Fabric Structures: Trade Show Display Towers

Freestanding fabric structures formed into towers with full printed color fabric graphics

Our large collection of fabric trade show towers offer an excellent way to have full coverage visibility from any angle. The stylish slender 3D design of cylinders or funnels, squares & triangle towers allows them to be displayed without taking up valuable space and restricting the flow of traffic. Aluminum 3D tube frames add dimension, decor and sculpture to any trade show convention halls, showrooms, building lobbies, events, stage sets, or advertising ready spaces. 

Funnels and Formulate towers feature a heavy-duty, wooden base with a truss interior to create a dynamic, towering fabric structure that commands attention. Dye sub printed fabric graphics feature a zipper at the top and a silicone edge at the bottom for easy assembly.

The Waveline towers below use the same light weight aluminum tube structures as the other Waveline displays, and are designed to be easy to setup and transported by only one person, the fabric graphics easily slip over the top of aluminum frame tubes and zips securely at the bottom for easy assembly..

Accent LED light kits can be purchased a la carte to add a glow from within any of the tower structures.


FORMULATE  Shield Towers   Available in 3 Sizes

formulate-funnel-fabric trade show towers

Formulate Funnel Towers: Available in 4 Sizes

formulate four sided tower

3 Sizes, Backlit and Not-Backlit