Tips for Trade Show Display Marketing Success

For both vendors and merchants alike, trade shows are a great forum to make connections with fellow business owners and share product information.

Connecting with attendees is most easily achieved through creating a dynamic booth that incorporates an appealing display. Not only will this draw in visitors, but a great display also demonstrates your professionalism and expertise.

Use the following tips for building effective trade show displays and environments and you will be certain to connect with a maximum number of attendees at your next event!
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Create a Visual Hook
Trade shows are a circus for the senses. From tantalizing smells to delightful sights, there is plenty to see and do.

Your goal is to reel in as many potential customers as possible by showing them that your booth has something special to offer. You might choose to display roll up banners about free sample products, or you could incorporate a funny or unexpected image into your graphic display.

Exciting punches of color and fun texts and fonts will give your stand an inviting feel. Furthermore, in making your display unique, you will be certain to entice a maximum number of attendees to stop by and look at the products on offer.

Location, Location, Location
One of the most important factors in building a successful exhibition booth is positioning your stand correctly. Entrances and central areas tend to have the highest amount of foot traffic, which means finding interested customers will be easier.

It is sometimes more expensive to pay for a booth in one of these areas, but generally that investment will pay off with throngs of interested parties all day along.

Manage Traffic Flow Efficiently
Trade show booths are important for drawing in customers, but once those individuals have stopped by your booth, your goal is to connect with them as quickly as possible.

Lingering attendees can discourage other people from stopping by, simply because your booth seems too busy and may appear difficult to navigate.

This can be avoided by stationing your workers in an effective manner, and in turn sharing your information with each new customer quickly and efficiently.

Cement Yourself in Attendees’ Minds
Because there are so many different trade show displays and different areas to visit at a large event, you want to be certain to connect to your customers in a lasting way.

Staff your booth with your best employees, who will be appealing and friendly hosts for the guests your booth will welcome. You also will likely want to put together a promotional brochure that attendees can review later on.

Trade shows can be great places to expand your business and find new customers. As these shows only come around a few times each year, it is important to maximize your impact at each event you choose to attend.

By making certain to staff your booth well and use effective tips for successful trade show booth displays, you are certain to make your next event profitable for both your own company and the trade show attendees.

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