Post Up Stands & Non-Retractable Banners

3D Banner Stands

There is an art to creating effective 3D trade show banners!

Eye magnets: If your eyes aren’t immediately drawn to your post up stands and trade show banners, then they aren’t achieving their purpose: to attract attention and invite your customers over. This doesn’t mean you should create a neon pink display; there is such a thing as too much!

But the trade show displays that work most efficiently are warm and inviting with vibrantly dark colors such as emerald green, twilight blue, and wine red. Just as a slice of chocolate cake seems to beg you to eat it, so too should your trade show banners invite attention with the right color choices.

Though you may want to include lots of text and information on your trade show displays, the amount of verbal noise you can make is very limited if you want it to be effective. Obviously, it is vital that your company name is prominent on your post up stands and graphics, but a slogan is the single most effective verbal decision you can make to brand your product on a busy trade show floor. Don’t be afraid to find inspiration in unlikely sources. The show Mad Men is a great example of this; the slogan and images you choose will give a subconscious impression that is even more important than the product itself. Think carefully, and then create a slogan that conveys the emotions you want to project, feelings such as security, happiness, and contentment.

Facelift: Don’t underestimate the impact of 3D post up stands and trade show banners on the psyche of your clients. It’s like we can sense when something is brand new and we gravitate towards it. This can be said of your own trade show displays. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it – but if it is getting old or stale, you may want to freshen it up. Spend some of those discretionary dollars on replacing your oldest trade show display item. There is a reason everybody wants to stay at the newest hotels in Las Vegas – simply because they are new, clean, and appealing...

Take a look at some effective and creative trade show banner stand ideas.