Effective Trade Show Displays

The most effective trade shows are the ones that emphasize customer interaction. This means taking into account how the potential customers experience the interaction from the minute they approach the trade show booth until they leave. The goal is to provide them with a lasting impression that will show how the product benefits them. ltk-5002-resized-600

I have gone through both ends of the spectrum when attending trade shows. The ones that were poor had poorly designed trade show displays, little to no information about the product, the demonstrations were minimal and the sales person resembled the guy in the exclamation suit asking if people want free money from the government.

There was one in particular where a guy approached me and had that used car salesman quality to him. He didn’t engage me and find out if I had any questions about the product. He wanted to know why I haven’t bought his item yet. In fact, he became quite aggressive when we politely declined and it got to the point we had to turn around and leave.

On the other side, I’ve been to trade shows where I’ve been impressed with the demonstrations.

The one that comes to mind was at a veterinary conference. They had a large area with tons of vendors but one in particular caught our group’s attention. The area for the merchant wasn’t very large but they utilized their space well. There was a video showing how the furminator worked, samples that potential customers could pick up and look at, brochures clients could take with them and a florida-crystal-large-resized-600knowledgeable and friendly staff that didn’t come off as desperate. In fact, they greeted us immediately when we approached their spot but they didn’t linger around us. They allowed us to pick up one of the tools and watch the video. Before leaving, they asked us if we had any questions and were helpful in addressing any concerns we had about the products. They came off as caring and credible.

The bottom line is it’s all about the customer’s experience. If the presentation is awful or the staff is pushy, this will leave a sour taste in the mouth of the consumer. However, if the merchant has informative custom trade show displays, a staff that is knowledgeable, engaging and people friendly, and an interactive demonstration that allows the customers to experience or at least see the effects of the item, then there’s a much higher chance the customer will enjoy the experience and buy the item.

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