Trade Show Booth Rental


In this article, we’re looking at the benefits of renting a trade show display for your next show. A trade show is a great way to promote your brand to thousands of attendees, and generate a real interest in your company. A rental exhibit is a great way to test the waters without overly committing.

We’ll examine all the reasons why a custom rental exhibit might be right for you, and how you can make the decision between buying vs. renting.

Stretch your event budget with a trade show booth rental!

Why Rent a Trade Show Display?

Exhibit booth rentals are attractive opportunities for many exhibitors. Before we jump into all the options available, let’s check out some of the main benefits of rental displays:

More value for your budget:

No storage needed after the trade show. Storage costs can add up quickly. Especially if you have an extensive display. Some exhibitors find a custom exhibit rental more cost effective because they don’t have to worry about costly storage expenses.

No lost parts or future maintenance costs. Since you don’t own the displays, no need to worry about any equipment wear and tear that might occur between shows. You’re only responsible for the time you use the materials.

Less time spent on paperwork and planning. Rental eliminates many of the logistical concerns that go into transporting, storing, and setting up a trade show display. This means less paperwork and planning overall!

Every event can be a new display with a fresh look. If you aren’t sure what your ideal event marketing approach will be, why not try a few different strategies? Rental displays allow you to try a new installation for each new show. You can use a different custom design until you find what works best for you.

Turnkey rentals available for full turnkey show management. Turnkey rentals mean you can hit the ground running. The display is given to you ready-to-go, and built to your custom specifications. Check out the examples below for what you can expect from a turnkey display.

Our trade show booth rental programs are ideal for first time exhibitors who want to "try before they buy" or customers that need additional trade show displays when their own exhibit has to be at two trade shows at the same time. Or try our turnkey trade show booth rental solutions, and we'll manage the show logisitics for you, so you enjoy a full turnkey trade show!

Click to Open American Image 10x10 inline exhibit rental catalog-2

Click to Open American Image 10x10 Inline Exhibit Rental Catalog

Turnkey Rental of Inline 10x20 Booths

Click to Open: Turnkey Rental of Inline 10x20 Booths

Turnkey Rental solutions

The prices shown for these four turnkey booth rental solutions include hardware rental, delivery to the event, setup and dismantle at the event, and return shipping to our warehouse. It’s a comprehensive solution so you can get there and go!

Printed full color graphic design packages are available for purchase. This allows you to inject your own marketing message into the display. Prices are shown for any event in Las Vegas; added charges may apply for different locations - please ask for a specific quote.

Turnkey Rental of Island Double-Deck Trade Show Booths

Click to Open Turnkey Rental of Island Double-Deck Trade Show Booths

Turnkey Rental of Island Trade Show Booths

Click to Open Turnkey Rental of Island Trade Show Booths

Cort Rental Furniture

Cort Rental Furniture

Rental Charging Table

Rental Accessories (counters, charging stations, and more)

Display and Exhibit Rentals - Orbus Rental Exhibits

Why Rent a Booth from American Image?

American Image has over thirty years of experience in the trade show industry and has helped thousands of clients find their perfect exhibit displays and trade show booth rentals. We have a large selection of high quality booth rentals, trade show rental equipment and trade show furniture rentals — ensuring that you have everything you need to get prepared for your next show.

Our expert exhibit designers are highly qualified to offer you the creative edge you need to attract visitors to your brand.

With the ability to ship worldwide, American Image offers exhibits and trade show booth rentals that elevate your brand against the competition, no matter where the show is located. Don’t know which trade show booth rental would be best for your business? Contact one of our experts to make sure that you make the right choice to fulfill all of your trade show requirements.

Display Rentals – Terms & Policies:

A 50% deposit is required to reserve trade show booth rental displays. The balance is due prior to pickup or shipping. Freight is not included in the cost of your exhibit rental (unless otherwise noted in our turn-key packages).

We will arrange shipping of your trade show booth rental to and from your event and can also help find a contractor to install and take-down your rental trade show display as requested. All trade show exhibit rentals and booth rental items must be returned in the same condition they were shipped. Any damage to booth rentals or other rented items are the responsibility of the customer and will be billed accordingly. Be sure to follow all instructions provided with your rental equipment to avoid damage. Full American Image Displays Terms & Conditions.

Trade Show Display Rental – Our Rent to Own Policy:

If client chooses to purchase the same exhibit that was used for their trade show display rental (new, or a different exhibit of equal or higher value) within 30 days of the rental, 1/3 of the trade show booth rental cost (not including any freight, drayage, graphics, taxes, or other fees) will be credited towards that purchase. This credit is not available if the price of the item purchased is less than the retail value of the original exhibit rental unit.

This offer is not available for all rental equipment; please inquire in advance if you’re interested in this option.

Rent vs. Buy

Your biggest consideration might be whether you want to rent or buy your trade show display. At American Image, we offer options for both, but the best choice really depends on your specific requirements.

In general, the decision of whether to rent or buy comes down to return on investment. You want to consider the cost of buying the materials you need, and compare it against the relative savings that you’ll achieve by renting instead. You also want to compare it against the added flexibility and customization that is available with renting.

A rough calculation involves taking the cost of buying the materials, and dividing it by the cost of renting the materials each time. This will show you how many shows you will need to attend to break even for your materials. Don’t forget to include storage costs in this calculation.

Of course, in order properly make the decision, you have to be sure that the trade show materials you purchase will fit your marketing strategy, and will be good enough to last you a few shows. Buying a display represents a commitment, and you must be sure you are happy with the marketing strategy.

Effective Booth Design?

Remember that a proper rental booth should meet your needs. Effective booth design is about standing out from the crowd and bringing customers to your booth to convert sales.

Your booth should be designed to display your pre-planned marketing message. This marketing message should communicate the value of your product or service offering. Having a booth that stands out is critical for success, as you are essentially competing against all surrounding booths and exhibits.

At American Image, we have the rental options to make this happen. We can tailor a rental display to show off the unique benefits of your product, and we can customize it until you are happy. We won’t stop until your needs are met. Contact us today to learn more!