Six Great Reasons to Invest In Trade Show Displays

One of the reasons we got into the business of selling equipment for trade show displays is that we honestly think they are, and will continue to be, one of the single most effective tools any business can use to grow themselves. After all, people have been successfully 20x20 island trade show booths-resized-600using public markets and face to face sales since the ice age, and this process is still incredibly successful.

The trade show industry is huge today. According to a recent CEIR industry census, there are over 9,000 different business expositions in the US each year. An estimated 1.5 million companies are setting up trade show displays, and they’re being seen by at least 60 million attendees. Plus, that’s only counting physical attendees. Thanks to the Internet, untold millions more still see the information, even if they cannot attend in person.

If those incredible numbers are not reason enough for you to start setting up display stands of your own, here are six more reasons why they’re such great promotional tools!

Six Great Reasons Your Company Should Invest In Trade Show Displays

  • Trade show displays make big money! Hey, let’s face it, that’s why we’re all here. Another study, conducted by Oxford Economics, estimates that trade shows generate at least $82 million dollars in business-to-business sales. While there are always going to be winners and losers, that’s a lot of money you might be missing out on if you’re not attending business conventions and trade shows.
  • Pretty much everyone sees them as a good investment. No, not every one currently runs their own trade show displays. However, among those that do attend trade shows, 99% of those asked believe that trade shows offer unique value not offered by other marketing methods. Yes, only 1% of businesses who have exhibited at a trade show thought it offered no value. When’s the last time you saw that sort of agreement on any sort of business matter?
  • Generate leads in the best environment. Look, Facebook and Twitter and your blog are all fine for generating leads, but it’s a slapdash approach. You’re waiting for people to find you, and you have no way of interacting with them when they’re just browsing your ideas online. However, when you have a trade show booth, that means you get to meet with people who are honestly interested in your products face-to-face. Just a few minutes of face time can do far more to create a solid lead than hours of blogging can.
  • Get easy media access. Even the most basic trade show is at least attended by the local media. Larger shows, like the CES, are international events on par with World’s Fairs of years past. If you take a little time to reach out beforehand, you have pretty much guaranteed media coverage. Besides the initial broadcast, that gives you a goldmine of material to mine for promotional videos, radio commercials, and other multimedia uses.curved ECO 1009 kit with curved aero frame and fabric graphics
  • Make better products. Another major advantage to trade show displays that you won’t see in most other formats is the ability to get direct feedback from the public. If you have demo items on display, you’ll get hands-on opinions from the exact people who might be buying them. It’s a perfect opportunity to revise your product line and make it more appealing.
  • Stand out! What this all adds up to is more ability to get your brand out there for people to see. Your trade show displays are a reflection of your corporate personality, and they’re one of the best ways you can show you really are different from all those other guys.

Once you decide to attend, be sure you know which types of visitors you can expect to meet at a trade show. A recent industry study performed by CEIR identified the two primary reasons people attend trade shows – to satisfy Shopping Needs and Learning Needs. The study identified the expected types of “shopping needs” attendees as the Influencer, the Specifier, the Recommender and the Decider, but also uncovered a new attendee – the “Scout” – a person delegated to gather information for the other functions. Since the person in this role is screening which companies and products to present to their team, it can be very important to identify them and make sure you’ve structured your presentation to capture their interest and meet their screening criteria.

The 1.5 million companies investing in trade show displays, and the 60 million people that visited them, can’t all be wrong. Trade show displays are a promotional tool without compare, and they generate sales and get you noticed by all the right people. They work, and work well. They do require significant planning and training, but the return on investment can be well worth it. Don’t be left in the 1% of companies that ignore these great marketing opportunities!

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