Interactive Multimedia Screens Benefit Your Trade Show Displays

We’re getting in some pretty snazzy new trade show display products here at American Image Displays that we’re really excited about, and its time to share the news about these new products in this blog. ipad-kiosk-clam-shell-open-resized-600

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of adding digital elements to your trade show displays. These digital tools are the wave of the future, and can’t be profitably ignored. What’s more, they truly bring a lot of quality lead generation to the table. A good iPad kiosk display can:

  • Directly capture email addresses
  • Encourage social media links
  • Show product demos
  • Utilize AR (Augmented Reality) features
  • Display or send out copies of product literature
  • Play engaging games
  • And a lot more!

Well, the only downside with using tablet displays in a group setting is their downsize, so to speak. An iPad is great as a personal assistant or interactive kiosk, but it’s somewhat awkward to use as a trade show presentation device when there’s more than one or two people involved. They’re really only for one person at a time.

Moving Up

The first step upwards in size is simply to combine an iPad and a larger monitor. This is simple to do, and uses existing technology. The problem, as silly as it might seem, is that there aren’t very many portable stands available that hold both an iPad and a larger monitor. So far, we’ve only identified one unit designed to hold a monitor and an iPad to “drive” the monitor – this is the Formulate Tablet Stand 1. I’m sure many more units will come on to the market to fill the void, but at this point, this is your best choice.

If you need to make a larger stride, the next generation of digital presentation devices are going mainstream. The most attractive of these tools are great multi-purpose presentation devices that can be used and viewed by several people at once, while wowing them with the technology on display.

The Wave Interactive Touch Panel Media Player Display or the gigantic InTouch Interactive Touchscreen both bring a new dimension to in-booth trade show demonstrations.

The Wave Interactive Touch Panel DisplayOld interior room

If you want an interactive display that will turn into an attention-grabber every time someone uses it, the Wave may be just the digital exposition display for you.

The Wave Interactive series is all about using big, beautiful 32” or 40” displays to support up full 1080p HD resolutions. Video playback can lock in to framerates up to 30FPS. Your video presentations will look better than ever, especially if they’re filmed in high-def already.

A simple customizable touch panel below the screen allows users to navigate between multiple presentation choices, giving your visitors access to a specific range of audio, picture, and video files that you want them to see.

It’s pretty much a trade show display in a box, capable of showing off a full range of products and documents on a screen that anyone nearby can’t help but look at. One of these at the back of a small expo booth can go a long way towards making up for the small floorspace.

Plus, they’re reusable throughout the year as semi-permanent exhibits. After the show, move your Wave to the lobby and let it act as a virtual information source for people coming to visit. Need to change the presentation? Simple, just load a new one and you’re ready to go in minutes!

InTouch Interactive Touchscreens Redefine Digital Trade Show Presentations

That said, the screens that I’m really excited about ultimately blow everything else out of the water! We’ve added a new line of massive interactive screens that are, effectively, multi-touch tablets the size of tables, or even walls, which can be used by four or more people simultaneously! You really have to see these in action to appreciate their impact:

When inset into a table with matched bezel, it pretty much looks like a product display from the future to your average tradeshow-goer.  Everyone wants to see it in action.  Here are just a few possibilities:

I. Realtime Virtual Document Creation

Look, this thing is just plain fun to play with. I’m a grizzled vet and I just want to mess with it. You’re going to seriously impress people by passing digital documents back and forth, before sending it off to their (collected) email address. Whether it’s making initial sign-up forms interesting, or allowing clients to experience a new kind of collaboration before sending themselves a virtual souvenir, you’re going to be turning a lot of heads.

II. Multiplayer Games

Games come standard with the InTouch, giving you another option for getting people to play with the InTouch. Its multi-touch capabilities, combined with its ability to “split” into two separate smaller screens, means visitors have plenty of ways to interact with it and get interested in your products.

III. Better Product Presentations

When wall-mounted, an InTouch becomes a powerful tool to enhance your in-booth trade show presentations. Its smooth interactive features allow you to seamlessly integrate multimedia elements into your shows, as well as serving the content afterwards to anyone who missed it the first time.

Think beyond just trade shows here – this can also be just the thing to impress CXOs, investors, shareholders, and pretty much any visitor to your office!

IV. Integrated Metrics

What visitors won’t realize is that the InTouch is also a silent partner in demonstrating the effectiveness and ROI of your expo display. From demo time usage to social media interactions, it can instantly create on-demand reports and metrics throughout a trade show appearance.

Given that it can be tied directly to your main website to further intertwine your physical and digital exposition presence, this makes the InTouch part of your SEO effort as well.

V. A Visitor’s Lounge That Wows

Given that coffee-table sized options are available, these interactive presentation tools really can function as furniture as well! A couple of these in a cafe or lounge environment, along with some coffee, makes for a deal-closer that really signs contracts.

Modern Display Technologies Bring New Opportunities To Your Trade Show Appearances!

Wall- or table-mounted interactive displays were only within the reach of the big corporations until recently, but now, they’re available for exposition displays of virtually any size. Whether a business needs the attention-grabbing pull of the 1080p Wave video displays, or the cutting-edge appeal of InTouch’s huge multifunction table displays, they’re a sure-fire way to lure more visitors in. If you’d like to discuss options or pricing, just give us a call!

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