Table Top Banner

Your trade show table set up is as important as other elements of your exhibition set up. It is your frontline for engagement with customers. Think of it more like the living room in your trade show booth. As such, you want it to be welcoming and functional.

You have captured your customer’s attention with well-designed signage, backdrops, and your booth's general setup. When they approach your booth, what do you want them to find on the table? What kind of experience would you like them to have in your “living room?”

You want to have a conversation with them about their needs and how your brand can help them. You also want to make a lasting impression by providing them with accurate information and instructions about your business, products, and/or services. Therefore, you should set up the table to work to your advantage in promoting your brand.

Setting Up Your Table At Your Trade Show Booth

Decide on the size, design, and number of tables to set up at your booth. While most trade show organizers provide at least a table and two chairs, you can also bring your own table top roll up banner for your table setting.

Try out different table positions to find what works best. Consider different table top banner sizes. Consider how much time on average you would like the attendees to stay at your booth. If longer, place the tables a bit more on the inside of the booth so that you leave enough room for a chair or for several attendees to fit at a time.

Conversely, if you want people to pass by briefly, have a quick view and grab a brochure, then move your table set up close to the aisle and do not offer attendees chairs. If significantly larger booths than yours neighbor you, move the tables closer to the aisle to improve your visibility. Likewise, if you realize that there is more oncoming traffic from a certain direction, angle your table towards that direction.

Dress up your table

Once you have positioned your table(s) and have the best layout, the next step is to dress them up. Cover the tables with a custom printed table throw or cover. A table throw or cover that fits in with your theme and booth decor will uphold your brand image. Also, seeing as advertising space at a trade show is quite expensive, make the most of all the elements in your booth as advertising tools.

Invest in a mini pop up banner, table top pull up banner, or renowned banners and some customized table throws or covers that have the name of your business, logo, and a tag line in such a way that it synchronizes with the rest of your branding at the booth. If you are particularly showcasing a specific product, you can have the product's image on the tablecloth on each of your event tables.

When deciding on the right table cover to use, first determine the type of fit you prefer. For instance, you can go for a loose-draping fit, for a sewn-in fit whereby the fabric is sewn into the edges of the table or a stretched fit whereby the tablecloth has a zippered flat panel for the right fit.

When it comes to designing the table cover, the key is to ensure that your design logo pops. This is achieved by using high-resolution logo designs on a background color that optimizes its visibility. Also, the letters on the tablecloth should be big enough so you can read them even if you are about 10 feet from the table. Keep the design clean without looking cluttered.

The Must-Haves On Your Table

Once you have positioned your table and dressed it up, you must decide what to place on the event table. Below are important things to place on your trade show table:

Marketing Materials

You have a great opportunity to share your brand’s story at your table. Leverage various marketing materials to inform and educate your customers. Have catalogs, flyers, business cards, brochures laid out on the table, or a nearby stand to give your visitors.

You might also want to have some branded promotional merchandise to give the people who visit your booth. Simple branded items such as notepads, pens, water bottles may come in handy for your visitors in the course of the trade show, and they will be effective marketing tools.

Other promotional tools that you could incorporate include raffles, vouchers, or promo codes. Ensure the branded promotional materials have your logo, company name, tagline, contact information, and/or any other pertinent information.

Product Display and Product Samples

Depending on how big or small and the range of products, you might have product samples on the table or a product display. An interactive display will be catchier and engaging to your potential customers than a static display.

Tabletop displays are especially crucial if you have a limited exhibition space. While you may not be able to set up larger marketing materials such as backdrops and numerous banners, you can still attract potential buyers' attention with an interactive tabletop display. Alternatively, if your table is small, you can use a tablet to display your products.

There is a wide range of tabletop displays to choose from, including some that are portable and easy to set up. Prepare high-quality graphics to display, including your logo, company name, and range of products. You can also display the various products you offer, provide demos and any promotions you might have running.

Experts recommend that you have a maximum of 10 words per display to avoid text and information clutter. Use big and bold images that command attention.

Lead Collection System

This can be a tablet, a guest book, or a branded bowl where attendees leave their contacts or drop their business cards. You could also run a giveaway contest where visitors sign up with their emails as an interactive way of collecting leads.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Trade Show Event Table

Avoid unnecessary clutter on the table

Your tabletop should have only the necessary items placed in an organized manner. You do not have to place all the marketing materials you have on the table. Place only a few on the tabletop and store the rest neatly under the table.

Review your graphics beforehand

If you are using a tablet or tabletop display for product demos and display, review the graphics beforehand. After you set up, play all the content to ensure that your technology is working effectively and you have all the correct information.

Train your company’s staff on how to handle attendees

You may have done everything correctly, but if your booth staff are not adequately trained with customer care skills, your trade shows marketing efforts will not be effective. They should be able to present your company’s brand and products and answer attendees’ questions satisfactorily.

They should also be clear about where you draw the line between promoting the company professionally and being too salesy. Even simple aspects such as how they are dressed and how they position themselves at the table can significantly affect your exhibition's outcome. It is best to have them dressed in branded clothes and face the aisle all the time. Their tone and demeanor should be approachable.

Your event table is an important element in your entire trade show booth set up and should never be underrated. When properly set up, it is a great marketing tool that allows your visitors to notice and engage with your brand.

Why Trade Show Banner Stands?

Trade show banners are an effective form of marketing for business owners looking to obtain more visibility and recognition at events or expos. They can be used to capture attention, reinforce your brand, and make it easier for customers to find you. By using floor standing banner stands and table banners for shows, you will ensure that your message stands out from the competition and is seen by potential customers.

There are a variety of materials that can be used to create trade show banners, including vinyl and fabric. Factors to consider when designing your banner include high-quality images and bright colors, clear and concise messages, easy to read fonts, and eye-catching designs. Ideas for incorporating banners into an event or expo include displaying them near the entrance of your booth, using them as a backdrop for product demonstrations or presentations, placing them on top of tables and counters, creating an interactive display, and hanging them outside of the event venue. The benefits of using these banner displays include increased visibility, reinforced branding, and cost-effectiveness.

In order to make an impact with your banner design, it is important that you make use of high-quality images and bright colors. Additionally, you should keep your message clear and concise, use fonts that are easy to read from a distance, and create a design that is eye-catching but not overwhelming.

You can use trade show banners to draw visitors to your booth by displaying them near the entrance of your booth, using them as a backdrop for product demonstrations or presentations, placing them on top of your tables and counters, and even creating an interactive display that allows visitors to interact with your brand in a fun and inviting way. Additionally, you could also hang banners outside of the event venue or have volunteers hold them up as people arrive to create additional buzz.

Trade show banners are a great way to capture attention and create visibility for your brand. They can also be used to reinforce your message and branding, as well as make it easier for customers to find you. Additionally, they provide an easy and cost-effective way to advertise at events or expos without having to invest in larger displays or costly decorations.

Custom printed banners and retractable banner stands are an effective form of marketing for businesses looking to increase their visibility and recognition at events or expos. They can be used to capture attention, reinforce your brand, and make it easier for customers to find you.