Cutting-Edge Design Tips for Guaranteed Trade Show Booth Success

Trade show trends are ever changing in this fast paced market. From social media to trade show supplies, look for a constant stream of new ideas to help with trade show marketing. Whether you are a small or large company, keeping abreast of current trends in trade show marketing and trade show booth design ideas helps you stay 10x10-resized-600

Social Media Becoming a Norm

Social media is an important tool at trade shows these days. Many companies are using social media to communicate with customers and let them know where and when to find them at a trade show. Using a group text message for cell phones or posting on social media sites is a great way to keep customers abreast of your company’s products and upcoming marketing events.

Taking digital photos of your customers and vendors at trade shows and then posting them to your favorite social media site can also be a powerful PR tool for your company. Ditto with filming a video of how a product works and then showing it at your trade show and on youtube. It is critical to help customer’s that are in a hurry. Time is at a premium for most people, so finding ways to promote your product in the least amount of time is important.

Technology and social media are being designed to link customer’s that are already looking for solutions to companies that have them. This allows businesses to sell and promote their products to folks that are already looking for them. Trade shows are the same; attendees to trade shows are there looking for specific types of products and services. If you’ve chosen the right show, then those attendees are already interested in your products, and all you need to do is stand out from your competitors at the show display ipad mount for extrusion backwalls silver

Everyone uses a cell phone already, so taking advantage of them is a very effective marketing tool. From group text messages to mobile coupons, social media is here to stay. The use of ipads and tablet pc’s are becoming more common at trade show booths, and trade show kiosks and ipad counters are now available to support these applications. Allowing customers to view a video of your product at your trade show displays, and online, means you don’t necessarily have to bring the product itself with you to the trade show.

Trade Show Display Design

This year, Waveline tension fabric displays are becoming popular. This is because they are very easy to set up, have great graphics, and are very inexpensive. They don’t offer the best solution to everyone, but they are a great solution for some businesses. If you throw in some interlocking carpet squares and a few bannerstands. an exhibitor can have an effective display for a very low investment.waveline_big-resized-600

Trade show exhibits that are lightweight and easy to put up are becoming the norm. This means that you can set up more quickly – without hiring union workers – and break down faster when the show is over.

Prices are more flexible, making it easier for smaller companies to buy booths and attend trade shows. Stretchy tension fabric dye sublimation graphc panels are lightweight, and using LED lighting for effective visual effects can all help to augment the trade show booth’s appeal. Many types of stylish trade show furniture are now offered in affordable price ranges. Simple improvements like these give inexpensive trade show displays a look of space, harmony, and good lines.

Keeping current with trade show marketing trends and design trends in trade show booths will help keep your business competitive – be sure to keep up with the times!

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