Tube Frame Tension Fabric Displays

All of these tube frame tension fabric displays use light weight aluminum tube frames; these frames slip together and lock in place without any tools.

The graphics are full color dye sub prints on stretchy (tension) fabric.

Tube Framed Tension Fabric Displays

There are many different ways to go about getting your trade show display to stand apart from others in the trade show - one successful approach is through the use of a tension fabric display.

All good designers strive to put together an effective graphic or banner stand for their client's trade show booths. Maximizing the use of the allotted space, which is expensive and at a premium, is very important, and so is looking different and standing out from the other trade show exhibits.

What is Tension Fabric?

Tension fabric is exactly what the name suggests - it is a special fabric that, when stretched taut and printed by a good dye sublimation printer, is able to provide a very high-quality image or graphic for anyone to see. It is inherently lightweight and durable, made to stretch and be wrinkle resistant.

Tension fabric graphics have many advantages when it comes to creating an excellent display stand, which is what makes them so valuable to visitors of the trade show convention center. For starters, tension fabric is very light weight and easy to move around. Often, people who work the trade show circuits for medium and small sized companies, drive from their office to the show, and from one show to another, demonstrating the same products in every city they visit. Because they are constantly on the road, storage space is at a premium, making it important to carry as much as possible in as small a space as can be arranged.

Tension fabric prints can fold upon itself into next to nothing, so even if the sales reps giving the demonstration need to fly across country, tension fabric graphics are able to just slide into a backpack, carry-on or other small case or bag. The more taut it is, the better the fabric looks, which is why it is used in so many different locations around the globe.

Tension fabric graphics are durable and able to stand the test of time - and can even be tossed into a washing machine if soiled - allowing the demonstration team the ability to save money while traveling around. Saving money means they can spend the money elsewhere on other trade show display tools, or just upgrade the swag they are giving away, both of which help to bring in even more guests towards the booth.

Tension fabric displays are able to fit around just about anything, and can even be designed to be attached to the existing pipe and drape at a show, meaning all you have to bring is that pillow case full of tension fabric! (see it here.)

Tension fabric graphics can be designed to attach to tube frame displays, like the tube frame tension fabric displays shown above on this page. These graphics can also be used with Velcro and Silicone Edges (SEG) attachments, which means tension fabric graphics can attach to pop up displays, banner stands, overhead signs, truss displays, and hybrid displays. Bottom line, dye sub printed, tension fabric is just an incredibly useful tool for displaying your trade show graphics.

It is important to keep your display presentation fresh, yet different from the rest of the booths inside a convention hall. Using tension fabric printing  to provide a different look at each show, or provide pictures of different graphics, or even different logos, allows an amazing versatility in your trade show planning. And there is a lot to be said for being able to carry the main graphic, or the newest graphic for your big show, with you - literally in your hand - so you're positive that it arrives, undamaged, at your shows.

Customizing the perfect trade show display for an upcoming show is hard work and takes a lot of determination. Sure, going over the different possible swag gifts might be more exciting, especially if, as an employee, you can snag one or more of the best give-aways yourself. However, the more important task is to design the best possible trade show banners and graphics. If you start by choosing to use tension fabric displays, it can really help provide cost savings and versatility, greatly aiding in the quest to attract more interest and more clients.

If you're looking for more information on the many different ways to use tension fabric graphics, check out our backlit tension fabric displays, as well as the hybrid booths, and pop up displays too, or just give us a call!