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Tension Fabric Headaches? No Way!

CAN TENSION RELIEVE STRESS? Yes, when it’s tension fabric we’re talking about. This kind of “tension” refers to the stretchy fabric that’s become popular in trade show displays. Tension fabric printing is like a miracle cure when it comes to a unique, effective and custom tension fabric displaysstress-free trade show backdrop. No other exhibition solution is as lightweight, easily assembled, low in cost or quickly updated. On top of all these innovative qualities, tension fabric displays offer a sleek, contemporary trade show backdrop look that attract the right customers to your company’s trade show booth.

TENSION FABRIC HEADACHES? No way! The stretchy tension fabric and light-as-a-feather aluminum design equals no-sweat transportation in and out of trade show venues. These designs are also easy to set up and simple to store between shows. Before the trade show opens, simply expand the lightweight, anodized aluminum pop-up frame. Suddenly tension fabric graphics attached with Velcro® or SEG (silicone edge graphics) fasteners become the star of the show. Then the collapsible aluminum frame allows your graphics to stay attached when the show is over.

PICKY ABOUT PRINTING? Not a problem! Tension fabric takes the dye sublimation process beautifully, especially for printing lifelike photographs. And ink jet printing on tension fabric produces sharp, stunning trade show backdrop graphics equally as well.

CROTCHETY ABOUT CREATIVITY? Don’t despair! There’s a tension fabric size and shape for every need from banners to entire booths and everything in between! With customizable, cost-effective and lightweight framing, the sky’s the limit–or at least the ceiling of your next trade show. See design dreams come alive in creative, free-form shapes, soaring, three-dimensional structures and ceiling-hung signs, all designed to enhance your display’s visibility.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

WORRIED ABOUT WRINKLES? No worries! The unique composition of tension fabric is wrinkle-resistant, so your display always looks fresh and new. This sturdy, machine-washable fabric is also fade-, water- and fire-resistant, able to stand up to years of display use. So show-off your company inside or outside…whatever the weather!tension fabric wall mounted graphics

STRESSED OUT ABOUT STANDING OUT? Not any more! Flowing, foldable and 3-dimensional fabric tension displays offer more versatility than other one-dimensional display products such as laminated panels. And there’s a wide selection of colors, textures and opacities available for our tension fabric displays. Combined with direct or back lighting, company graphics come alive and garner eye-catching attention!

Tension fabric printed designs for your company’s trade show booth can make your next trade show TENSION-FREE! That durable, easy care, stretchy fabric in combination with the lightweight aluminum frame offers superior portability, affordability, creativity and visibility, attracting more customers to your display stand. Tension fabric graphics are not just great as a trade show backdrop – they are also used for corporate lobbys, museums, and shopping malls – anywhere you need to impress clients with a high quality, great looking graphic!

What are Tension Fabric Displays, anyways?

These latest SEG tension fabric display frames combine the best features of the other methods of trade show booth construction, using light weight metal frames (poles or extrusions) to create the frame for the tension fabric displays, and specialized dye sub printed stretchy fabric for the graphic panels.

Sometimes called hybrid displays, the graphic for these displays is made with “tension fabric”, called that because it is slightly stretchy and is pulled tight when attached, to help eliminate wrinkles. Tension fabric graphics are lightweight and fold up compactly to ship, and are normally a single layer of fabric.tension fabric trade show exhibits

Tension fabric graphics are attached to the frame in one of 3 main methods:

  1. with Velcro hemmed to the graphic, and also attached to the frame.
  2. using silicone edges that are sewn onto the edge of the fabric, and pushed into a groove on the seg tension fabric frame (SEG).
  3. the graphics can also be a “pillow case” design, which is literally a pillow case that is slipped over the frame, pulled tight and zipped shut.

Tension fabric displays are smaller and more lightweight than most traditional pop up, truss, or modular panel trade show booths and can reach up to three stories high, which is great for visibility throughout the exhibit hall. Many tension fabric displays are modular, meaning the trade show backdrop sections can be combined to create larger or smaller (10×10 -> 10 x 20, 10×30, etc) exhibits as needed.

Tension fabric graphics are normally printed with a process called dye-sublimation, which transfers very sharp, brilliant digital color images onto the fabric which do not run or smear. This process creates a striking effect that is very appealing and eye-catching. Dye sub printed tension fabric graphics can be machine washed in case they are soiled.

Benefits of Using Tension Fabric as a Trade Show Backdrop:

  • Ease of portabilitytension fabric display rack
  • Ease of assembly
  • Allows for creativity
  • Offers versatility
  • Limitless design possibilities
  • Highly customizable
  • Variety of shapes, sizes and colors
  • High visibility
  • Ability to display photographs, 3D visual effects, graphics, and branding
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Extreme durability
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable

These benefits are the reasons why more and more trade show exhibitors use hybrid seg tension fabric displays as their trade show backdrop. Tension fabric graphics can also be seen in trade shows as hanging signs in towers, backdrops, wings and conference areas.

  1. Tension fabrics are quite practical. They provide easy transporting and storage.
  2. Normally, no tools are needed to assemble or dismantle these trade show booths.
  3. They create fresh, up-to-date trade show graphics that are eye-catching and easily updated.
  4. They also give the exhibition stand a more contemporary look and feel by adding movement, elegance, and dimension, especially when used with functional trade show lighting.
    hybrid modular tradeshow display with fabric walls

The advantages to fabric graphics are easy to see from a price perspective:  they are inexpensive, fast to produce, incredibly simple (light weight and foldable) to transport, environmentally friendly, and can be printed to look like virtually anything. In fact, you can often use cloth to “fake” other materials, in situations where people won’t be looking too hard. Consider a cloth ceiling or a brick wall!  Also, eco-friendly cloth fabrics are now available, which is great for creating low-impact fabric trade show displays that promote minimalism and accommodation in materials usage.

Trade Show Displays with Tension Fabric Graphics

We place fabric graphics on our trade show backdrop in three primary ways; on seg tension fabric frames made from lightweight aluminum extrusions, attached with either Velcro or silicon edged beads, or onto aluminum tube frames with a pillow case graphics slipped and zipped tight.

Popular pillow case displays include our Waveline displays, our Nimlok Pulse displays, as well as a variety of tension fabric structures, including fabric towers, arches, and rooms. The aluminum tube displays assemble quickly and easily, just slipping together and snapping into place. The pillow case graphics are easy to handle, slip onto the frame and zip them up to finish the assembly.

The aluminum extrusion frames are a bit more complicated to assemble – but not too much at all. Most of our hybrid exhibit booths and frames assemble with either a hex key lock, or a hand turned knob, that locks the frame pieces together. Fabric graphics attach with either Velcro or with silicon edges. Popular hybrid fabric trade show displays include the classic Magellan, Sacagawea, Segue, and Perfect 10 designs – all of these exhibit frames come with lifetime hardware warranties and dynamic high resolution dye sub printed tension fabric graphics.

All styles of tension fabric graphics are easy to back-light, and we offer backlit versions of most of them – just ask for details. Worth noting; some of the popup displays – the Burst and the Xpressions – also use tension fabric graphics – and can be backlit – so if you’re looking for tension fabric graphics,  with or without backlighting, don’t forget to check out some tension fabric pop up display booths too!