Hanging Trade Show Signs

We offer many unique styles of hanging signs and banners:

You know it - it's all about catching your potential customer's eye and getting them to engage. These trade show hanging banners do just that. They hang from the ceiling and practically scream your brand out loud for  you! And they're so light weight they can be hung almost anywhere. Get your very own Blimp™ flying in the air today!

Exhibitor Tip: Have you ever seen the airplane luggage commercials? You know, the one where they're tossing your stuff around? Protect your assets with a hard shipping case!

Go a step further in getting your exhibit noticed with trade show signs!

Standing out and getting noticed at a trade show is tricky – it’s easy for trade show booths to get lost in the crowd, or blend into the background of the similar looking booths. If you want to recoup your investment and generate some good business, it’s critical that your exhibit gets seen and visited. Hanging trade show signs and hanging banners will do just that. They get noticed, and let your prospects and clients easily locate you in the vast depths of the convention hall. Our hanging signs are designed specifically for trade shows, and make the process as simple and as cost-effective as can be. We offer standard designs and custom designs, using the skills of a handful of different manufacturers and printers. We have lots of different hanging sign designs to choose from, and can also design completely custom hanging banners if you need a unique and different hanging sign.

Characteristics of our trade show signs and banners:


  • Eye-catching – call them eye magnets for your clients!
  • Lightweight – inexpensive to ship (fabric banners are lightweight!)
  • Aluminum tube frames – assemble in minutes
  • Custom graphic prints – we print your custom artwork, on the outside, or both sides, and even on the bottom, using an extremely high quality, vivid dye sub print on the fabric banner(s)
  • Hanging Harness included – ready for immediate installation at your show.
  • Engineering drawings immediately available – for those convention centers that need the extra paperwork!
  • Soft Carry bag included – to make it easy to keep you hanging sign parts and graphics in one place.

Our trade show hanging signs come in variations of several standard geometric shapes:

  • Triangles – standard triangles & tapered triangles, in a variety of heights and different sizes.
  • Squares – Squares and Rectangles, flat and tapered, in a range of sizes and heights.
  • Circles – Real circles, flat and tapered, in many different diameters and heights.
  • Ellipses – In many different sizes and heights.

We also offer combinations of these shapes, like the curved triangle, curved square, and the pin wheel shapes.

The triangle hanging signs and square or rectangular hanging banners often feature a different image printed on each side. Circular ceiling banners have one continuous shape, so typically use just a repeating logo – but we will print any custom graphic as needed – there are no limits!

Frequently Asked Questions about our Hanging Signs and Banners:

  • Need just the frame, or just a graphic replacement? No problem.
  • Want the bottom Covered? No problem.
  • Want to hang several banners in a cascade? We offer a full line of tiered hanging signs!
  • Want to put a light inside it? We can do that too!
  • Need the hanging banners printed on both sides of the fabric? No problem. Our hanging signs typically come with just the outside printed, but custom printing is not a problem.
  • Any tools required? No, your trade show banner frames snap together without tools, and the fabric hanging sign slips over the frame and zips in place.
  • How much production is required prior to mounting these banner signs? Two people are recommended for setup due to the size of these hanging displays, but it will only take about 15-30 minutes to assemble.
  • Can we hang our trade show ceiling banner ourselves? Probably not – most shows require that their staff use a man-lift to actually lift up your sign and hang it for you.

Do you need hanging trade show signage, or a hanging banner for your next convention? The commanding styles prints, and size of our hanging signs easily draws more attention and traffic into your trade show booth or exhibit. Visitors and attendees will easily see your hanging banner from any point on the trade show floor, making sure that your company gets noticed before your competitors and the other exhibitors. Our trade show hanging signs offer high visual impact and draw attention easily to direct traffic to your company’s booth or exhibit. Hanging signs provides a constant reminder of your location, so your prospects and clients don’t forget to visit you, and can easily find you.

These custom graphics are displayed on a collapsible aluminum frame. The aluminum poles use snap button to click into place, so our clients can assemble these hanging sign displays in only a few minutes with NO TOOLS required. These trade show hanging signs come as a complete kit, including the hanging harness, ready to be lifted and hung in place.

A convenient carrying bag is included with your hanging banner purchase; the complete frame and fabric graphics store in this bag. We also provide elastic bands, to hold the poles together and prevent them from moving around. The carry bag provides a convenient place to keep the entire trade show hanging banner, so that the fabric banners are protected from fading and the frame pieces won’t get lost or damaged while not in use.

Browse through our online catalog to pick the shape and size that meets your requirements – and if you don’t see it, give us a call and we’ll design it for you!

Get your message heard above the noise of the exhibit hall floor! Dangle hanging trade show banners from the ceiling to shout your name and help clients find you. A good looking hanging banner at your event will help bring more eyes to your booth, because they can now find you from farther away.

Our trade show hanging banners come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are all custom printed, of course, and come with multiple options like double sided printing, printed bottom panels, and even hanging one banner below another to create an aerial event above your booth to even further set yourself apart from the competition. 

These extra large trade show hanging banners are produced from lightweight aluminum and high quality fabric, enabling you to practically hang them anywhere and boost your visibility at your next trade show or event, and they work great in retail locations too!

Blimp trade show hanging banners are printed in the USA, with an eagle eye out for quality and economy. They will help you stretch your exhibit budget to the maximum! Each unit includes the sturdy but light weight aluminum frame, a high quality single sided or double sided full color dye sublimation printed fabric graphic, a hanging harness and a soft carry bag. We recommend protecting your asset with a hard shipping case too.

The Blimp trade show hanging banner printing and test-fit process takes 4 business days prior to shipping.

Formulate Designer Series custom hanging signs are tension fabric hanging structures that are made in the USA, and are of the utmost quality and durability. Formulate combines state-of-the-art zipper pillowcase dye-sublimated stretch fabric coverings with advanced, lightweight aluminum structures to provide unique design, functionality, and style. The excellence of the Formulate line of custom hanging signs is simply unmatched.

Features Include:

  • Lightweight, high-quality anodized aluminum tube frame
  • Hanging hardware - cables and rings - included with every structure
  • Industry-leading connection methods make assembly nearly effortless
  • Structures are Engineered Certified (certificate available upon request)
  • Fabric printing process provides G7 color-certified, superior brilliant and vivid graphics
  • Tensioned, zippered pillowcase style fabric graphics are hand-sewn in the USA, durable and dry-cleanable
  • Prices include frame hardware, harness wires, printed graphics with liner and carry bag.
  • Optional shipping cases are noted in quantities required based on size.

You're already paying for the space above your booth - don't waste that investment and let your trade show booth get lost in the crowd - go vertical at your next trade show!