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Reliable Brochure Holders & Literature Racks

Zedup 1 Literature Rack
Zedup 1 Brochure Holder

The Zedup 1 Brochure holder/literature rack has 6 pockets. It features either a Black or silver finish, and collapses to a small size, which will fit into the soft storage bag. The Zedup 1 can be stored & shipped pre-loaded with literature. An optional hard case is available. Shipping weight is 20 lbs.

Quantum Literature Rack
Quantum Single-Sided Brochure Holder

The Quantum brochure holders are four-pocket, single-sided durable plastic free standing literature racks. The Quantum  comes with soft carry bag, and weighs 16 lbs.  

Zedup Lite Brochure Holder
Zedup Lite Literature Rack

The Zedup Lite Literature Rack is a 6 pocket literature holder. It comes with either a Black or silver finish. The Zedup Lite collapses to small size and comes with HARD Case. The Zedup Lite brochure holder can be stored & shipped pre-loaded with literature, and weighs16 lbs.

Innovate Brohure Holder
Innovate Literature Rack

The Innovate Literature rack has 10 pockets, and is available in either a black or silver finish. This literature holder is easy to setup, takedown, and store, due to it's three part design.  The Innovate brochure holder weighs 18 lbs.