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These days it seems like everybody is trying to sell something – that is probably because it is harder to get people to spend money during this recession!
Greenbuild-International-2010Trade shows remain a great way to get your name known today, but honestly, this can sound a lot easier than it really is, especially if you don’t take the time to plan. Just like any other simple sounding, get rich quick, plan, if it sounds too easy, it is! If you decide to set up a trade show display, and want maximum impact from your investment, get it by developing a great plan – and keep in mind that competition is usually fierce.

Many exhibitors have excellent products, but too often many of them fail to gather customers due to poor booth placement at events. It’s a sad truth, but lots of companies with great products fail, while companies with mediocre products and great marketing plans may well succeed.

Remember that exhibiting your product or service at trade shows has a lot to do with location (remember hunting for a house or apartment? value = location, location, location). Location is definitely extremely important, as is your design approach and customer appeal. In other words, if you’re not visible, you might not be noticeable, especially if the exhibition is crowded (which would otherwise be a good thing!).

One of the first things you should do is register early, especially for carpet04the important shows in your industry, in order to get the better spots on exhibition floors. This means try to target the areas near entrance and exits, where ALL of the people traffic starts to flow. If you can’t get the entrance or exit spots, next best is near to any food, drink, and rest spots.

Once you make sure to obtain a good location, the next challenge is to attract existing customers and clients, and perhaps offer a little intrigue to attract prospective customers. The best way to orchestrate the process of creating attractive trade show displays is to commit yourself to having fun with it. If you’re already located in a good spot, there will be high traffic volumes passing by, searching for products and services that communicate their value at first glance. All you have to do is design a great looking display, and here is where you can greatly benefit from taking the time to assess which elements of your offering will make the most impact and impression on the passers-by.

Less is definitely more when it comes to magnifying the bottom line and acquiring new business with well planned trade show displays. There are amazing new and innovative resources you can use to maximize your space while creating a flow that is both transparent and mesmerizing. Play up visual aids with trade show displays and capture the attention of visitors looking for a quick and precise overview. Video presentations are a great way to generate additional buzz with your trade show displays while you’re assisting others – while digital banner stands and video presentations may seem to be expensive tools, they are tireless and provide additional support without needing breaks, hotel rooms, or airplane tickets!insitu island-resized-600

Banner stands come in a number of shapes and sizes. Since they are very low cost tools, they defuse potential stressors that could potentially over complicate a space with too much stuff. They are the fail proof system for providing straight forward visual aids with colors or frame shots that present an unwavering call to action. The most trafficked trade show displays are those that are easy on the eyes and ears, and dont stress your audience. Not only will they appreciate your taking the time to consider their needs it’s a clear demonstration of how working with you will benefit them.

Next, let’s transition and talk about the “goods” to get you the maximum trade show booth display impact at events.  You need to tailor your sales approach to be very customer friendly. That strategy can include items such as giving away free information, product demo’s, and trade show freebies. Another method rarely mentioned is the use of colors: for instance, certain colors have been proven to influence behavior and mood, so the colors you choose just might attract the customers you truly desire.

In conclusion, be sure to maximize the impact of your exhibition booth at trade shows – think outside the box! Don’t be afraid to promote your products or services to the public in a unique manner; but make sure you also do your homework to be at the right place at the right time when it comes to being recognized.

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