Trade Show Table

How Trade Show Tables Can Help You Close Sales and Promote Your Brand


Of all of the key fixtures of your trade show booth, it is your trade show table that has the greatest potential. If properly optimized, your trade show table can help you showcase your products, promote your brand, provide storage, and close sales. Best of all, you can save money over time by investing in your own trade show table and avoiding costly table rental fees. Failure to use an effective trade show table can have the opposite effects, and can have a detrimental impact on your success at trade shows. Below are some key advantages of trade show tables and some strategies to maximize your company’s impact at your next trade show.

Invest in a Trade Show Table to Close More Sales

Trade shows are full of leg-weary attendees who have spent hours walking from booth to booth in search of vendors and products. As you meet customers who express a serious interest in your products, invite them to have a seat at your custom trade show table rather than carrying on a conversation standing up. Prospective clients will be more likely to be in the mood to buy if they are comfortably seated. You can also go over key product features, offer the customer a beverage, and provide a quotation while seated at the table. Some excellent closing table options include the following:

  • Folding table and chair sets
  • Customizable bamboo tables with stools
  • Magic table and chair sets

Promote Your Brand with a Trade Show Table

When many people think of a trade show table, visions of wooden tables with a monochromatic, wrinkled table skirt come to mind. Fortunately, today’s trade show table options allow you to combine utility with the ability to promote your brand. You can display your company logo, mission statement and product photos on a professionally designed tablecloth, applique cover or fabric stretch cover.

Using a Trade Show Table to Showcase Your Products and Catalogues

Trade show tables are most commonly used as a means of displaying small to mid-size products. Attendees are able to view features more easily if the products are showcased closer to eye level on a table that is 28 to 42 inches high. In addition to showcasing your products, trade show tables provide the following:

  • Space to display catalogues and business cards
  • An area to place your lead retrieval device
  • Workspace for preparing quotations and proposals


Most trade show tables are 6 feet to 8 feet in length and 2 feet deep, providing between 12 and 16 square feet of display space. If possible, determine what you will display on your table before you leave for your trade show.

How a Trade Show Table Provides Storage Space

Trade show booth space is at a premium during most expos. Many exhibitors find themselves wishing that they had more space to store extra catalogues, customer giveaways, products and personal belongings. Covered trade show tables allow you to display your products on top of the table while storing spare boxes, cleaning supplies, personal belongings and products safely underneath. You can keep your table neat and professional looking with one of the following types of trade show table covers:


Visit an Industry Expert for Innovative, Cost-Effective Trade Show Tables

We invite you visit our facility to see some of the many types of trade show tables that we have to offer. Our showroom in Redmond, Washington is filled with the latest innovative table designs and trade show displays. Our team of trade show specialists has the industry expertise to help you select the table that will best meet your needs. We look forward to meeting you!