Trade Show Display Case – What It Is And Why You Need One

You can’t bring enough attention to the products you’re bringing to the public at a trade show if you’re not displaying them properly.

You don’t want them to get completely ignored! A trade show display case helps you to better organize your goods so they have the most effect on the public.

How versatile are display cases? These cases come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles so that you can customize your trade show booth to reflect your company and products.

With this in mind, let’s explore what you need to know about display cases. We’ll look at the different types of display cases and how to properly set them up to showcase your products. 

What Types Of Trade Show Display Cases Are There? 

You can find a variety of trade show display cases to suit your booth. These include the following:

Shelf Case Displays

Shelf Case Displays

These are display cases that are in the form of a shelf. They’re great for use in a small booth as they free up valuable floor space. 

You can also find ones with special features, such as LED lights to bring attention to your products, and safety locks.

Tabletop Display Cases

As their name suggests, these display cases are stored on tables so that they’re immediately visible and eye-catching to people who enter your booth. They are usually portable.

They’re convenient because you place them open on a table when displaying your products and then merely close them when you’re packing up your booth at the end of the day.

Revolving Display Cases

This type of display case is great for storing company brochures and other items as it revolves. It’s a useful display case for people who want to help themselves to your marketing material. 

Revolving display cases can be useful for displaying a variety of items while staying out of the way so you don’t waste table or counter space.  

Tower Displays

Tower Displays

Similar to shelf case displays, tower displays have shelves but they’re tall and sleek. Some of these display cases are collapsible for easier transportation. 

You can also find display pedestals that enable you to showcase your products while giving you the chance to place branding around the tower display case to grab people’s attention.

Wall-Mounted Showcases

Another type of display case that saves valuable floor space in your booth is wall-mounted showcases.

These come in the form of wall-mounted grids which enable you to include products or prototypes on a graphic backdrop. You can also store promotional giveaway products on these display cases. 

Since they’re on the wall, they attract more attention. The great thing about wall-mounted showcase displays is that they can be positioned at eye level for increased impact.

What Materials Are Trade Show Display Cases Made Out Of?

What Materials Are Trade Show Display Cases Made Out Of?

Trade show display cases are typically made out of plastic, glass, and acrylic, but they can also be made out of wood and metal.

You want to ensure that you choose display cases in materials that work with the color scheme and style of your trade show booth.

For example, if you have a modern setup, acrylic or glass display cases work well.

By comparison, if you’ve set up a vintage jewelry booth, display cases that are made out of materials such as wood or metal will work with the overall style of your trade show booth. 

What About Display Case Lighting? 

What About Display Case Lighting? 

Some display cases come with in-built LED lighting.

This is a valuable element of displaying your products at a trade show because the lights will bring your products to people’s attention much more while also bringing your entire booth to life.

There are different display case lighting options to consider, such as spot lighting that’s used to highlight specific products and backlighting that works well for generalized lighting. 

What About Shipping Cases? 

What About Shipping Cases? 

There are also large shipping cases that you can purchase. These work well to store your products, and sometimes they can also be used to display your products in your trade show booth.

These large shipping cases are strong and large enough to accommodate huge items, such as your flat-screen monitors and graphics that you want to protect.

They are usually designed with many features to make them easy to carry around, such as foam padding, carry straps, grip handles, as well as built-in wheels. 

You can also find shipping cases that double up as displays for your products as well as graphics.

An example is the Expand Case-Counter, which is a shipping case when closed but can be converted into a podium display when opened.

You can wrap your graphics around the hard case when using it as a podium in your trade show booth.

When you’re done with the trade show, you can easily pack the case with your materials and products without needing an extra case for storage.

What To Look For In A Shipping Case

When shopping for shipping cases, there are some features to look for. These include the following:

  • Straps. Some shipping cases have straps included in their design so that they can be transported easier. These are especially useful if you have to transport items that need to be packed flat. 
  • Wheels. Having shipping cases with wheels is useful, especially if the case is large. This makes it easier to move it around and transport it. 
  • Product suitability. There are a variety of shipping cases available that are suitable for specific items, such as a case that’s meant for storing lighting and accessories, and cases for storing graphics. Make sure you choose a case that will provide you with the correct type of storage depending on the products you need to protect.

Tips For Setting Up Trade Show Display Cases

Tips For Setting Up Trade Show Display Cases

To make sure that your display cases work effectively, there are some tips to follow.

  • Place products at eye level. One of the most effective ways of displaying products in a display case is to set them up at eye level so they’re instantly noticeable when people approach your booth. If your products are too high or low, people will be less likely to notice them.
  • Limit the number of products. When setting up your products in a display case, make sure you don’t put too many. This can make them less noticeable, plus it creates confusion and clutter, both of which can be off-putting to people. Also, remember that when you provide people with fewer options, you make it easier for them to choose one. 
  • Consider the size of the display shelf. If your product is too large for your display shelf, this can make your shelves look too busy and crowded. Keep everything in proportion so it looks professional.
  • Highlight small products. To make smaller products get more attention, use large graphics to highlight them. An example is to use graphics to show people how to use the products.
  • Arrange display cases according to product size. If you have a variety of product sizes in the same display case, a good tip is to place large items at the back and smaller items in the front. This makes them all easier to see while providing an organized arrangement so the display doesn’t look cluttered.
  • Place bigger products on the floor. The floor is a good spot for displaying very large items because they are heavy. To bring attention to them, you can use a hanging sign.
  • Mount some items onto the wall. You can mount a variety of products that come in small or large sizes. Be sure to mount them in arrangements so that they don’t look cluttered. 

Related Questions

Can you rent display cases?

Can you rent display cases?

You can rent display cases instead of having to purchase them. This is especially beneficial if you don’t attend trade shows regularly.  

Why are some shipping cases round?

Some shipping cases are round and tall so that you can store graphics properly in them and protect them during their transportation.


You need display cases for your trade show booth as these will help you to better display your products.

Choosing the right type of display case depends on the product you want to display and how much space you have in your booth.

In this article, we’ve looked at trade show display cases as well as shipping cases that will enable you to better display and store your valuable graphics and products.