Backlit Trade Show Displays

We carry lots of nonbacklit fabric graphics - you can find them all over our site. But the fact is, Backlit Trade Show Displays are the hottest trend in the trade show industry mostly because they GRAB ATTENTION!

Why? Because backlighting ensures your booth gets seen. Period. All exhibitors want their trade show booths to Stand Out and Be Noticed. You can make sure this happens by lighting up your full color backwalls.

The popup versions of these backlit tradeshow displays are extremely portable. It's also simple to change graphics anytime you need, which maximizes versatility and functionality of your trade show kit.

We use the highest quality dye sublimation printing which means your graphics will stand out and bring renewed excitement to your brand. Take advantage of our in-house and partner graphic designers to take your brand-building to the next level - or submit your ready-to-print artwork. 

Fabric Backlit Trade Show Displays feature long lasting and highly portable LED light bars in the lighting kits. We offer many standard size backlit light box fabric trade show displays for rent or purchase. We can also build customized lighted trade show displays if you need them to integrate into existing designs.

Our backlit exhibition stand all include energy efficient ultra-portable LEDS.  

Our fabric backlit graphics use either a Velcro-tab for attaching to your frames, or a seamless SEG (silicone edge) fabric graphics, where the silicone strip sewn into the perimeter of your fabric graphic pushes into the groove on the display frame. 

Standard branded trade show wall kits come in several sizes, including backlit tabletop fabric displays, 3ft wide, 5ft wide, and 8ft wide displays, as well as the larger 10' x 10' displays, 10' x 20' booths, and 20' x 20' island exhibits. We also offer backlit tabletops displays, backlit counters and double-sided free-standing lightbox sign towers. Almost all of these can also be configured to hold a monitor for your video advertising.

Our large online catalog of brand-name backlit trade show displays includes the largest selection of eye catching backlit displays you'll find in North America. Brand-name backlit displays include the backlit Hopup tension fabric pop up display, the new backlit EMBRACE SEG illuminated displays, dozens of hybrid custom backlit SEG fabric designs, eco-friendly eSmart sustainable hybrid backlit trade show displays, wireless LED lumos light tower kits, MultiQuad backlit displays and backlit counters, and our popular Pliko LED backlit display. 

When you turn the lights on, the real benefit that our highly engineered backlit displays offer becomes clear. You'll see the graphics POP, but the backlighting is designed to provide smooth and even lighting, to prevent hot-spots.

You'll discover that LED backlighting lighting is a long-lasting investment. Most of our hardware comes with a lifetime warranty (not the lights - but the LEDS are designed for years of use.) All of our tension fabric displays are printed with state-of-the-art full color dye sublimation print processes, and these graphics are all easily swapped, so that your display can be used for years.

These user-friendly interchangeable graphics allow you to change your branding and product messaging any time you need. These exhibit light panels can last for years, and you can choose from single or double sided tension fabric graphics finished with Velcro or SEG technology, in standard and custom sizes to meet your every requirement.

Our backlit fabric popup displays, whether using SEG or Velcro attachments, are highly portable,  and can be set up by just one exhibitor in just a few minutes. The ultra portable aluminum frames require no tools to assemble and are manufactured in the USA. 

Using brilliantly designed portable display wall kits with logo as backlit displays will effectively increase your brands visibility and give your display booth a modern contemporary look. without paying the inflated costs of some custom built trade show exhibits.

Backlit Fabric Displays

To start, what is a backlit display? Backlit displays are the newest trend in trade show exhibiting. They are simple and easy to work with - all we did was take a standard fabric pop up display to the next level.

  • We modified the frames, to prevent shadows. 
  • We switched to a fabric that works better with backlighting.
  • Then we added light strips to create a backdrop that simply grabs attention.
  • And if the power goes out at your show, the display is still completely functional as a standard, non-backlit display.
Advantages of Backlit Displays:

•Freestanding back-lit LED lighting provides long-distance, high-visibility-stunning visual impact
•Dye-sublimated printing on fabric offers richness and intensity of both color and texture
•Texture that is non-reflective and sound absorbing
•Fabric backer – or printed graphic – on both sides
•Fabric slips easily into frame for easy set up or change out
•Silicone strip stitched to the graphic and seated in the frame makes for a drum-tight fit
•Ultra bright LED light emits an even glow on both sides
•Heavy-duty stabilizing feet
 •Easy set up

LED Backlit Displays

Our light box LED backlit trade show display options provide high impact at your trade shows and corporate events. Made with aluminum extrusion frames and using Ultra-Bright LED light strips, these LED light boxes are the top end solution for exhibitors looking for the best backlit displays.

These light box backlit displays and video wall trade show booths catch your client's eyes from long-distance, using the back lighting to provide high-visibility and stunning visual impact.

The rich, high saturation dye-sublimated fabric graphics are state of the art. They can be installed (and swapped out) in seconds, and are machine washable if soiled. We use a silicone strip that is sewn to the perimeter of the fabric graphic; this (SEG) Silicone Edge Graphic is then pushed into the groove in the frame to provide a drum-tight fit.

The LED light boxes use a fabric "backer" to reflect the lighting forward; if desired, that backer can also be printed to provide a double-sided high impact light box display.

The LED light boxes provide a glow that creates a warm ambiance on trade show floors, shopping malls and even airports.

We offer the LED light box displays in 5 standard free standing sizes: 3ft, 4ft, 8ft, 10ft, and 20ft. We can make almost any custom size you need too.

Backlit Trade Show Displays: Enhancing Visibility and Engagement

Backlit Trade Show Displays have become an essential trend in the trade show milieu due to their remarkable ability to capture attention and illuminate exhibitor presence. These displays are equipped with durable and vibrant LED light bars. They are not only portable but also offer an easy-to-change graphic system that enhances the flexibility and functionality of the exhibit.

A wide variety of sizes are available to exhibitors, including tabletop options and larger booth setups, ensuring that there's a backlit solution for almost any requirement.

High-quality dye sublimation printing is utilized to create visuals that are not just seen but remembered, accentuating the exhibitor's brand and message. Customization options are plentiful, allowing displays to integrate seamlessly with existing designs. Meanwhile, standard options come in multiple dimensions to cater to different exhibition scales.

Backlit displays are versatile, with the ability to incorporate elements such as video advertising to enrich the visitor experience further. They're designed to distribute light evenly across the graphic, eliminating hot-spots and enhancing the graphic's visual impact.

This technology represents a long-term investment, with the LED elements crafted for extended use and frames that often come with a lifetime warranty.

Key Takeaways

  • Backlit displays ensure high visibility and versatility for trade show booths.
  • Exhibitors can choose from a range of sizes and customization options.
  • LED light technology combines longevity with even, eye-catching illumination.

Backlit Fabric Displays

LED Backlit Displays

LED backlit displays are revolutionizing the way brands present themselves at trade shows and events. The innovative design incorporates energy-efficient LED lighting into traditional fabric displays to produce a vibrant and eye-catching effect. Below are some key features and benefits of using LED backlit displays:

  • Visibility: The freestanding back-lit LED lighting ensures the display is highly visible, even from a distance. This makes them an excellent choice for busy event halls or retail environments.
  • Rich Graphics: The dye-sublimation process used on the fabric results in graphics with deep color saturation, contributing to an impressive visual presentation.
  • Quality Material: The fabric is non-reflective and helps absorb sound, which is beneficial in noisy trade show environments.
  • Double-Sided Display: Fabrics are designed to work as a backer, reflecting light forward, but can also feature printed graphics on both sides for a versatile display.
  • Ease of Setup: Graphics are attached to the frame with a sleek silicone edge, ensuring a smooth and tight appearance without any sagging.
  • Durability: Aluminum frames provide a stable and sturdy structure that can withstand the rigors of frequent use.

The appeal of these displays lies not only in their visual impact but also in their practicality. In the event of a power outage, the display remains functional as a regular non-backlit display.

Product Offerings:

  • LED light strips integrated with the display create a consistent and even illumination.
  • The LED backlit displays come to life when using the Infinity DNA Pro lightbox or Vector light boxes to showcase vibrant backlit graphics.
  • Available in a variety of sizes, from smaller 3ft displays to larger configurations like 8ft, 10ft, and 20ft displays.
  • Custom sizes can be created to meet specific needs.

Additional Options:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using backlit displays at trade shows?

  • Enhanced Visibility: They attract attention due to their bright and dynamic presentation.
  • Dramatic Impact: Create a high-impact visual that helps your booth stand out.
  • 24/7 Visibility: Remain visible even under varying lighting conditions or in crowded halls.

How do I set up a backlit trade show display effectively?

  1. Frame Assembly: Begin by constructing the metal frame according to manufacturer instructions.
  2. LED Installation: Affix the LED lights onto the frame, ensuring even distribution.
  3. Graphics Attachment: Secure the tension fabric graphic to the frame for a smooth, wrinkle-free display.

What are the differences between LED and traditional lighting for trade show displays?

  • Energy Efficiency: LED lights consume less power compared to traditional lights.
  • Lifespan: LEDs offer a longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • Brightness: LED lights provide superior brightness and uniformity, important for display aesthetics.

What should I consider when choosing a portable backlit display stand?

  • Weight and Portability: Look for lightweight materials for easy transportation.
  • Ease of Assembly: Choose stands that require minimal tools and time to set up.
  • Durability: Ensure the materials used can withstand the rigors of frequent travel and use.

How can I customize my backlit exhibition stand to stand out?

  • Unique Shapes: Opt for custom shapes rather than traditional rectangles.
  • Dynamic Graphics: Use high-resolution images and bold colors in your design.
  • Interactive Elements: Consider integrating digital screens or interactive touchpoints.

What are some cost-effective options for backlit trade show displays?

  • Rental Options: Consider renting backlit displays for single use or infrequent events.
  • Modular Designs: Modular systems can be reused and reconfigured for different shows.
  • Hybrid Lighting: Combine LED with traditional lighting to balance cost and performance.