibit
Trade Show Truss Display

Trade Show Graphics

Mutoh full color printer

All of our exhibits and trade show booths are built for one purpose – to hold your trade show display graphics, and show the world who you are and what you do!

As exhibition booth suppliers, a large part of our service is providing new and replacement graphics for your booths and trade show exhibits. Our printing experts provide the highest quality dye sub tension fabric trade show graphics printing and rollable laminated graphics, perfect for all of your events.

Production turn-around for graphic printing is normally 5-6 business days; rush services are available. Whether you’re looking for replacement graphics for an existing display, or new graphics for a custom requirement – we can do it – just tell us what you need.

Digital Display Stands

These techy towers are making a huge impact in the booth displays industry, allowing for tradeshow exhibits to be elegantly delivered in an attractive, elite-looking unit. We offer the leader in Interactive Media Players -- the Blade -- as well as interactive games and interactive video walls, to offer a range of versatility for your expo display. Start using video in your booths and get connected!

Trade Show Displays - Blade 4-sided digital media display
Table Top Trade Show Displays - TF-408 Aero Tradeshow Tabletop Display
Table Top Pop Up Display
Trade Show Table Top Travel Kit 3, 6ft Full Printed Table Cloth, Lit Holder

Trade Show Travel Kit, 6ft Full Printed Table Cloth, Lit Holder

Table Top Displays

If a display belongs on a table -- this is where you find it. All of our tabletop trade show displays are simple to use, fast to install and dismantle, lightweight, all while maintaining a high-end appearance! Construction methods include popup displays, small scale banner stands, extruded aluminum and tube frames, and briefcase-style folding boards. This is a very popular category for the exhibitor on-the-go.

The Embrace and Hopup table top displays are the popup banners of the tabletops. They weight 5-10 lbs, set up in seconds, and all come with lifetime warranties. They use dye-sub printed fabric graphics which stay on the table top display unless you need to change or wash them (but they swap out in seconds).  All the fabric graphics we offer are machine washable.

Aluminum extrusion frames combine with tensions fabric graphic panels to give a seamless, elite look. Their exotic, special look still comes on a lightweight, manageable display. Our popular Sacagawea and Segue hybrid fabric displays offer some of the best in table top looks.

If you're looking for a smaller table top setup, we have several to accommodate your preferences, including the concierge which doubles as a display and a literature rack. The Showstyle briefcase display features a durable exterior with Velcro-receptive fabric interiors. This briefcase table top comes in three sizes. The graphic panels and header graphics, as well as lights, are all stored within the closed briefcase unit.

The Fast Trak briefcase table top folding panel display also uses three panels. This is a lower cost unit than the Showstyle. It also offers Velcro-receptive fabric on both inside and outside of the panels, which are hinged together and fold up for storage. These come in 4ft and 6ft models.

Banner Stands

We offer a huge variety of simple, effective banner stand displays. All of these have sturdy construction, high-quality imaging, and a pole that allows for varying heights as you see fit. The graphics can be printed on vinyl or fabric.

Retractable Banner Stands, also known as pull-ups, roll-ups, pop-ups, etc., are based on a wind-up, tension mechanism build inside of a long, slender metal frame. We offer non-retracting banner stands with the same, strong construction but without the tension; you simply roll these up and go!

Also included in this category are the tube frame banners which offer the same simplicity but these allow you to create one, interconnected look that flexes with the shape of your backwall.

banner stands for trade shows and retail offices

Tradeshow Furniture & Counters

Furniture for Tradeshow Booths - expand-podium-case-counter-conversion-double-size

This category contains all things involving show and exhibit furniture, including a wide variety of counters such as fabric, back-lit, shipping case conversion counters, and truss countertops for your displays. We also offer trade show kiosks and workstations with charging ports.

Folding trade show chairs and tables are available in styles such as wood and bamboo. We have many options in both counter and table height for counter-tops, and lots with optional graphics. We can also set you up with some custom-printed director chairs. The options are endless!

Table Throws, Table Covers, and Table Runners

Our premium trade show table covers are one of the most popular items in the industry, pairing beautiful with a matching table runner. They are made with 100% polyester twill to eliminate wrinkling almost entirely. These can include logos and can be printed or unprinted with printing methods such as dye sub, screen printing, and vinyl heat transfer to make your trade show booth stand out from the crowd.

We offer both of these in 6ft and 8ft widths, and in styles such as loose, fitted, and stretch cover. These come with smoke/fire certification proper for show use, are machine washable, and come from an immaculate warehouse.

table throws
Table Runner

Trade Show Flooring

Show floors offer a great, hidden opportunity to wow your visitors! Many exhibitors settle for using the show rental carpet, and their trade show exhibits end up blending into the background. Flooring has an impact even in a 10×10 trade show booth – remember, that’s 100SF of potential advertising space! Take advantage of that space, and create a look and feel that stands out from the crowd.

We offer Trade Show Carpet in either rolls or with Interlocking Carpet Tiles – carpet can be printed with your logo, and normally offers a much more comfortable flooring than the rented carpet – visitors will stay just to rest their feet! Interlocking tiles include simulated wood finishes and carpet finishes. Extremely lightweight, portable, easy to set up and inexpensive to ship. Base is built with 5/8” thick foam padding for comfort and shock absorption. Beveled edges are also available.

For exhibitors with a richer taste, we offer an incredible sleek, high-end wood flooring, raised flooring, and even raised flooring that is internally lit. If you're looking to sweep your audience off of their feet - these are for you.

Printed full color felt carpet at 1/8" thick and 8oz backing is ideal for placing on top
 of unprinted carpet or other flooring, but also works perfectly by itself; this allows for exhibitors to essentially label the flooring with sectional categories and introductory graphics. These are vibrant in color and can be used in multiple pieces to create a larger area. Felt carpets are a great way to make a large impact with little flooring budget. ports.

interlocking tiles used for trade show flooring
Carpet Tiles At Trade Shows 

Outdoor Displays

We know that events are not limited to an indoor, comfortable setting with dry seats and air conditioning. So, we try to make things comfortable for you by offering displays worthy of the conditions. These include weighted, wind-driven, and even inflatable! There is no loss in cosmetic value either, being able to fully outfit most of these trade show displays with entire prints. Your trade show will be made in the shade!