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Trade Show Graphics and Replacement Graphics

Printing Graphics for Trade Shows, Events, Retail & More

American Image Displays offers a wide variety of trade show graphics, large format printing and production options, both big and small.

We also offer replacement graphics for almost any trade show booths, displays, and banner stands.

No matter what your project, we can create it graphically. If it fits on a display that you're currently purchasing, then we provide free graphic design services. 

Graphic Design & Design Assistance: When it comes to designing and large format printing of tradeshow graphics, we know our stuff. But let's face it, the average Graphic Designer doesn't prepare large format graphics on a daily basis. Most designers are trained and focused on books, newspapers, and brochure size design requirements.

Large format requirements are different, but fortunately, our designers are nice people and are more than happy to share the knowledge they've acquired.

one planet recycled plastic stretch fabric graphic
photo of a color sample sheet used to determine pantone colors

Turn-Around Time for Trade Show Graphic Printing: Standard turn-around time on all digital large format printing projects is normally 4 business days, from receipt of your approval on the digital proof we provide. Turn around time for projects that also require design services are estimated on a job by job basis.

Therefore, it is important that you plan ahead! Rushed production may be available but must be confirmed on a job by job basis.

Trade Show Graphics and Color Matching: American Image Displays will guarantee color matching on all hard copy proofs, specified Pantone colors and client supplied color match swatches. Orders without indication of Pantone colors, supplied color matches, or requested hard copy proofs are NOT guaranteed for color. Printed proofs are available for a fee. 

Every effort will be made to ensure your graphic files print correctly. By specifying Pantone Spot Coated colors in your design, our job is much easier.

If your color is a CMYK mix, you must supply a printed swatch for matching purposes and a color matching fee may apply.

Color matching is only possible if you supply files prepared as layers in either Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop. Call for more information on proper setup.

Replacement Graphics for Trade Show Booths & Displays 

As you might expect, since we design and print trade show graphics every day, we're also EXPERTS at providing new prints for your existing displays!

We offer replacement graphics for trade show booths that we sell, and we also offer replacement graphics for trade show displays that you purchased somewhere else.

Even if you don't know where the booth or display or banner stand was purchased, we can still provide replacement graphics.

We'll provide FREE graphic design services for replacement graphics too. The only requirement is that you place the order and pay for the replacement graphic, so we know we can pay our designers!

Trade Show Graphics

Eye Catching Imagery. No Wasted Text.

Are your graphics ready for review? ~ Prepare and Upload Your Graphics

Do you have questions about graphics? ~Graphics FAQ~

Trade Show Graphic Large Format Printing

Discussion of various terms and details

Dye Sublimation printing

Dye Sublimation printing is a photographic quality heat print directly onto a Poly Knit fabric. The Dye-sub process is considered the best method for large format printing, retractable banner stand units, and most banner applications. 

Dye sub produces a full color fabric graphic with a permanent image. A dye sub printed fabric graphic is washable and durable. Dye sub printed fabric graphics are perfect for all  large format printing and exhibit applications, providing incredible image quality and vibrant color.

Dye sub printing can be applied to many different types of fabric, including opaque fabrics that don't allow shadows. .Custom Graphic Printing

One Planet Recycled Fabric Graphics

Recycled Fabric Graphics

We now offer dye sub printing on fabric made from 100% recycled plastic - re-using hundreds of plastic bottles - with a full color printed graphic that is almost impossible to tell from a regular fabric print. Look at our One Planet Graphics page for more information.

Fabric Graphic Attachment Method

There are several methods for attaching printed fabric graphics to display stands. The older standard was by using hook and loop fasteners, attached to both the frame and sewn into the fabric. This produces a satisfactory result, and is still used on some displays.

Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) use a silicone bead sewn into the perimeter of dye sub printed fabric graphics. For details on Silicone Edge Graphics visit our SEG information page. 

Other Print Methods

A Lambda Print is a flexible, resin coated, paper print for high-quality continuous tone photos.

Lambda Duraflex is a flexible, plastic-based print material that produces high quality, continuous tone photos. 

Lambda Metallic is a flexible, resin coated, paper-based print that adds a pearlescent shine to the graphic. Lambda prints are available for retractable banner units but not normally recommended due to the material bowing.

Lambda prints are best used in rigid frames or as popup mural panels, or as Velcro backed graphics on loop fabric displays. 

Lambda Bright HDL Highest quality flexible graphics available. Prints are HDL laminated & carry a lifetime guarantee against delamination.

Lambda Duratrans For any light box or backlighting opportunity. Available with or without the HDL laminate. 

Inkjet print on Vinyl Full color inkjet prints on scrim vinyl or smooth adhesive vinyl prints applied to lexan backing for a flexible, non laminated event graphic. 

Vinyl Banners With Metal Grommets or Pole Pockets / Indoor or Outdoor Full color inkjet prints on smooth vinyl or mesh vinyl for use in any banner application. Finish with metal grommets or pole pockets. Excellent image quality! Vinyl Banner Printing

Materials: We use a wide variety of top quality materials on our trade show graphics with Lexan and Sintra being the two most common mounting materials when rigid or rollable substrates are required. However, when producing Lambda prints we use HDL laminates, the highest quality laminate on the market. Fabrics for dye sublimation are available in many types and finishes.

Do you have trade show graphics printing questions? Maybe you're not sure how large to make your fonts? If you're a marketi manager trying to dig up your company logo in the format we need, or a fellow designer looking for a little guidance in minimizing your file sizes or creating that 200" X  90" banner so it looks as smashing as possible, you're at the right place.

You can contact the Design Department for questions on setting up files at 800-676-3976. If you require design services, please contact us for a quote.