ShowStyle Briefcase Displays

Make your Pitch in style with a Showstyle Briefcase and Carry your Entire Presentation in One Hand!

Choose from a small, medium, or large size ShowStyle Briefcase. Ideal for trade shows or client presentations, the Showstyle briefcase displays set up in seconds. When the show is over, simply fold up the panels with the graphics still in place. No more waiting around for cases to be returned when the show is over. All Showstyle displays come with a 5 Year Warranty.  The inside of all 3 sizes is covered with plush VELCRO® brand ready fabric, available in 3 colors - gray, black, and royal blue.

showstyle color choices - black, blue, gray

Showstyle Briefcase

Showstyle original small briefcase display
showstyle original brief case folding up

A 48″ x 24″ Table Top Display

The Showstyle Briefcase is an entirely self contained portable briefcase trade show tabletop display system. There is a 24″ White (unprinted) header included. Graphic panel sizes can be found in the template below.

Actual Weight: Only 9Lbs! (shipping weight 12lbs)

Upgrade Kit 1: Add header graphic, with full color logo.
Upgrade Kit 2:  
Add full color graphic panels inside unit.
Upgrade Kit 3: 
Add canvas padded carry bag & lights.

For a PDF layout template please choose from: Showstyle Header / Showstyle Graphic Panels

Showstyle Briefcase Pro32 

NEW Larger Showstyle - Same Features!

Showstyle Pro 32 Briefcase
Showstyle small and medium Pro 32 size comparison

A 59" x 32″h Table Top Display

The all new ShowStyle Pro32 is 75% larger than the original Showstyle briefcase with a whopping 14 square feet of graphic area. There are 4 panels, each 32″ high and 15.93″ wide.

Actual Weight: 20lbs. (shipping wt 28 lbs)

Upgrade Kit 1: Add full color logo on header. 
Upgrade Kit 2:  Add full color graphic panels inside unit. 
Upgrade Kit 2:  Add carry bag & 2 halogen lights.

For a PDF layout template please choose from: Showstyle Pro 32 Header / Showstyle Pro 32 Graphic Panels

Showmax Briefcase 

ShowStyle Briefcase Displays 1
Showmax Packed for Travel

A full 75″ x  36″h tabletop display

The biggest Showstyle briefcase is an entirely self-contained portable tabletop trade show display system. The one portable trade show display that has it all wrapped up in one picture! There is a header, 34 1/2″ x 9 1/2″, two side panels, 18 1/2″ x 35 7/8″, and a center Panel: 37″ wide, cut down the middle.

Actual Weight: 35lbs. (shipping wt 45  lbs)

Upgrade Kit 1:  Add header graphic with full color logo.
Upgrade Kit 2:  
Add 4 full color graphic panels inside unit.

For a PDF layout template please choose from: Showmax Header / Showmax Graphic Panels

ShowStyle Briefcase Displays 2

The Showstyle Features include:

  • In-line skate wheels for easy transportation (Showmax)
  • Arch top header that stores easily into back of unit (all sizes)
  • Halogen lights included with each unit, with safe and easy storage. (Showmax)
  • Built-in literature storage space (Showmax)
  • Hideaway handle that retracts when display is open (all sizes)
  • Fits Into any aircraft overhead compartment (Showstyle)