5 Hot Trade Show Booth Design Tips

Coming up with new and creative ideas for your booth displays at trade shows can be a challenge. With a little bit of extra effort, your trade show display will be the hottest in the show!

Tip 1 – Create the perfect environment for your product
Maybe you are at the trade fair to promote the outdoor furniture (or even the safari’s!) that your company sells. Settling for photos of the furniture and handing out brochures to interested visitors is only part of the story. You need to let those who stop by see and touch wildheim waveline b-resized-600the furniture that you sell. Depending on how large your booth area is, have wooden deck platforms built to display actual pieces of your furniture. Place imitation (or real!) grass on the deck, and bring in some fragrant real flowers to place in pots along the deck area. Have a tray with glasses displayed on the table to give it a realistic look. Encourage visitors to sit down at your tables and feel how comfortable your chairs are. If you’re a travel agency promoting trips to Hawaii, create a similar scenario. Design an environment that is exactly suited for your product, and people will stop to see what you have to offer.

Tip 2 – Take your display a step up from what you have done beforeoktoberfest
Maybe you are a vendor for German beer, and you already have a German tavern scenario at your booth. That’s great! Take it a step up to get even better results. Think of the five senses and how you can promote your product through these. What about sound? A little ump-pa-pa in the background would surely attract attention. Do your booth workers have appropriate pub outfits? These will also drive the crowd to you because they want to see something different. Give out samples of German pretzels and have a prize wheel game that visitors can play and win coupons for a free case of your beer. The ideas are endless.

Tip 3 – Remember the importance of lighting
Every detail of your display is important, even something as basic as lighting. Be sure to have extra bulbs in case the ones in your banner stands burn out. The lighting is what draws attention to the banners, so you want to keep them lit at all times of the show. Consider where some spot lights could be used to draw attention to what you want to highlight in the show. You may want it on something as simple as your literature stand. You’ll see your brochures going quickly when you attract attention to them.

Tip 4 – Consider a fountain or waterfall 
large-tf-405_low-resized-600If you’re a candy company, display a chocolate fountain and supply pretzels or fruit for guests to try a taste. You’ll have a line of visitors for sure. This is also a great idea for catering companies since many wedding receptions feature these fountains. Incorporate lights in the fountain or scents if possible. If you are a florist, your fresh floral arrangements can be around a waterfall. It will give your booth a totally different effect from simply setting flower arrangements on your table.

Tip 5 – Use a professional table top or back wall graphic 
Adding a professionally designed table top display, a back wall graphic or moving banner will enhance your display. If you are selling grills, set up your booth as an outdoor scene, and use a back wall display to enhance it. You may want your graphic to be of a large swimming pool with people having fun and relaxing. Use lighting with a yellow tint for sunlight, and several grills set up. You probably can’t really grill hot dogs because of fire codes, but give out little paper cups of potato chips or a picnic item to your guests. No matter what you decide to do about your trade show banners and signs, make it authentic!

In following these tips, we at American Image Displays wish you luck in having the best looking trade show booth and congratulate you in taking one step closer to becoming a successful exhibitor! Don't forget to look through our library of blogs for even more helpful tips for a great looking trade show booth set up. We have already provided five key tips that will help you stand out from the competition, so start planning and be prepared to wow potential customers with an unforgettable display!

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