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Improve engagement, boost sales, and look professional with a custom retail display!

We can take you beyond the design of your trade show retail display and improve your corporate identity!

Here you will find some examples of what is possible. From Silicone Edge Graphic picture frames in your office, to complete aluminum extrusion walls and kiosks, we can design the perfect solution for your space.

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Meeting the visual merchandising challenge to attract more customers is one of the most important branding opportunities for any business. A store's retail display is noticed by customers the moment they walk in the door and experienced throughout the time they spend within. From retail fixture layout to display graphics, every element works together to tell the story of your product. Why trust this to anyone but a professional retail environment designer who can transform your retail display ideas into a memorable customer experience?

Visual Balance: The right designer knows the importance of balancing the overall look of the custom retail display so that it is visually pleasing to the eye. By balanced, we don’t mean symmetrical but instead, that it is cohesive and not too heavy or lacking in any area.

Display Fixtures: Exhibit experts are skilled at developing a retail environment that not only tells a brand's story but is also fully-functional. Dysfunctional shelving that hides the products stacked below creates missed opportunities for those products to be noticed. Misplaced signage fails to direct shoppers to specialty items they are looking for. This leads to missed sales. A functional display design scheme with modern retail store fixtures can draw people to the product. Items are laid out in clear view, even though seemingly tucked away on lower shelves. Low inventory, specialty items have their own smaller space, yet remain prominently visible without overshadowing a brand's staple.

Layout: Hiring an expert to arrange the layout of your display fixtures, products and other store elements will have a significant effect on how customers perceive your space and brand. If your store display is cluttered for instance, shoppers will be less-likely to engage. If store fixtures are well-spaced with the most attractive items placed where they can be easily seen, potential customers will be more likely to visit, engage and purchase.

Lighting: Don’t let your products get lost or go unnoticed in a dark or dimly lit room. Great lighting options allow you to illuminate your retail display, spotlight your most important products, and create a more inviting atmosphere. Allow an expert to help you choose the lighting to make your retail store display stand out against the competition.

Color Scheme Design: Professional stagers of retail displays that generate sales understand how certain decisions will inspire more engagement. An expert at retail gallery design knows that different colors can evoke specific feelings and emotions, and that color has a powerful affect on consumers. In marketing studies, 93% of shoppers were affected by the visual appearance of products and display. 85% of these consumers said that color had the most significant impact. Colors can affect how people view and perceive your display, store and brand. Purple for example, often correlates with royalty, sophistication and wealth; while the color orange is said to bring a feeling of excitement, enthusiasm and warmth. What does the color scheme of your store say? What tone is it setting for shoppers?

Graphic Printing: Not only is color important, but graphics also matter. In fact, font selection is as important as the message conveyed in the text. Font choice has the power to influence consumer trust. With the rise of smartphones, tablets and social media, society has transformed to a texting society. The average person understands that when text is all caps the message is to be interpreted in the emotion of anger, like a person yelling. Just as capitalization affects the reader, the design of the lettering, the font, also shapes perceptions. Fonts that are consistently used by successful companies are not selected by accident. The top 10 fonts of 2015 were practically identical to the top 10 fonts of the previous years. These fonts are used by companies like Airbnb and Spotify. Who is a font expert? The professionals who design and print your store's banners and media displays.

Branding: Well-branded store displays ensure that visitors remember your brand after they leave your store. Printed carpet and table covers are just a few ways that you can add your business’ branding to your custom retail display. Experienced specialists make sure that your branding is placed where it will be most memorable; without pulling away attention from your products.

Seasonal Change: In visual merchandising, nothing stays the same. A static store will kill sales. Merchandise should always be in motion. It should be moving out the door with sales or moving to another part of the store if it's current display is going unnoticed. And, like leaves upon trees, everything should change with the seasons. New lines should be moving in and the old should be taking a back seat. Consumers anticipate seasonal changes. Their shopping habits reflect this rhythm. Don't lose out on a sales surge from seasonal shoppers with a store that always stays the same.

An Orderly Re-Vamp: Nothing turns off a customer quicker than a store in disarray. For store managers with limited time, a visual merchandising scheme overhaul is often undertaken during regular business hours. This can lead to disastrous sales figures at the end of the day. Customers arrive to find disorganized retail display racks, a messy store and sales staff too distracted to assist them. Stop the madness! Hire a team of professionals to craft a retail environment that will generate interest instead.


Building A Retail Display - The Expert Way: Want to build an incredible store display that customers can’t miss when they walk by? Work with experienced retail environment designers to:

    1. Build For Your Target Demographic: Your design theme should appeal to the demographics of your shoppers. Knowing who your customers are and being able to identify what motivates them to purchase will increase the success of your custom retail display. A merchandising specialist will help you identify your target customer and design your retail display to speak to them, specifically.
    2. Replicate What Works: Innovative design elements should be competitive, drawing inspiration from the success of other retailers. Professionals will research to identify what has worked for similar retail store displays, and effectively pull those elements into your retail design.   
    3. Encourage Engagement: The right expert is highly creative and knows how to display your retail fixtures to encourage customer interaction. The more that visitors can “touch, engage, and have fun” within your booth, the more likely they will be to both remember your brand and purchase your products. Allow a specialist to create an engaging environment that stimulates customers with the right retail boutique fixtures, colors, imagery, text and graphics.
    4. Clearly Define Each Area: Professionals know how to make sure that your display is clearly organized with visual cues so customers can easily find what they are looking for. This way, customers do not become deterred by other products that they have no true interest in. Specialists can choose the right store display fixtures and layout to deliver a great floor plan that contributes to the free-flow of movement, guiding customers to promotional displays.
    5. Make Your Branding Consistent: Consistent branding doesn’t mean to just put your logo everywhere throughout your retail store display. Instead, it means that customers should immediately know what your brand represents, and that your display should be tied back to your brand. Sometimes, it takes an experienced professional to know where your logo or branding is most appropriately placed within your display.  
    6. Consider Traffic: Display owners don’t always think about how much traffic they expect to their display. If you expect many people to visit your display at once, then it must be large enough to host them all. Professionals can help identify your display’s appropriate size and layout to best serve the quantity of expected visitors.
    7. Make it Functional: Experts will consider the type of inventory you will host in your store and choose the right types of fixtures, shelving and display to highlight them most effectively. Although you may find an awesome display system that is highly decorative, it may not be a best-fit match for displaying your specific types of items. When dealing with merchandise and displays, many elements come into play including visual compatibility, weight of the merchandise, scale and more. Visual merchandising should communicate the depth, quality and assortment of a retailer’s products smoothly, without overwhelming shoppers.
    8. Keep it Flexible: If you have inventory that changes often, it is important that your display is flexible and able to be restructured without much effort. The right merchandise expert can help you choose the best retail store supplies to make your display both flexible and functional.
    9. Create a “WOW” Factor: The right specialist knows what it takes to make your retail display stand out. Create a can’t miss destination that customers can’t help but want to visit. The more interested people are in your display, the more likely it is that they will engage with your products and purchase from you. You don’t want people to just “like” your display, you want them to be blown away!

The Right Retail Merchandising Professionals: Who are these people that know how to design a retail display layout that streamlines a shopper's experience? What team of professionals delivers innovative merchandising displays that drive up sales? Contact us and discover who the experts are, experts that are committed to designing retail environments that help a business reach its earning potential.