Event Tents for Sale

Printed Event Tents for all your Outdoor Promotional Events!

Commercial Gazebos and Event Tents for Sale

A pop-up event tent or popup canopy tent is a structure normally built from an accordion frame, which collapses down to a portable size. Normal sizes for event tents are 10ft x 10ft; there are a few smaller sizes available, and also some larger sizes.

We offer 10x10, 10x15, and 10x20 event tents for sale. We offer these event tents in standard square shapes, and also in the new "Archway" shape. In addition, we offer unprinted and printed gazebo's in 7ft, 10ft, and 12ft circular shapes, and also a 4ft rectangular shaped gazebo.

All of our event tents for sale are built with collapsible frames, with the frame canopy or roof built much like our normal popup display frames, using an accordion frame that expands and collapses.

Leg posts are usually separate from the canopy frame, and snap into place quickly during assembly. Most frames are built from aluminum, due to it's lighter weight and non-rusting nature. Larger event tents for sale may be built from stainless steel, to add additional strength to the structure, to accommodate the longer spans.

The canopy material is normally made from a polyester fabric; the better units are flame retardant and weather resistant. A 400 denier polyester fabric is the standard for most of our event tents. ("Denier" is a unit of weight, measuring the weight in grams of 9,000 meters of the polyester fabric; a higher number means a heavier and stronger thread.)

The collapsible design of our event tents allows them to be setup by two people in less than 5 minutes normally.

In contrast to the event tents for sale, gazebos designed for fairs and events are built with rigid aluminum or plastic tubes and plastic panel structures; these separate pieces all need to be slipped together. While not difficult, it does take a little longer, so these structures typically take about 30-60 minutes for the first time assembly; after that, they typically take about 30 minutes. These specially designed event gazebo's offer maximum counter space for serving customers at various fairs and events.

Gazebo and Tent Custom Printing

Our event tents and also the gazebo canopies can be purchased without any printing, in a variety of pre-dyed colors.

However, most often clients want their logo and tagline printed on the event tent or gazebo, to readily identify and promote themselves at their events and fairs. Event tents and gazebo's can have prints in single locations, multiple locations, and can also have full prints on the entire canopies. Naturally, pricing depends on the amount of printing needed.

All of our commercial event tents come standard with the frame and canopy; side walls are also available, and these can also be printed or unprinted. Moreover, tent walls can be full size solid walls, half walls, full walls with plastic windows, or full walls with zippers for access.

Additional accessories for event tents include printed corner banners that fit onto the corner posts, marquee banners that provide a curved arching shape that goes on top of the tent for added branding, and spinning "dart banners" that go on top of the corner posts to provide even more added branding and that "eye-catching" design to attract customers to your event tent.

Why You Should Purchase an Event Tent

When you purchase an event tent for your business, you are finding an ideal way to shelter your potential customers and other guests from the elements when you are outdoors. A temporary structure like an event tent or gazebo are the perfect thing to have for all corporate events, outdoor trade shows, and more. They offer shade and protection so people can spend more time at your booth! 

Choosing a Tent Size

When choosing your event tent, you want to make sure you purchase the right size. They are a versatile structure and can be constructed almost anywhere, but you need to make sure you have enough space to do so. Find a tent that allows you to have a good amount of clearance on either side as well as enough room for any poles or tension rope that is needed.

Consider the Fabrics

Many event tents are made out of polyester material because it is very lightweight. However, not all polyester tents are durable to withstand the foot traffic you may be expecting. Check the thickness of the fabric and find something that is at least 300-denier thick.