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The Power of Tabletop Displays for Trade Shows

Your tabletop displays don’t have to be like everyone else’s!

timberline table top displays for trade shows

Tabletop displays are an essential part of your marketing arsenal. They are especially important for exhibitors starting out in small booths and conferences. For many Chamber of Commerce events and regional shows, a tabletop display is sometimes all the room you get. So, it’s critical to make the most of it!

Tabletop Trade Show Displays

Your tabletop display and the printed trade show table covers underneath are what your passers-by will see first. These display tools need to immediately convey what your business is all about. They also need to help your prospective customers decide whether they want to stop at your display and learn more about you and your business.

There are some reliable, basic trade show tabletop displays and table throws that are simple to use, easy to carry around, and very reliable. These units are designed to fit your budget and provide economical starting places for new businesses.

There are also some very creative trade show tabletop displays that are truly amazing, that help give color, style, and make you stand out even in that very small display space. While all of them entail a specific shape or idea, they can be customized to help bring your own logo, branding, and personality to each one.

Four Reasons to Use Tabletop Trade Show Displays

When participating in trade shows, you want to make sure to put your best foot forward, which means choosing the absolute best setup for your trade show booth. You want to make sure your brand is represented and in a respectable way. You also want to catch the eye of attendees passing by, so they stop and see what it is your company has to offer.

A lot of thought goes into preparing for a trade show. When planning, you want to have a convenient and cost-effective solution that is easy to use, accessible, and easily portable while still being enough to capture the attention of each attendee.

So, why should you choose tabletop trade show displays?

Customizable and Functional

Since your goal is to spark consumer interest in your products and what you are offering, you want to grab the attention of each attendee at the trade show. To do this, use a uniquely creative tabletop display with your brand’s logo prominently displayed.

Tabletop displays are eye-catching and can be customized, so you have everything you want, including custom graphics, lighting, and a table throw or cover.


Another reason to use tabletop displays is because they are so incredibly budget-friendly. A larger display at a trade show may be more impressive to some, but if you have a high-quality design and construction to your tabletop display, it can have the same effect for less.

Great Way to Display Products

If you have smaller products, a tabletop display is ideal for displaying them and presenting them to attendees. It is also a good way to highlight your brand and logo and discuss your company with booth visitors.

Easy and Convenient

Finally, they are incredibly lightweight and easy to tote around from trade show to trade show. You will save on transportation costs as well since they are generally small enough to fit into the back of a truck, so they can be transported easily and conveniently.

You also don’t have to pay for a team to set up the display when it arrives at the trade show because you can do it yourself in just minutes, leaving you with extra time to network with other exhibitors and reach out to more attendees.

Trade Show Displays in a Briefcase

showstyle pro 32 display

These unique tabletop display boards are very popular and for good reason. They’re complete display units that can fold down into a portable briefcase. Think of them a little like the pop-up books of old that folded down and then sprang to life when opened.

With clever engineering, your customized display graphics never get damaged when folded down, and you can easily pack up your tabletop display boards much faster when the event or meeting is over.

The Showmax briefcase is the largest tabletop display board kit, providing a 3Ft High x 6Ft Wide trade show tabletop display – a complete self-contained trade show in a briefcase!

small table top displays for trade show

For another variation on the portability factor behind your tabletop displays, you can find an attache case that conveniently holds the small products you’re selling. Simply open it up on a table, and you have a small shelving unit that can display various small-sized products. It’s perfect if you’re selling a product in small containers or bottles. The display is designed so the product can easily be picked up for customer inspection.

Backlit Tabletop Display Systems

A backlit trade show display always manages to get increased attention at trade shows. More and more trade show booths incorporate backlighting, but there aren’t many backlit tabletop displays on the market.

That’s been amended with our curved backlit VBurst tabletop display, which can set up in seconds and be put away in just as short of time. And we recently added the Expo-light backlit tabletop displays, giving us two backlit tabletop displays now.

Fast Track Folding Display Boards

fast track folding display board

If you are looking to achieve a more professional look at your next trade show and want something lightweight and easy to set up, you should consider how beneficial a Fast Track Folding Display Board can be.

They are extremely budget-friendly and fold out in seconds for easy and quick setup and take down. There is color fabric on both sides of the display board and four colors to choose from. The shipping weight is only around 30 pounds, and it comes with a convenient carry bag for easy transport to and from events and conferences.

Xclaim Fabric Tabletop Pop Up Displays

xclaim fabric tabletop pop up display

For an Orbus display system that is both made and printed in the USA, consider the Xclaim Fabric Tabletop Pop Up Display. This pop up display is made from a lightweight, magnetic, and collapsible frame. It provides you with a low cost and portable display option that will greatly impact attendees at your next trade show.

The printed fabric graphics can be customized and come in different sizes and shapes. There are different frame sizes to pick from, including larger floor standing units if you want a more impressive display.

Printed Trade Show Table Covers and Table Throws

Underneath your tabletop displays, normally, is a table. There’s no reason to leave the plain black unprinted cloth there that the show provided. Instead, printed trade show table covers can help you make a bigger and more professional impression on your clients.

While some people may not think details matter, they do. Customers take notice of every detail when visiting trade shows and standing out professionally is the only sure way to make that first impression a good one.

printed trade show table cover

Visit us here at American Image Displays to find out more about our tabletop displays, and matching table throws. As in many of life’s endeavors, “the devil is in the details,” and we can help you be sure that you’ve taken care of all of the important details in shopping for portable trade show displays for your next public networking event.