Multi-Quad Exhibits

The MultiQuad Exhibit System is one of the most unique systems in portable displays, giving the user nearly endless freedom in creating their wildest imagination. The MultiQuad system is truly the Lego or Lincoln Log equivalent for an adult marketer or event attendee, making it a favorite in our custom trade show display systems.

This portable display is made of light weight aluminum frames and interchangeable 23″ x 23″ graphic panels (quads) giving you the freedom to change messages and images quickly to respond to market demand. Each quad easily attaches to the frame with magnets so a change can even be made during a show since no tools are required. You can even put printed fabric table covers on MQ counters if you want. Set yourself up for multiple shows and markets with the chameleon of exhibits.

Coming up with a unique design for your MultiQuad is easy with a our large variety of panel options and pre-made designer kit suggestions. Each panel can display a graphic, fabric, wood grain, shelf or LCD monitor.

Compared to a conventional custom fabricated exhibit, the MultiQuad is 75% lighter and takes up 93% less packing space for HUGE savings on shipping and drayage!

MultiQuad Features:

  • Interchangeable panels that can be changed in a matter of seconds
  • Each panel can be a graphic, fabric, wood grain, shelf or LCD monitor
  • Built-in reveals give a clean, seamless look
  • Portable – Ships via FedEx® or UPS®
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Endless modular options using the basic components of MultiQuad™
  • Double-sided exhibits are as simple as adding more quad panels
  • Lifetime warranty on aluminum framework
Multi-Quad Exhibits 1
Multi-Quad Exhibits 2
Multi-Quad Exhibits 3
Multi-Quad Exhibits 4
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