What is a Trade Show?

When you think of trade shows, what do you think of? What is a trade show, exactly? A convention center full of booths and displays, with a few hundred merchants all trying to get your attention? Maybe you think of the latest industry developments being shown off for attendees, or the panels where you can […]

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Trade Show Display: Purpose, Styles & Selection

Next modular backlit trade show display

Trade Show Displays are tools for showing your company brand and advertising your products. They are used in trade shows, conventions, and business conferences; these gatherings occur in many different locations all across the globe. Some trade shows are huge, with thousands of exhibitors and tens of thousands of attendees and visitors wandering the aisles, […]

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Vincent Van Gogh and Expo Displays?

In this article, we’re looking at space. Space is perhaps the biggest opportunity for exhibitors looking to design their booth effectively. Space is your blank canvas, and there are a wide range of event marketing opportunities that involve proper usage of space. We’ll look at recent trends to help you properly utilize space and create […]

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How to Get Free Publicity at Your Trade Shows

Do you often find visitors coming to your trade show displays with a copy of a trade publication featuring your product? Have your top executives been introduced to the editors at those trade publications? Have those magazines published case studies from your exhibit, pictures included? What about your exhibit being seen on national television or […]

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