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As with any other choice you need to make when it comes to exhibiting at a trade show, there are two important factors to keep in mind when it comes to choosing your display stand. You need to be conscious of your budget as well as your exhibit objective. You won’t have any problem finding trade show displays. In fact, it is easy to find so many options that it may seem impossible to choose. Keeping a budget and the objectives in mind will make the whole process much easier.

One of the first elements to consider when shopping for an exhibition stand is the size of your booth space. Obviously, you need to ensure the space will accommodate the display stand. If there is a little wiggle room in the budget, it may be wise to choose a trade show display that works in both small and large booths by adding or leaving out parts of the display stand. This type of display booth design adds versatility when it comes to exhibiting at different shows.

In addition to size, also think about the types of activities that are going to take place inside the booth and ensure that the display booth design will aid those activities. Are you going to provide food and beverages? Areas for conversation? Product displays? Be sure to choose a display stand that supports the planned activities instead of interfering with them.Bloomberg A Render 1a rsz-resized-600

If your company already has pop up displays or trade show booths on hand, check them out before shipping to the next trade show. Make sure that the display booth design still accurately reflects the organization’s image. The display stand sends a message about the company – make sure it’s the right message!

If purchasing a display booth for the first time, create a budget and do some research. Explore the options that are available, and choose a few to show to company leaders in the budget meeting. Be ready to explain the advantages of each display, focusing on the objectives for exhibiting, which are probably lead generation, company exposure, and the ROI that will result from the trade show. Make sure to build a little wiggle room into the display budget for trade show furniture and accessories.

There are times when it may seem more logical to rent a display than to purchase one. If you have double-booked at two conventions, it may be better to rent one display rather than purchase two complete displays. If this is your first trade show, you may choose to rent rather than purchase a display so that you can test the waters at the trade show and see if exhibiting is something that will be beneficial to your organization before you invest in the expense of a display.

Remember that display stand vendors don’t know your budget unless you share it with them. Be certain of your needs, your vision, and your budget before starting to shop, and then explain all of these requirements. If you are well prepared, you’re much more likely to get the display stand that best fits your exhibition needs.

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