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Custom Trade Show Displays Bring Home The Results For Your Brand

Stand out with a custom exhibit booth!

When you go to trade show exhibitions and set out your booth for the entire world to see, what are you attempting to achieve? Certainly, you want to make some sales, do some networking, and check out the competition. However, there is a broader set of concerns that you need to address. Carefully crafting custom trade show displays provide opportunities for much more ambitious marketing objectives.


The central feature of any expedition to conferences and exhibitions, which includes the imagery and equipment you send to exhibit at trade shows, is the quality that represents your brand. Trade show displays that represent your brand accurately and add visual drama are essential to making the right impression with potential customers and competitors alike. If your business is in an industry that depends on connecting with purchasing departments or directly with business owners, make your custom trade show display visually stunning and congruent with all of the marketing elements of your brand.

Trade show displays are just one aspect of the big picture in marketing; they fit into the holistic marketing approach, which looks at your whole business and all of the symbols and themes of your brand as one entity. Your logos, themes and color schemes matter but so do the interactions you have and presentations that you make at trade shows, as does the stage on which you deliver them.


Holistic marketing says, “Everything matters,” it comes from the minds of the people who are responsible for some of the most influential business school textbooks on the subject of marketing. Everything includes the presence that you create when you attend events as a vendor and if trade shows are integral to your marketing process, how you represent your business can have a lasting impact on your market position.

Holistic marketing is a way of looking at your brand as a system, and working to integrate all of the aspects of the images that represent your organization, it seeks to align them to create the strongest and most lasting impact on the audiences with which you wish to engage. Your audience is all of the people and the organizations they represent who can help you advance your business objectives. Use your custom trade show booths to attract anyone who can help you either as allies or paying customers.

There is also a protective element in branding; it is your shield against competitors. When you present a sharp image of your brand and demonstrate that you have done all of the work to represent your company well, it changes how challengers calculate your vulnerability to competition; an outstanding branded custom trade show display is a shield to defend and expand your market share.



Fortunately for companies that use trade shows as part of their marketing, the set of tools to apply to your display is well established. Designers have been working on custom trade show displays for many years; the result is a range of display components that you can customize to reflect the look of your brand.

Innovations in equipment that gave us large format printing and the photo-realistic graphics to go with it mean that you can create almost any display features that you can imagine. With this great capability comes equally enormous responsibility.

Experienced designers know to apply powerful technology to the medium with artistic restraint. When you balance the form and color you still have to match it to the shapes and surfaces that will resonate in a very particular context, that of the exhibition hall floor, it is a very specific combination of commercial interior and graphic design skills. Mercifully, graphic design professionals are available to help design your custom trade show displays.


Whether you are just developing a trade show strategy or you are seeking to refresh and energize your trade show routine, with custom trade show graphics, you can create a look that is both original and authentic to your brand. Consider the most important messages that you wish to convey with your display and consult with a professional graphics designer who has extensive experience creating displays that communicate that message. A professional designer knows the latest styles and capabilities for trade show displays, and they will steer you to a visual solution that presents the right impression and invites curious browsers into conversations.

It seems like everyone aspires to the handcrafted look these days; why should trade show exhibitors be any different? Whether that is a matter of style or a fashion choice, you want to have the best-looking custom trade show display on the exhibition floor. Enrich the appeal of your display with graphics that represent your brand and emphasize the parts that affirm your value proposition with the crafted look that suits your brand. Extend your marketing to the trade show floor with the right panel, tabletop, and display furniture for your custom trade show displays, and your marketing will do the hard work for you.