Trade Show Shipping Cases

You and your team will be much more satisfied when your exhibit arrives as planned. Our trade show shipping containers are tried and tested by our team here at American Image Displays, and only the strong remain. Whether you're shipping a banner stand or an enormous truss display - we can help you find the perfect setup for your exhibit needs.

Our trade show display shipping cases are shown below, divided into two groups; those that can be converted into counters/podiums with a case-wrap graphic at your event, and all normal cases which can't be converted with graphic wraps.                  

Rugged · Made in the U.S.A. · Lightweight · Water-resistant · No Rush Charges · Factory Direct

Expand Case to Counter Conversion Animation

Trade Show Shipping Cases that Convert into Counters or Podiums

Trade Show Shipping Cases that Do NOT Convert into Counters or Podiums:

Need a Custom Trade Show Display Case?

We team with a variety of trade show shipping case manufacturers to develop custom shipping cases for special requirements. For example, this project needed a shipping case that would hold - and charge - 150 Amazon Fire tablets. If you have a custom application, give us a call!

lm shipping case
Trade Show Shipping Cases 1
lm shipping case

Shipping Cases Protect Your Assets

American Image's trade show display cases protect your displays and graphic materials during transit, ensuring they arrive safely. Our trade show cases also keep things neat around your booth as you set up and take down your booth. They provide great storage containers for your displays to get dirty or damaged in-between trade shows.

Many customers buy trade show shipping containers and crates to keep graphics and other valuable equipment protected and organized when not used and during transport.

Browse through our selection, and you’ll find an assortment of small, medium, and large trade show shipping cases that will provide maximum protection and ease of transportation. These reusable containers will not crush like cardboard boxes.

SmartPak IQ Shipping Cases

Our rugged containers will eliminate the concern of shipping damage. Whether you require an expandable crate, a round case, or a large, rectangular case for heavy use, you’ll find it here.

We offer several shipping case models that can be checked as airline luggage. Other shipping cases for trade shows are conveniently stackable for optimal storage.

The Expand podium trade show display cases convert into counters and podiums!

Some of our trade show cases are shallow, optimized for storing and transporting smaller items, such as graphics, flooring tiles, portable lighting, and other booth accessories.

We also have trade show shipping containers with wheels to allow for easy maneuvering. These designs feature easy-grip molded handles.

All of the trade show case options offered here are made with quality materials that are durable and built to withstand years of use. Most of our cases are made in the USA. All are rugged, as lightweight as possible, and designed for durability.

Choose from wood or plastic outer shells, as well as shipping containers with or without foam lining. Exhibitors can also purchase the Expand Podium shipping case, which converts to a portable presentation stand for use within your booth. This convertible shipping container comes with custom graphics to help advertise your brand.

Shipping Case for Interlocking Floor Tiles

Have floor tiles you have to transport to and from trade show events? It becomes much easier and more convenient to do so when you have the right shipping case. You can choose the size you need and find wheels and handles for easy maneuvering of the case. However, keep in mind that some of our shipping cases for interlocking floor tiles are not FedEx or UPS shippable.

Trade Show Shipping Containers and Their Features

When choosing the right trade show shipping containers for your equipment, you want to consider the many features to choose from.

Trade Show Cases with Wheels

Shipping cases outfitted with inline wheels make it much easier and more convenient to transport your displays and equipment. Most of the cases are equipped with wheels, depending on the size of the case.

Plastic Shipping Cases

A plastic shipping case is a good choice because they are durable and reusable and can safeguard some of your most delicate and vulnerable trade show items, such as your rolled graphics or display hardware. They are also ideal for transporting banner stands, accessories, and other full display systems.

An OCB-2 Case, for example, can fit one premium or three smaller banner stands per case. The cases are made from all recyclable materials, come in variable heights, and have protective foam padding to keep the contents safe and secure.

Larger Shipping Containers

Trade Show Shipping Cases 2

Larger reusable shipping containers or tubs are good for holding a ton of trade show accessories and equipment. Many come with caster wheels for easy transport and maneuverability. They are also typically considered general purpose shipping containers and are often made of molded plastic and can hold and protect your exhibit panels and other accessories and equipment.

buckles and straps for shipping cases

Buckles and Straps

Some smaller cases are outfitted with buckles and straps that are perfect for transporting and storing your panels, graphics, and anything else that needs to be packed flat. They have a molded end panel design and adds strength without any steel corners. You can find custom lengths and depths and also built-in wheels. The customization options make it much easier to find exactly what you need.

Trade Show Shipping Container FAQ

Still have questions about how to find the right trade show shipping containers?

What are the benefits of trade show booth shipping containers?

Trade show shipping containers are incredibly versatile and functional. They make it easier to transport and ship your graphic panels, equipment, and other accessories to and from trade show events and offer you a lot in the way of durability and security.

Should you integrate a shipping container into your trade show display?

If you want to ensure that your trade show exhibit remains consistent with the rest of the marketing you are employing at the trade show, then it does make sense to integrate a shipping container into your trade show display if you have used it before. The container can go a long way in reinforcing your brand message. It is also a fully customizable, functional, and cost-effective way to create a more stunning display that fits within your budget.

Should you choose a standard-sized shipping container or a custom size?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors. For example, do you need the shipping container for on-site storage, or do you need a more custom solution? What kind of equipment do you need to put into the containers? Will you need a protective liner if you will be shipping graphic panels?

Consider your needs and what you need the shipping containers to hold, and that will help you determine if you can go with a standard size or if you will need to customize the shipping cases.