Top Quality Trade Show Accessories that Boost your Booth Performance

New trade show displays, like new cars, look great, give you all the latest features, and help boost your spirits and enthusiasm. But most businesses can’t afford a new car every time they go to a trade show.

So how can you get the benefits of a newer-looking display without the higher price tag? One easy solution is to add a couple different trade show accessories for each of your upcoming shows. A few accessories can make your trade show booth look new and different, without breaking the bank.

We’ve listed a few ideas below, with budgetary pricing included, to help spark your creativity – many of these trade show accessories start out in the $200 range, far less than a full-size trade show display (or a new car!).


VBurst Backlit 8ft Curved tradeshow banner stand

NEW! VBurst Backlit 8ft Curved Pop Up Display

Banner Stands (prices start at $179):

The major benefit of banner stands is that they provide additional display space for your logo, product message or a picture of your latest new gadget, while taking up precious little space when it’s time to pack.

A broad range of banner stands is available, from simple pole-and-base styles to 3D stands that offer unique sizes and shapes.

There are options for literature holders on some banner stands, and you can even add back-lighting to some trade show banners, to help draw more attention and get your message seen, understood and remembered.

You can also get banner stands that magnetically stick together, to create an entire new back wall that rolls up and magically disappears when packed away!

There is virtually no end to the shapes, sizes, colors and appearance of banner stands. We represent nearly a dozen different brands, so we’re sure to have what you need that will breathe new life into your exhibit.


Printed Table Covers (prices start at $200):

The table that comes with your booth space is serviceable, but boring. And please remember to place that table in back or on the side of your space – don’t use as a wall that keeps prospects away from you!

If you do use that table, who wants a boring display? Certainly not you! We can supply a complete range of printed table covers, throws and runners that add everything from a pop of color to additional space for your marketing message – don’t waste the opportunity to use that advertising space.

Printed table covers and runners are available in a variety of colors, and made from wrinkle resistant fabrics, so they’ll look good right out of your packing case. They take up practically no room at all in your shipping case but provide maximum impact that differentiates you from your fellow exhibitors. If your table cover gets soiled or needs a touch-up, they are machine washable. And if they ever do get wrinkled from being in storage too long, a simple hand-held fabric steamer will make them look showroom new.

printed stretch trade show table covers

Printed stretch trade show table covers

A newer option is a stretch table cover that hugs the shape of your table and its legs, providing you with a sculptural look in your exhibit. The only challenge with using stretch table throws is that you must know the exact dimensions of the table, to avoid having a table that is too big, or too small, for your table cover – even an inch off can impact the final look significantly, so if you want to use a stretch table cover, consider buying a table too, so that you’re guaranteed a perfect fit.

From economical vinyl heat transfer logos to full-color dye sublimation prints on the entire table cover in full color, we can provide the look you need at the price you can afford.


Trade Show Counters (prices start at $369):

Counters and kiosks are another simple way to add a different look and capability to your trade show booth design.

They can be used to adjust traffic flow in your booth, hold brochures at the aisle for prospects to peruse, or store extra literature and staff personal items.

Most counters can have full-color prints on them, and all the rest offer signage for your logos.

Many trade show counters offer locking storage, most set up and dismantle quickly and easily, and collapse into a small package for shipping. 

There are even shipping cases that convert into nice looking counters and podiums, so that you get double-duty from your new accessory!


Trade Show Flooring (prices start at $359 for a 10×10):

There’s probably no easier way to quickly change the look and feel of your exhibit than some classy trade show flooring. Nothing polishes off your exhibit like an attractive, comfortable surface underfoot.

10x10 trade show carpet booth with graphics

Use a printed carpet strip in front to personalize your trade show booth!

And your choices are virtually limitless, including everything from vinyl or bamboo to full-color photo-realistic images, reproduced on carpeting that is both appealing and durable.

Good trade show carpeting offers more padding than the rented carpet at the show, helping your staff keep their energy levels up, and also encouraging your visitors to stay an extra few minutes to enjoy the rest from the harder tradeshow floors. 

Most trade show carpeting comes in rolls or interlocking tiles. Rolled carpet can cost more to ship, unless it’s cut down to shorter lengths and taped together at the show. 

Interlocking carpet tiles are much less expensive to ship, and also light and simple to set up at your show. And they come with 5/8″ foam padding, making them very comfortable to stand on. If you remember to purchase a few extra inner and outside tiles, then it’s also simple to switch out a new tile if a spill, burn or excessive wear takes away from the stylish look of your flooring. Because they pack up so small, these tiles are easy to store in a box.

And even if you prefer to rent the carpet from the show, you can still get a small roll of printed carpet with your logo and slogan, to personalize your booth space.

We also offer a handy, completely flat extension cord that can be run underneath your carpeting, without creating unattractive and unsafe lumps in your floor.


Literature Racks (prices start at $75):

Literature racks can do double duty in your exhibit: adding a new element that makes your booth look more attractive, while allowing you to display your marketing materials in a smart, polished manner. Your choices include fabric mesh racks that set up like banner stands, to freestanding double-sided literature holders with as many as 20 pockets, and rotating racks with 28 pockets that holds hundreds of sell sheets, brochures, magazines or catalogs.

We also offer a broad range of clear acrylic literature holders in many sizes, for displaying 8.5 x 11 sheets, trifold brochures or even business cards. The holders can be used freestanding or attached to a back wall display with Velcro or double-sided tape.


Lighting (prices start at $130 for a pair of LED lights):

We offer a wide array of lighting accessories that bring style and attention to your exhibit. Studies have shown that adding lighting fixtures to strategically highlight your logo, graphics or products on display, will help increase attendee comprehension, retention and post-show recall. Fixtures are available in LED, halogen or incandescent varieties. We also offer rope lighting in various sizes and colors.

LED flood lights for trade show booths

LED flood lights


Trade show lighting can be used to back-light your display (or a specific part of your exhibit), or they can be attached to the header of your exhibit’s back wall to brighten your overall booth. Rope lighting can outline your entire display, or encircle products for added impact.


Graphics Printing & Design:

As a full-service partner for our clients, we offer an exhaustive range of trade show graphics. We can provide vinyl lettering on banner materials in virtually any size or color, as well as on substrates like Sintra and Lexan. They’re available in a rainbow of colors and limitless fonts (including the ability to match your own logo and logotype). We also offer large-format dye sublimated fabrics and flexible laminated materials that carry a lifetime guarantee against delamination.

We’re experts at creating trade show graphics, and we’re more than happy to share that expertise with you. From color-matching your logo, to determining the size of lettering that will be readable at the ideal distance in your booth, we do it all on a daily basis. If you have your own in-house graphics department, we’re happy to work with them. If they don’t have the specialized wide-format printing experience, then we’re able to take the lead and guide them. And with our help, it’s easy, efficient and cost-effective.



These simple and relatively inexpensive trade show accessories can substantially increase the impact of your exhibit. We know our stuff, and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs or simply your thoughts and ideas for bringing a new look to your booth. If what you’re using now has grown a bit stale and just isn’t attracting the attention you want, let’s talk about how we can help you spruce up your exhibit with any of the accessories mentioned in this article. Call us at 1(800) 676-3976 or email [email protected].