Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable banner stands are called many other names, including pull up banners, roll up banners, pop up banners, or simply retractable banners. These all have a wind-up mechanism in the base, to store the retractable banner inside the base, keeping it clean and undamaged. The stands use fabric or vinyl banners, and have a pole to hold the banner up.

An important feature is that you can place several banner stands side by side, and you've turned a single banner into a portable graphic wall!

Retractable Banner Stands offer many advantages:

  1. They are lightweight, portable, and compact when stowed.
  2. Different sized pull up banner stands can be used at different shows because the banner can be sized to fit the available space.
  3. They are easy to assemble and are setup within minutes.
  4. A retractable banner stand is also very economical, and easy to fit to a limited budget.

Puzzled by the differences between various retractable banner stands?

  1. Banner stands come with different looking bases.
  2. Sizes vary, depending on the manufacturer. The most common sizes are a 24″ width, 30-32″, 36-39, and 45-48″ width.
  3. Some banner stands have adjustable heights, either by using the telescopic pole and adjusting the height, or by using a 3 or 4 pole stand and using one less pole, as required.
  4. The other main difference between trade show retractable banners is the print method and banner material.
    1. Economical banners use inkjet digital prints on smooth banner vinyl.
    2. More expensive banners use dye sublimation prints on fabric.
    3. Both methods can use the same hardware, and graphics can be swapped out in your favorite dealers print shop in minutes, usually at no cost. 
  5. Retractable banner stands designed to be used on table tops (table top retractable banner stands) are also available; they can be found here.

Our Blade Lite banner stands are especially popular and for good reason: they offer an attractive and elegant look at a very economical price. They come with a vinyl matte finish ink-jet printed graphic, including a finished aluminum stand.

The BFF retractable banner stands are also very popular, and offer an upscale dye sub print on fabric banners, with hardware that comes with a lifetime warranty. The  BFF banner stands offer economical pricing and high quality fabric dye sub printed banners.

Our other banner stand offerings offer unique options; either a different shape, or perhaps a cassette, or even shelves or literature holders - but the 4 differences listed above are the main ways to tell the banner stands apart.

We can normally produce premium retractable banner stands in 4 days or less - call us to discuss your requirements!