Waveline Trade Show Backdrops

Light weight tube frames, with dye sub printed pillow case fabric graphics. Printed & Assembled in Florida. 5-7 Day Production Time. Unless otherwise requested,  all fabric is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles - at the same low price!

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Waveline Setup Demonstration

Waveline with two Waterfall Displays with Shelves and Case Wrap Counter Graphic

Waveline with two Waterfall Displays with Shelves and Case Wrap Counter Graphic

Waveline Panel with 2 Merchandisers Garment Bar Shelves and LED Lights

Waveline Panel with 2 Merchandisers Garment Bar Shelves and LED Lights

Waveline Panel with 2 Merchandisers Garment Bars Shelves and LED Lights - Non Tilted Ends

Waveline Panel with 2 Merchandisers Garment Bars Shelves and LED Lights - Non Tilted Ends

Accessorize your Waveline Display!

waveline trade show counters

Waveline Counters

Click to see available sizes.

Waveline Tower Monitor Stands

Waveline Tower Monitor Stands

Free Standing, 2 height options. Hold 1 or 2 monitors.

Waveline Monitor Stand

Waveline Monitor Stand

Not Free Standing. 2 heights. Use with Waveline walls. 

Waveline Merchandiser Display


36"W x 89"H $405

36"W x 116"H - $475

Waveline Merchandiser Display with Garment Bar

Add Garment Bars  - $90 ea

Waveline Merchandiser Display with Shelves

Add Shelves - $125 ea

Waveline Waterfall Plexi Shelves Add-On

Add Shelves:

(27.5”w x 12”d) - $80 ea

(36”w x 12”d) - $105 ea

Waveline Waterfall Add-On

Waterfall Display

(28”w x 89”h) $550

(36”w x 89”h) $670

Waveline Waterfall Displays - Add to any Flat WaveLine to give a 3-D look.  28”w x 89”h. Holds up to 3 shelves.  Shelf weight not to exceed 9 lbs. or 27 lbs. Full or partial graphics.

Waveline Merchandiser Displays. Add to any WaveLine display or use by itself.  End panels can Tilt in for a 3-D look or flat against another WaveLine display. Can be accessorized with shelves, hanging bracket, iPad or TV stand.  Holds up to 3 shelves per display (each shelf weight not to exceed 9 lbs. or 27 lbs. per display). Holds up to 2 Hanging Garment Bars. Shelf and/or Hanging bar combo.  Price includes Hardware, Double Sided Graphics, Vertical Support bars & Base Plate.  Available in 36”w 89”h ($405) or 36”w x 116”h ($455).

Waveline Media Kits - Atlantic Curved Header 1

Wavetube Displays

Wavetube Displays: Revolutionizing Visual Experiences with Cutting-Edge Technology

Wave Tube displays have emerged as a popular and versatile solution for businesses and exhibitors seeking an effective way to showcase their brand or message.

Combining aesthetics with convenience, these displays feature a tubular frame over which a tension fabric graphic – commonly referred to as a "pillowcase" – is stretched to create a smooth, continuous surface. Their lightweight structure and ease of setup make them a go-to option for trade shows, exhibitions, and promotional events where time and labor are of the essence.

The Wave Tube display design allows for various configurations, ranging from straight, curved, and serpentine forms to more elaborate shapes and sizes, enhancing visual appeal and providing a range of options to suit different venue spaces and exhibitor needs.

Attuned to branding requirements, these displays can be customized with high-resolution, vibrant graphics that are eye-catching and memorable. As the needs and technologies have evolved, so too have Wave Tube displays, reshaping the landscape of visual marketing tools with their adaptability and impact.

Key Takeaways

  • Wave Tube displays are a highly customizable and portable visual tool for events.
  • They offer a mix of aesthetic appeal and practical benefits, including easy setup.
  • The displays support diverse configurations and high-resolution graphics for branding.

Design Principles for Wavetube Displays

When crafting Wavetube displays, the fusion of aesthetic appeal and functional design is crucial. They must draw attention at events while catering to easy transport and setup.

Role of Graphic Designers

Graphic designers play an instrumental role in the creation of Wavetube displays. They ensure the visual elements are harmonious, appealing, and reflective of the brand they represent. Professionals in this field often work closely with clients to produce designs that resonate with their target audience, enhancing the exhibit's potential to grab attention in bustling environments like trade shows and conventions.

Custom Fabric Graphic Considerations

Custom fabric graphics are at the heart of Wavetube displays. They must be both eye-catching and compatible with the display structure. Key factors include:

  • Material: The fabric should be durable, wrinkle-resistant, and able to hold vibrant colors.
  • Visual Weight: Balanced placement of graphics ensures stability and visual appeal.
  • Print Quality: High-resolution printing makes details pop and messages readable from a distance.
  • Animation and Lighting: Some displays integrate ladder led curtain lights and preprogrammed animations to create a dynamic presentation that can further engage visitors.

Structural Components of Wavetube Displays

Wavetube displays are well-recognized for their robust structural integrity and visual appeal. These displays harness the strength of tubular frames and superb-quality dye-sublimation fabric graphics to create an impressive presentation medium. The additional features they offer contribute significantly to their versatility and functionality in various settings.

Tubular Frame

Wavetube displays are built around an aircraft grade aluminum tubular frame. This material is not just lightweight, which makes the display easy to transport and set up, but also exceptionally strong and durable. The assembly of the frame involves snapping the tubes together, often with a simple button-lock system that ensures a secure and stable structure.

Dye-Sublimation Pillowcase Fabric Graphics

The visual centerpiece of these displays is the dye-sublimation pillowcase fabric graphics. These graphics are produced by a printing process that uses heat to transfer dye into the fabric, resulting in vibrant, crisp, and long-lasting images. The fabric graphics are designed to slip over the frame snugly, eliminating wrinkles and creating a seamless, professional-looking surface.

  • Advantages of Dye-Sublimation:
    • Vivid, enduring colors
    • Stretchable fabric that conforms to frame shape
    • Machine washable for easy maintenance

Additional Features

To enhance utility and appeal, Wavetube displays may come with several additional features. These can include monitor mounts for digital presentations, tables for product demonstrations or literature distribution, and fabric covers for cases that double as counters or podiums. These add-ons are easy to integrate with the basic frame and fabric elements, effectively customizing the display for specific needs and spaces.

  • Possible Add-Ons:
    • Monitor mounts
    • Shelving units
    • Printed table throws

Advantages of Wavetube Displays

Wavetube displays enhance trade show booths with practical benefits like reduced setup time and effortless transport. These features enable exhibitors to focus on their presentation without logistical concerns.

Lightweight and Portable

Wavetube displays are a dream for trade show exhibitors who are constantly on the move. They are composed of aluminum tubing, which provides both lightweight attributes crucial for travel and ensures durability for repeated use. The ease of transport makes them a top choice for marketers worldwide.

Ease of Assembly

Exhibitors can assemble Wavetube displays with minimal effort due to their easy-to-assemble nature. The process typically involves sliding the fabric over the frame, zipping it up, and connecting the panels as desired. No special tools are required, saving time and reducing the complexity of booth setup.

Seamless Presentation

The design of Wavetube displays offers a seamless presentation by using fabric graphics that stretch over the frame, eliminating wrinkles and ensuring a polished look. Their smooth, continuous surface is perfect for branding and creating an attractive, distraction-free backdrop for engaging with attendees.

Types of Wavetube Displays

Wavetube displays offer versatility and ease of use for exhibitors at trade shows. Crafted with simplicity in mind, these displays come in different configurations to cater to the unique needs of each presentation.

Trade Show Booth Kits

Trade show booth kits typically include lightweight aluminum frames and dye-sublimated fabric graphics that create a seamless look. These kits may come in various designs such as straight and serpentine shapes and are favored for their quick setup. They can range in size to fit both 10ft and 20ft trade show spaces, catering to a wide range of booth designs and attendee engagement strategies.

Monitor Mounts and Tables

An essential feature of more advanced wavetube displays is the integration of monitor mounts and tables that enhance the functionality of the booth. Monitor mounts allow exhibitors to display digital content, attracting and engaging visitors. Tables provide a sturdy surface for product demonstrations or marketing materials, facilitating interaction between exhibitors and attendees. These elements are designed to fit seamlessly within the display, maintaining a professional and cohesive booth appearance.

Customization and Branding in Wavetube Displays

Wavetube displays offer versatile customization which allows for creating an eye-catching and brand-centric experience at events. These displays are intricately designed to captivate attention and convey brand messages in a unique and sophisticated manner.

Creating a Unique Experience

Customizable Wavetube displays enable companies to create a unique experience for event goers. By integrating company logos, colors, and marketing messages, these displays become pivotal in establishing a memorable brand presence. Companies can choose from various display configurations—like the 8ft Wave Tube® Curved or the Wave Tube Modular 10FT Straight wall— to ensure their branding stands out in the busy environment of trade shows and conventions.

The ease of assembly and lightweight nature of these displays, coupled with the eye-catching design of vibrant dye-sublimation fabric graphics, offers a practical yet impactful branding solution. A notable feature of Wavetube displays is the ability to easily update graphics, making them a long-term investment for brands that attend multiple events or update their marketing campaigns regularly.

Wavetube Displays for Different Events

Wavetube displays offer versatility and visual appeal, poised to capture attention at various events. These displays are particularly effective when tailored for specific occasions.

Conventions and Conferences

At conventions and conferences, Wavetube displays serve as standout backdrops for companies showcasing their brands. They provide highly customizable options to cater to the space and thematic requirements of the event.

The seamless and contemporary design of these displays often includes curved, straight, or serpentine shapes to suit different booth layouts.

  • Curved Wavetube Displays: Ideal for creating an immersive experience, these wraps around the space partially, offering a visually dynamic and engaging setup. This type of display is frequently chosen to communicate branding in a way that's both effective and portable.
  • Straight Wavetube Displays: Often used for step and repeat backdrops, they provide a flat backdrop for press conferences or photo opportunities at red carpet events. They are noted for their sturdy construction and ease of assembly.

Moreover, during these events, the ease of setup and breakdown is crucial, given the often tight schedules.

The aluminum tube frames and machine-washable fabric make Wavetube displays a practical choice for event organizers and exhibitors alike. This ensures quick transitions without sacrificing aesthetic impact.

Logistical Considerations for Wavetube Displays

When planning to utilize Wavetube displays, one must consider the factors of transportation and storage carefully to ensure that the display maintains its quality and is feasible to use repeatedly.

Transportation and Storage

Wavetube displays are designed with the ease of transport in mind. These units typically break down into manageable pieces, which can be packed into cases that protect the components during transit.

The feet of these displays are intended to be sturdy yet detachable, making them simple to pack without requiring extensive space.

  • Cases: Durable cases are essential for protecting Wavetube displays. They come in various sizes to accommodate different display dimensions, often featuring padding and compartments to secure the graphic components and frames separately.
  • Storage: Wavetube displays should be stored in a dry, cool environment to prevent moisture accumulation or overheating, which could potentially damage the display components or graphics.
  • Feet: The feet of these displays are an important consideration. They must be accounted for in the packing process, as they ensure the stability of the display when assembled. Make sure they are properly secured and stored to avoid misplacement.

Note: Always refer to manufacturer guidelines for specific instructions on the correct methods for disassembling, packing, and storing your particular model of Wavetube display to maintain its longevity and appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wave tube displays offer a modern approach to exhibiting at trade shows and conferences with their ease of assembly and customizable features.

How do you set up a wave tube display for a trade show?

To set up a wave tube display, one begins by assembling the frame, which typically involves connecting lightweight aluminum tubes.

Once the structure is secure, the fabric graphic is pulled over the frame and zipped at the bottom, ensuring a taut, wrinkle-free appearance.

What are the benefits of using wave tube displays for exhibitions?

Wave tube displays are favored for their sleek and seamless look, vibrant dye sublimation printing, and the versatile silicone edge graphics they often utilize.

The ease of portability and setup is a significant advantage, making them a practical option for exhibitors.

What materials are commonly used in the construction of wave tube displays?

Wave tube displays typically utilize durable aluminum for the frame and stretchable polyester fabric for the graphics.

The combination of these materials ensures a lightweight yet sturdy display solution suitable for repeated use.

Can wave tube displays be customized for specific branding needs?

Yes, they can be customized to reflect specific branding requirements.

This includes various sizes, shapes, and the addition of tailored graphics, which can be easily switched for different events or marketing campaigns.

What are the differences between wave tube displays and traditional display systems?

Unlike traditional display systems, wave tube displays offer a frameless appearance, lighter weight, and are designed for quick assembly without the need for tools.

They provide a more modern aesthetic and are often more engaging due to their high-quality graphic presentation.

How should wave tube displays be maintained and stored after use?

After use, the fabric graphics should be carefully removed, folded, and stored in a dry place.

The frame should be disassembled and placed back into its carrying case. This prevents any damage or loss of components, ensuring it remains in good condition for the next event.