Hybrid Modular Exhibits

Eco Smart Hybrid Displays eco-1006_(coral)

(Built from the most environmentally-friendly materials available)

What makes a display a hybrid modular exhibit?

Every industry has it's own jargon, and the trade show industry is certainly no exception. One of the ways exhbit manufacturers describe the many different types of trade show displays is based on how they are made - or more specifically, how the frames that hold the graphics are made. A hybrid trade show display is the description applied to a new generation of displays that are characterized by rigid extrusion frames (typically aluminum) and tension fabric graphics. The term "hybrid" comes from the fact that fabric graphics used to only be used on lighter weight popup displays, but are now also used on hybrid displays, especially the hybrid modular and hybrid portable
trade show displays whose designs are focused on being light weight, easy to assemble, and easy to ship.

So hybrid trade show displays are almost always made using frames that are built with aluminum extrusions. However, depending on the frame design and manufacturer, these frame pieces connect in many different ways, including tool-less clips and rotating lock knobs, as well as hex key locks, allen wrench locks, and even some simple nut and bolt connected frames. Tool-less designs are the most preferred, especially by anyone that has had to do a weekend setup and found their special tool was misplaced from their prior event. The most unique connection method is probably the Pliko's collapsing extrusion frames, which combines the best features of a hybrid portable display with a popup display - and does it with backlighting too.

Most hybrid displays are also modular, in that they are designed so it is simple to connect and extend hybrid frames to make shorter and longer lengths of displays. Your 10ft hybrid at one show can be part of a 20ft or 30ft display at the next show. Many hybrid displays can also have single sided or double sided graphics, making them useable in island configurations too.

Cutting edge design and hybrid modular construction makes these displays the “designers” design solution. Most hybrid displays combine modern extrusion profiles with large format tension fabric graphics and elegant laminates for an unmistakable high-design appearance. And their modularity allows designers to create custom solutions as required, but using pre-designed modules as building blocks so that the cost of customizing a booth design is minimized.  

So if you don't see exactly the design you need, please let us know - we can make the exact layout you need if you let us know your specific requirements.