8ft & 10ft Displays for Trade Shows

Suggestions for Selecting the Best 10x10 Trade Show Booth to fit YOUR Requirements

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Our Most Popular 10' Hybrids
10ft Waveline trade show display

Vburst 10ft Popup display


8ft curved backlit vburst

embrace backlit 10x10 display


10ft banner stand wall

Hopup 8ft backwall and accessory kit #1 ($850)

NEXT 10ft small l popup display

10ft Fabric Panel PopUP

Xpressions LED LightBox

7.5ft formulate-c-shaped-wall-tension-fabric-

If you're wondering why we focus on 10x10 booth design, the answer to this question is simple. The overwhelming majority of trade show booths in virtually every industry are 10x10 in size. See  5 Ways to Maximize Your 10x10 Booth Design here.