Charging Stations for Trade Shows


Attracting visitors to your trade show booth is the first goal at any trade show. Some exhibitors have tried using Booth Babes, clowns, expensive give-aways, food, candy, beer, etc. – basically, anything to attract attention and get folks to spend some time in your booth. Of course, it helps if the people spending time are qualified prospects, but qualifying them is the next step!

Cell Phones and Tablets have become indispensable and ubiquitous, in our personal lives, and also on the road. They’re required for any traveling business person, in order to stay in touch with their office, customers, and family.

The problem is that, out of the office and familiar surroundings, it’s hard to find a way to charge your phone or tablet – and at the same time, when you’re on the road, you’re using them more than normal. In our constant “plugged in” lives it can be uncomfortable to find ourselves offline and “unplugged” from our smartphones and tablets.

Charging our phones and tablets on the road can be challenge, so finding a convenient charging station while you’re wandering the aisles at a crowded trade show can be a very pleasant surprise.

One of the newer tools to use in getting exhibitors to stop and spend a few minutes chatting is to offer them a free charging station for their phones and tablets. Needless to say, it’s very helpful for your own staff at the show too!

For this reason, American Image Displays is very pleased to offer charging stations for trade shows.

Our trade show charging stations can be configured as towers with graphics, or as counter height and table height tables, for convenient lounging and chatting with your clients. When choosing the right charging station, consider how you will use it on the show floor or convention hall. Or perhaps you need it for a retail setting? Do you need a monitor and graphics? Perhaps you want to provide an integrated advertisement for viewing while the visitor’s devices are charging? Are you looking for a permanent installation or just a rental for a one time meeting? Do the graphics need to change from event to event?

All these options and more are available. Just ask. We specialize in designing and building charging stations for trade shows that meet any need. Our current charging station models include some very attractive tables and kiosks, with LED perimeter lighting, hundreds of laminate finishing choices, many graphic branding choices, in lounge table height and bar counter height.

So if you’re looking for that extra “WOW” factor for your next exhibit display and yet ONE MORE way to help boost attendance at your trade show booth, check out our branded charging stations now!