Trade Show Truss Displays

Use Trade Show Truss Displays to Create that “Special” Look in your Booth!


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Trade Show Truss Displays

Orbital Express trade show truss displays come in a 6″ rigid box style, with a palm sized knob connector that is turned to assemble and disassemble the truss shapes. Graphics can be dye sub printed fabric, or laminated lambda panels, and attach with Velcro to the truss.

EZ6, EZ12, and Hyperlite truss is made by Trussworks, a different manufacturer, but uses a similar approach. EZ6 truss is a 6″ rigid box, and assembles by finger-tightening small nuts. The EZ12 truss uses a 12″ box, and offers the ability to fold flat for shipping and storage, saving space in your shipping cases! Hyperlite truss offers some unique shapes by combining elements of the EZ6 truss with round metal pole shapes. All of these truss systems can be used with fabric or lambda graphics, and the graphics attach with special clips.

The newest trade show truss systems use space-age composite truss, developed from the aerospace industry, and offer the advantages and design features of truss, combined with a lighter weight. Composite “light truss” is imported from Europe, comes in two different metric sizes – either an approximate 4″ (metric equivalent) rigid box, or an approximate 8″ rigid box. This trade show truss displays design is surprising strong and durable, and MUCH lighter than steel truss. Composite truss is usually used with fabric graphics that attach with clips. The greatly reduced weight means the truss is fast and easy to set up, as well as much lighter to ship – equating to lower shipping costs, lower drayage fees, lower install and dismantle costs/times.

We show many suggested truss system kits from each of the different truss display manufacturers – keep in mind that in almost all cases, a very similar, if not exactly matching configuration can be made with any of the different truss systems (Orbital, EZ6, EZ12, composite). AND, you can build a completely different configuration for your next show, simply by adding or removing pieces and combining them in different ways. So we’d recommend you evaluate the different truss systems first, then select the shape you want to make – we’re happy to provide renderings showing you how to construct any design using any of the truss systems we offer.