Interlocking Carpet Tiles

Don't trip your clients - get a beveled edge on your trade show floors!

You Should Use Carpet Tiles At Trade Shows 

Comfort+ Interlocking Carpet Tiles

5/8" Thick, 1.8 lbs per 2x2 Tile. 13 Colors.

$5.03 per SF. (*Custom INLAYS Available)

Beveled edges available as an option.

Plush Comfort Carpet Tiles Color Choices

















Steel Gray




Navy Blue


Royal Blue


Hunter Green

plush carpet tile with 2 color inlays
comfort carpet tile with inlay across several tiles
Custom Printed Interlocking Carpet Tiles
custom printed vinyl interlocking tile

Inlays and Printed Carpet Tiles

1/2" Thick, 2.5 lbs per 2x2 Tile. 

Call for quote; price based on size, print colors, patterns. 

Beveled edges available as an option.

Interlocking floor tiles are custom made to order, typically ship in 7 business days after order is placed.

  • Anti-fatigue.
  • Resists cuts.
  • UPS or FedEx shippable
  • Available in 2′ x 4′ or 2′ x 2′ sections.
  • A 10×10 floor takes twenty-five 2×2 pieces, which fit in one cardboard box weighing 50 lbs!

All carpet tiles available in 2x2 or 2x4 sizes

Do you need beveled edges on the carpet perimeter tiles? Not a problem!


We can place a beveled edge on your perimeter tiles. We do NOT use a separate edge tile, instead we trim the perimeter tiles and glue the carpet to that trimmed edge. Cost is $4 per lineal foot.

Do you need channels under the carpet tiles for wiring? Not a problem!

Map showing 10x20 booth Floor Tile with channels for electrical wiring

CLICK for LARGER VIEW - Map showing sample 10x20 booth tile with channels for electrical wiring

2x2 floor tile with electrical channel

CLICK for LARGER VIEW - Picture of floor tile back, with electrical channels cut in

Do you need a shipping case for your interlocking floor tiles?

Trade Show Interlocking Floor Tiles

When you choose trade show flooring for your booth, there are a few things you always need to keep in mind.


First, the flooring you use should be relatively lightweight, like our interlocking carpet squares. Remember, you will be transporting it to different trade shows. No one wants to lug around heavy flooring on top of everything else they are going to need for their trade show booth. So, make sure the flooring you choose is light enough to carry with you at least a few times per week with no problem.

Easy to Install

Second, the flooring option you choose should be easy to install so you don't have to waste a lot of time before the trade show setting up. You want to be able to take it out and put it down with ease and have the same quick job when it comes time to pick it up and store it away. And, of course, the installation is also going to be temporary, but it needs to be properly installed to avoid possible trips and falls. Carpet tile sizes should be designed so that you can reconfigure to different booth sizes as needed.


Third, your portable flooring should be comfortable to walk on and stand on. Many people will be standing at their trade show booth for hours on end. If you are stuck standing on a hard surface like a concrete floor or hardwood flooring for hours, you will quickly start to experience back pain. However, flooring like diy interlocking carpet tiles for trade shows is a more comfortable option. Some even offer more in the way of resiliency and are made to be anti-fatigue.


The interlocking carpet squares you choose also need to be strong and durable since they will be installed, uninstalled, and transported many times; often several times a week as you visit trade show after trade show. Waterproof carpet tile is also ideal since it will be used in high traffic areas.

Looks Good

Finally, it needs to look the part, so it should look good. You don't want to set up an amazing exhibit that will clash with ugly flooring. With an assortment of styles and colors to choose from, you are sure to find exactly what you need that will go well with your branding and logo and will help you achieve the look you want for your trade show booth.

Why Use Interlocking Floor Tiles at Your Next Trade Show?

Carpet tiles offer your audience and potential customers a more welcoming feel than the hard and unforgiving trade show floor. It offers the perfect space to entertain your audience and vendors and offers them some respite from the hard floor. They are also lightweight and easy to carry. Interlocking floor tiles offer fast delivery and make a good choice for flooring when you want to transform the space and create a memorable and eye-catching exhibit at your next trade show.