Trade Show Vinyl Flooring

Comfort Flex Trade Show Vinyl Flooring

Premium (.066-.076 in Thick) Rolled Vinyl Swatches
Elite (.094 in Thick) Rolled Vinyl Swatches
Royal (.120 in Thick) Rolled Vinyl Swatches
Padding & Tube Cases for Rolled Vinyl Flooring

Eco Friendly padding is available for our rolled vinyl floors.

Rolled Vinyl flooring needs to ship in a tube, on a pallet, due to its width. We offer Tube Cases for storage and shipping. 

If you don't purchase a tube case, your shipping cost will include a cardboard tube ($95 per tube), to protect your vinyl flooring.

Custom Printed Rolled Vinyl

Our custom printed rollable trade show vinyl flooring provides exceptional color and quality at tremendous value. The fast roll-out installation and roll-up after the show makes your setup and take down simple and easy. And the pricing won't break your budget!

Comfort Flex Floor to Go trade show rolled vinyl flooring is available in three widths: 5’, 10’ and 13’.

You can select the rolled vinyl flooring without padding, you can add separate padding to it, or you can select the rolled vinyl flooring that has padding built into it.

If you want separate padding, we recommend our Eco-Grey 1/4" padding (roll size: 6’x45’) (covers: 270 square feet per roll).

We recommend that you use fully releasable double-sided tape (available as an option) to install your rolled vinyl flooring. You can use this tape to be sure that stickier tape won't pull off the back and damage your new vinyl flooring.

You will need to select a shipping method for the vinyl flooring: either cardboard tubes or a hard shipping cases is encouraged to ship the Comfort Flex Rolls safely. Shipping 10ft wide rolls requires a shipping pallet (FedEx/UPS).

Have you ever considered the benefits of rollable vinyl flooring? Our Comfort Flex Floor to Go offers many benefits over standard trade show carpeting:

  1. It comes with our SuperGuard stain shield for ultimate stain, scuff and scratch resistance.
  2. That stain shield makes cleaning this flooring is easy - it's simply simple to keep it looking great!
  3. It is moisture and mildew-resistant.
  4. It is easy to install; faster and less expensive than laying carpet.
  5. Be sure to use our fully-releasable double-faced tape to make sure your Comfort Flex Floor to Go rollable vinyl flooring doesn't get damaged when you pull it off the floor.
  6. Comfort Flex Floor to Go is 100% made in the USA.

We offer over 100 different trade show rollable vinyl flooring designs. They share one common characteristic - they are all are durable, easy to clean, and look like the real thing!

Whether you want an atmosphere of elegance, rustic charm, warmth and comfort or one that's sleek and modern, our Comfort Flex rollable vinyl flooring collection is appealing for every trade show exhibit. The special printing method used to make Comfort Flex Floor to Go rollable vinyl floors production creates textures that look so much like natural wood or stone tile that you expect them to feel rough to the touch! The print is really so good that it's nearly impossible to tell the difference from the real thing.

These great looking wood and stone tile patterns come from the real world, and they look like the real world too. This helps to make your trade show booth stand out from the surrounding sea of trade show carpet, conveying a sense of natures beauty and majesty, and making your booth and your products just feel more reliable.

Comfort Flex Floor to Go rollable vinyl trade show flooring comes "off-the-shelf" in three standard widths - 5' wide, 10' wide, or 13ft wide. This rollable vinyl flooring should be either be installed over our eco-friendly padding, or over a smooth flat surface. It will not work well if installed on top of carpeting or anything soft. Also, it is designed for indoor use, and is not recommended for use outdoors. 

Installation is as simple as this description - just take your Comfort Flex Floor to Go from either the cardboard tube or shipping case, unroll it, and gently tug it into position in your booth space. Of course, if you want a more cushioned effect, then first put the Eco-friendly padding down on the floor, and then place the Comfort Flex Floor on top of that padding. Then add a little (double-sided releasable) tape to hold it all in place.

Made in USA
Graphics 1 Yr Warranty

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