Cleantech Forum North America 2024: A Glimpse into Sustainable Innovation

Cleantech Forum North America is a premier industry event that serves as a gathering hub for innovators, investors, and industry leaders within the cleantech sector. This annual forum has established itself as a pivotal space where the latest generation of startups connects with potential investors and corporate partners eager to explore new technologies that address sustainability challenges. The event is lauded for its ability to foster meaningful partnerships and offer insights into emerging market trends and innovations that are poised to shape a greener future.

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The forum’s agenda is meticulously crafted to include a variety of sessions that cover a broad spectrum of cleantech topics, ranging from energy and power to advanced materials and green transportation. Participants attending the event benefit from valuable networking opportunities, in-depth industry-specific discussions, and the chance to witness or participate in exclusive keynote sessions. These elements combined make Cleantech Forum North America an essential date on the cleantech industry calendar, offering attendees a comprehensive look at the cleantech landscape.

Key Takeaways

  • The event serves as a critical platform for startup-corporate-investor collaboration in the cleantech industry.
  • It provides an avenue for participants to gain insights into new market trends and sustainable technological innovations.
  • Attendees can expect valuable networking with a multitude of sessions designed to catalyze partnerships and growth.

Cleantech Forum Overview

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The annual Cleantech Forum North America is a pivotal event that gathers key players and innovators in the sustainable technology ecosystem. It focuses on the latest trends and strategies within the renewable energy and cleantech sectors, primarily serving the U.S market while drawing global interest.

Event Structure

Cleantech Forum North America is structured as a multi-day conference offering several opportunities for networking, learning, and deal-making. The event typically spans three days, with specific agendas catered to encourage in-depth discussions, presentations, and collaborations among attendees. The 2024 Cleantech Forum is scheduled to take place in San Diego, CA, from January 22-24, signaling a new chapter and location for the renowned conference. Participation is often kept at a cap to maintain high interaction quality and ensure effective networking.

Key Objectives

The key objectives of Cleantech Forum North America are to promote innovation in sustainable technologies, foster connections between investors and emerging companies, and provide insight into industry trends. A central theme is the strategic advancement of renewable energy initiatives and their role in North America’s energy future. The conference seeks to highlight the listed Global Cleantech 100 companies, signifying the top innovators in the cleantech space. By uniting different stakeholders, the Forum aims to bolster a collaborative environment that supports a greener, more viable future.

Venue and Date Details

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The 2024 Cleantech Forum North America is scheduled to take place in the vibrant city of San Diego. Specifically, the event will be hosted at the San Diego Mission Bay Resort, a venue known for its picturesque waterfront location and ample facilities for conferences and gatherings.

Dates of the Event:

  • Start: January 22, 2024
  • End: January 24, 2024

Participants will have the opportunity to engage with leaders in the cleantech industry over the course of three days. The dates have been chosen to provide ample time for networking, presentations, and strategic deal-making.

Venue Information:

  • Name: San Diego Mission Bay Resort
  • Address: 1775 East Mission Bay Drive, San Diego, CA 92109, United States

Delegates attending the forum can expect to participate in sessions that deliver insights into the latest trends and innovations driving the cleantech ecosystem forward. The choice of San Diego as the host city reflects its growing reputation as a hub for sustainable innovation.

Attendees are encouraged to register in advance to secure their participation in this significant event. Additionally, Cleantech San Diego members may be eligible for registration discounts, lending an added benefit to local members of the cleantech community.

Registration Process

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Interested parties looking to attend the Cleantech Forum North America can begin the registration process online. The process is straightforward and requires attendees to follow a series of steps to secure their participation.

Firstly, attendees must visit the registration page to start the process. The registration involves multiple stages:

  • 1. Begin Registration: Click the ‘Begin Registration’ button to initiate the process.
  • 2. Attendee Information: Input personal and contact details.
  • 3. Company Information: Provide relevant information about the attendee’s company.
  • 4. Sector Information: Select the sector that best represents the company’s focus within the cleantech industry.
  • 5. Questions: Answer any additional questions that may help the organizers tailor the experience.
  • 6. Additional People: Add details for any additional attendees from the same company.
  • 7. Confirmation: Review all provided information, make any necessary edits, and confirm the registration.

Regarding ticket sales, as noted in the forum’s announcement, registration is nearing capacity with 90% of tickets sold. It’s important to act quickly to secure attendance. Innovators outside the U.S. should note that ticket sales are exclusive to those from 2024 Global Cleantech 100 companies, with any other registrations being subject to cancellation and refund.

There are different category types for tickets, including options for U.S. based innovators and for members of the 2024 Global Cleantech 100. Each category comes with its own set of benefits and access privileges, which can be reviewed during the registration process.

To complete the registration, payment will be required. It should be noted that in the event of cancellation, the organizers have outlined a refund policy which attendees are advised to review before committing.

Participants and Networking

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The Cleantech Forum North America is a premier event that capacitates robust networking among a wide range of attendees, fostering valuable interactions within the cleantech industry. Limited to 500 participants, the forum ensures an environment conducive to meaningful discussions and partnerships.

Diverse Attendee Profiles

Innovators, ranging from start-ups to scale-ups, form the backbone of the forum, bringing fresh and transformative ideas to the table. They are joined by investors looking to finance the next big thing in cleantech, and corporates seeking strategic alliances. Entrepreneurs from across the cleantech spectrum add to the diversity, creating a melting pot of ideas and potential ventures.

Opportunities for Interaction

Organized networking events are specifically designed to foster interaction between attendees. From one-to-one meetings to group discussions, participants have ample opportunities to share insights, pitch ideas, and build relationships. Registration limitations ensure that each attendee can engage intimately with potential partners, investors, and industry peers, driving forward the mission of the cleantech community.

Program Highlights

The Cleantech Forum North America offers attendees a robust program filled with insights from leading experts, hands-on learning experiences, and a glimpse into the latest innovations. Below are key aspects of the program.

Renowned Speakers

The forum features a lineup of prominent figures from the cleantech space, including industry advisors and thought leaders. They provide valuable insights and content on emerging trends and technologies. Participants will hear from high-caliber speakers that are shaping the future of clean technology.

In-depth Workshops

During the forum, interactive workshops offer attendees the opportunity to engage directly with cleantech experts and practitioners. These sessions are designed to foster skills and knowledge in various aspects of the cleantech industry, from investment strategies to operationalizing sustainability.

Innovation Showcases

The Cleantech Forum North America is a platform for groundbreaking companies to showcase their innovations in clean technology. These showcases highlight the latest breakthroughs and offer a chance for startups and established companies to present their work to potential investors and collaborators.

Investment Landscape

The Investment Landscape at the Cleantech Forum North America provides a comprehensive stage for various entities to engage in discussions regarding clean technology financing and to explore promising investment opportunities within the startup ecosystem.

Panel Discussions on Financing

In panel discussions, investment teams and venture capitalists (VCs) tackle the nuances of financing in the cleantech sector. They focus on structuring deals that are beneficial for all parties involved, including limited partners (LPs) and general partners (GPs). With critical insights, these sessions unveil modern strategies for successful co-investment partnerships and innovative financing models.

Startup Investment Opportunities

Startup investment opportunities are a central theme at the Forum, attracting a diverse group of attendees, from VCs to angel investors. Emerging cleantech startups present their cutting-edge solutions, vying for investments that can catalyze growth. With a cap of 500 participants, the forum enables intimate settings where co-investors and new enterprises can form impactful connections, promising mutual advancement within the cleantech space.

Innovation and Market Trends

In the dynamic landscape of cleantech, innovation is continuously reshaping the market, with sustainable innovation at the forefront. Companies are increasingly committing to net zero targets, driving a surge in research-led advancements in various sectors.

Energy remains a central element, evolving with inventions aimed at efficiency and reduced emissions. Entrepreneurs and established companies alike are unveiling business models focused on renewable solutions, digitalization of energy systems, and intelligent resource management. The move toward de-carbonization has energized the market, catalyzing novel technologies that address growing environmental concerns.

Innovation companies are pivotal, turning cutting-edge research into viable products and services. Breakthroughs in energy storage, smart grids, and alternative fuels are being accelerated by these pioneers, seeking to lay the foundation for a cleaner future.

The theme of trends signifies more than fleeting popularity; it signals significant shifts in industry practices. Data-driven insights are informing the direction of these companies, ensuring that decisions are aligned with both consumer demand and sustainability goals.

  • Market Trends:
    • Growth in renewable energy solutions
    • Emergence of AI and IoT in energy management
    • Rise of electric mobility
    • Shift towards decentralized energy systems

With each forum, like the one hosted in San Diego, stakeholders collaborate to echo the importance of a research-led agenda that supports these market trends. They draw on the collective intelligence to power a future where innovation and market viability are intrinsic to achieving a sustainable world.

Industry-Specific Sessions

The Cleantech Forum North America consistently features focused sessions that tackle the most pressing issues across various sectors, providing insights into energy and infrastructure advancement, healthcare and bioengineering innovations, as well as sustainable agricultural practices and food systems development. These sessions engage stakeholders in discourse aimed at driving the cleantech ecosystem forward through collaborative action and technological breakthroughs.

Energy and Infrastructure

Energy Innovation:
The energy sector’s sessions shed light on the latest technological advancements, spotlighting breakthroughs that aim to increase the efficiency and sustainability of energy production and distribution. Topics include the integration of renewable energy sources and the development of intelligent infrastructure to ensure security and resilience.

Panels and presentations in this subsection delve into the modernization of infrastructure with a strong emphasis on incorporating sustainable practices. Discussions pivot around innovative materials and designs that reduce environmental impact while enhancing society’s foundational facilities and systems.

Healthcare and Bioengineering

These sessions underscore the role of cleantech in healthcare, exploring how cutting-edge technologies are revolutionizing patient care, medical procedures, and the management of health-related data. The focus is on how innovative tools can lead to better health outcomes and more secure healthcare systems.

The forum’s bioengineering segment addresses how the field is contributing to sustainability, emphasizing developments in genetic engineering, synthetic biology, and bioprocesses—all designed to ameliorate environmental challenges and offer new paths in medical treatment and pharmaceuticals.

Agriculture and Food Systems

Dedicated discussions on agriculture highlight the adaptation of new technologies and sustainable methods that increase crop yield while minimizing environmental footprints. This includes exploring the nexus of cleantech with agricultural practices to ensure food security and the efficient use of resources.

Food Systems:
The food systems discourse during the sessions emphasizes the importance of innovation in the journey from farm to table. Emphasis is placed on sustainable food production, supply-chain improvements, and novel food tech that works to alleviate the pressure on natural resources while meeting the global food demand.

Networking and Partnerships

Networking and partnerships stand at the forefront of the 2024 Cleantech Forum North America. This prestigious event paves the way for engaging dialogues and robust collaborations between U.S. innovation companies, corporate executives, and partners from various sectors.

Facilitating Corporate Connections

The Forum specializes in cultivating a space where corporate executives can engage directly with trailblazing U.S. innovation companies. Structured networking opportunities are a central feature, enabling attendees to forge connections that may evolve into powerful partnerships. Through pre-scheduled meetings and curated sessions, stakeholders establish critical links that fuel the cleantech ecosystem’s growth.

Collaboration with Research Institutions

Collaboration with top-tier research institutions like MIT imbues the event with a research-led agenda. These institutions bring the latest scientific advancements to the table, fostering an environment where theoretical insights translate into practical, market-ready solutions. Participants not only access cutting-edge research but also find potential pathways to partner with these bastions of innovation.

Sponsorship and Exhibiting

Companies and organizations have the opportunity to gain strategic visibility in the cleantech industry through sponsorship and exhibiting at the Cleantech Forum North America. Encouraging sustainability and innovation, these sponsorships allow businesses to align themselves with environmental forward-thinking and demonstrate leadership in the emerging green economy.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • SoCalGas: Companies like SoCalGas can amplify their commitment to sustainability by sponsoring key events where their influence and dedication to a cleaner future are on prominent display.
  • Cargill: Engaging in sponsorship not only positions Cargill as a stakeholder in cleantech but also underlines its dedication to sustainable practices in agribusiness and beyond.

Benefits of Sponsoring:

  • Strategic branding to a targeted professional audience
  • Enhanced corporate image through association with innovation and sustainability
  • Networking access with industry leaders, decision-makers, and potential partners

Exhibiting Details:

Exhibitors have a platform to showcase their innovative technologies and services, directly interacting with investors and potential customers. It is a unique space to demonstrate products, especially for companies like TD Securities, which can highlight its support for sustainable financial solutions.

Exhibit Presentation:

  • Space for tailored booths
  • Opportunities for product demonstrations
  • Direct engagement with attendees

In essence, sponsoring and exhibiting at the Cleantech Forum offer an unrivaled opportunity for companies to be recognized as key players in the vanguard of cleantech and demonstrate their commitment to sustainable development. It fosters a milieu for sharing ideas, spurring investment, and driving innovation toward a greener future.

Awards and Recognitions

The Cleantech Forum North America consistently serves as a platform for prestigious awards within the cleantech industry. Annually, it hosts the Global Cleantech 100 Awards, an authoritative list spotlighting the top companies making significant strides towards a sustainable future.

  • Company of the Year: This coveted honor is awarded to standout companies leading in innovation and market position.
  • Rising Star of the Year: Recognizes emerging companies poised to make a substantial impact in the sector.

During the events, an Awards Banquet takes place, celebrating the winners in various categories. These categories not only include the forerunners but also the geographic stars that are influencing the cleantech landscape in different regions.

The recipients, chosen for their pioneering technologies and groundbreaking solutions, reflect the Cleantech Group’s commitment to advancing the industry. They represent entities expected to move from commitments to tangible actions in the pursuit of net-zero goals.

In the past, companies have been acknowledged for technologies that significantly reduce carbon emissions across diverse industries. For instance, Boston Metal was awarded due to its Molten Oxide Electrolysis (MOE) technology, which aims to lower carbon emissions in steel production.

The forum not only illuminates current successes but also sets the stage for future innovations, driving the cleantech ecosystem forward.

Practical Information

The Cleantech Forum North America offers valuable opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing in the cleantech industry. Attendees are encouraged to ensure their experience is optimized by securing suitable accommodation and acquainting themselves with the local amenities.


Hotel: Prospective attendees should consider booking their stay at San Diego Mission Bay Resort — the official venue for the 2024 Cleantech Forum North America. The hotel offers convenience and a range of services that can contribute to an optimized event experience.

  • Booking: It is advisable to book as early as possible since the event caps its participants to maintain a high quality of interaction.

Local Amenities

Website: Attendees can visit the San Diego Mission Bay Resort’s website for a comprehensive list of amenities. They will find various options to satisfy dining, entertainment, and last-minute business needs.

  • Amenities: The hotel amenities such as on-site dining, business centers, and fitness facilities ensure guests can maintain their routines without disruption. Nearby, one can also find additional dining options, shopping centers, and leisure activities to enjoy during downtime.

After Event Engagement

Engaging with the community post-event is crucial in the realm of sustainable technology and innovation. Attendees of the 2024 Cleantech Forum North America often look for ways to continue the conversation beyond the main event. Key strategies include:

  • Content Sharing: Presentations and discussions from the forum are typically recorded and shared with participants. This allows for a review of the material and the dissemination of knowledge to a broader audience.
  • Follow-up Meetings: Individuals are encouraged to arrange follow-up discussions with new contacts. This proactive approach fosters long-term relationships and collaborations.
  • Online Communities: Dedicated online platforms or groups may be established to facilitate ongoing interaction. They serve as a digital space for continued networking and sharing of sustainable practices.
  • Surveys and Feedback: Organizers often request feedback through surveys to measure the forum’s impact and to improve future events.
Engagement Approach Purpose
Content Sharing Disseminate key takeaways and insights
Follow-up Meetings Strengthen partnerships and collaborations
Online Communities Maintain a network for support and knowledge exchange
Surveys and Feedback Enhance event quality and community satisfaction

These methods ensure that the momentum generated during the forum is not lost, but rather channeled into tangible interactions and partnerships that advance cleantech innovation. They support a robust post-event engagement strategy that maximizes the benefits for all stakeholders involved.

Ethics and Sustainability Focus

The landscape of Cleantech in North America is increasingly intertwining the concepts of ethics and sustainability. Stakeholders are emphasizing the importance of incorporating ethical considerations into sustainable practices. Companies at the forefront of this movement are exploring the use of cyclic materials to reduce waste and create more sustainable products.

Greenhouse gas emissions remain a critical focus, with innovative technologies being developed to minimize the environmental footprint of industry. Ethical considerations come into play as these companies also strive to maintain ecosystem integrity, ensuring that business growth does not come at the expense of environmental health.

The emergence of specialized investment vehicles, such as the Ecosystem Integrity Fund, showcases a commitment to supporting initiatives that pair sustainability with ethical business practices. These funds often seek to back projects that not only have a positive environmental impact but also adhere to high ethical standards.

Below is a list of core principles that guide the Ethics and Sustainability focus:

  • Ethical sourcing of cyclic materials
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Preservation of ecosystem integrity
  • Responsible investment, exemplified by the Ecosystem Integrity Fund

This combination of sustainability with an ethical framework is setting the stage for a more responsible approach to technology and business within the cleantech sector. It ensures that progress in clean technologies goes hand in hand with social and environmental responsibility.

Sponsor and Partner Opportunities

Cleantech Forum North America offers unique opportunities for various entities to engage with industry leaders through strategic partnerships and exhibition spaces. These opportunities are designed to facilitate collaboration and networking between investors, startups, service firms, and government entities, providing sponsors and partners with unparalleled access to the cleantech community.

Strategic Partnerships

Businesses, including consulting firms, law firms, and advisory firms, can establish themselves as thought leaders in the cleantech sector through strategic partnerships with the Cleantech Forum. By becoming a partner, they gain the ability to co-create content, gain speaking opportunities, and interact with key stakeholders.

  • Consulting and Advisory Firms: Leverage partnership to provide expertise and insights.
  • Law Firms: Connect with potential clients and showcase specialized legal services.

Exhibition Space

Exhibition space at the forum presents a valuable platform for service firms and providers to showcase their innovations and services.

  • Technology Service Providers: Demonstrate cutting-edge solutions.
  • Family Offices and CVC Functions: Initiate conversations on funding and collaboration.
  • Government and Non-Profit Organizations: Exhibit initiatives and opportunities to a relevant audience.

Regional and Global Impact

The Cleantech Forum North America has been a pivotal event in driving sustainable innovation both regionally in California and globally. It connects influential stakeholders from scale-ups to established industry leaders, facilitating the exchange of ideas and fostering collaborative efforts towards environmental sustainability.

In terms of regional impact, California’s commitment to clean technology and sustainable practices serves as an incubator for these innovations. The forum, set in San Diego in 2024, is expected to continue this trend, providing a fertile ground for emerging companies and pioneers in the field.

Globally, the forum’s influence extends to other pivotal regions, such as Asia. Here, the Cleantech Forum Asia underscores the importance of cross-continental collaboration in tackling environmental challenges. This global interconnectedness ensures that innovations are not siloed but rather shared and scaled to maximize impact.

The forum often showcases influential entities like the Global Cleantech 100, which lists the most promising private clean technology companies worldwide. Firms such as AP Ventures and Generation Investment Management, known for their strategic investments, play a crucial role in fueling growth and expansion of green technologies.

Another notable contributor to the global cleantech landscape is Engie, a company at the forefront of energy transition. Their involvement in the forum highlights the importance of large-scale utility providers in embracing renewable energy.

Furthermore, innovation hubs like Mars Discovery District in Toronto and initiatives out of Edinburgh demonstrate that the forum’s impact resonates across different continents, influencing cleantech ecosystems far beyond North America.

Technological Innovations

The Cleantech Forum North America spotlights an array of advancements within the sphere of cleantech, emphasizing technologies that intertwine chemical engineering with sustainable energy solutions. At the heart of the forum, lithium-ion batteries represent a key innovation, showcasing enhancements in both energy capacity and efficiency. These batteries serve as foundational components for a variety of applications, from mobile devices to electric vehicles, propelling the industry toward a greener future.

Cleantech extends beyond energy storage, delving into the sectors of infrastructure and power grids. Companies like Corinex focus on the modernization of electrical grids, integrating advanced communication systems that enhance efficiency and reliability. Innovations in smart grid technology play a crucial part in managing the distribution of renewable energy, shaping a resilient power infrastructure.

Infinium’s cutting-edge chemical engineering techniques are poised to revolutionize the production of carbon-neutral fuels. By leveraging renewable energy sources, Infinium contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of transport and industry sectors, promulgating the forum’s commitment to innovation.

The innovation ecosystem that converges during the forum consists of industry leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs. They collectively drive progress in cleantech, fostering a collaborative environment wherein breakthroughs in energy technology not only flourish but also rapidly progress toward commercialization. This collective endeavor ensures that innovations remain conducive to sustainable practices, essential for meeting the mounting challenges of global energy demands.

Pricing and Discounts

Attendees interested in the Cleantech Forum North America can expect to encounter varying ticket prices that are reflective of the value provided by this prestigious event.

Early Bird Registration typically offers the most significant savings for those who plan ahead. Prospective participants are advised to monitor the official forum website to take advantage of these discounts before they expire.

The standard ticket sales structure is as follows:

  • Innovators: Pricing for innovators indicates a specialized rate, although restrictions apply. For example, innovations outside the U.S. are eligible only if they are part of the 2024 Global Cleantech 100 company.
  • General Admission: This tier is available for other stakeholders in the cleantech industry, including investors and corporate representatives.

Group Discounts may be available, promoting collective attendance from an organization. Attendees should inquire directly with the event organizers to understand the eligibility criteria for these discounts.

The organizers have, on occasion, halted sales for certain categories, indicating a demand-driven pricing model. For the most updated information on such changes, refer to the Begin Registration: Cleantech Forum North America 2024.

Below is an example of how pricing tiers might be arranged:

Ticket Type Early Bird Price Regular Price
Innovators $1,xxx.xx $1,xxx.xx
General Admission $1,xxx.xx $2,xxx.xx

Note: All prices are subject to change. The table above is illustrative and may not reflect current pricing.

Participants are highly encouraged to secure their spot promptly as events like the 2024 Cleantech Forum North America become quickly filled, with registration sometimes reaching 90% capacity well in advance.

Participant Testimonials

Participants at the Cleantech Forum North America often reflect on the value of connecting with investors, peers, and industry leaders. They have shared positive feedback regarding the quality of interactions and the opportunities to engage with scale-ups and new partners in the cleantech space. Here are selected testimonials segmented by different attendee perspectives:

Entrepreneurs and Start-ups:

  • A sense of community: “The Forum provided an unparalleled platform to meet like-minded individuals driving innovation in the cleantech sector.”
  • Access to capital: “As a start-up, the access to seasoned investors who are willing to provide both capital and guidance was invaluable.”


  • Discovering innovation: “Each year, the Forum impresses with its curation of high-quality scale-ups showcasing groundbreaking technology.”
  • Network strength: “The number and variety of participants make it a must-attend event to broaden our investment portfolio.”


  • Strategic partnerships: “It was the perfect environment to form strategic alliances with emergent cleantech enterprises.”
  • Market insights: “The quality of the content and discussions offered rich insights into the future of sustainability and renewable technologies.”

The testimonials collected from these attendees underscore the Forum’s impact on fostering growth and collaboration within the cleantech industry, reflecting its commitment to shaping a sustainable future.

Keynote Sessions

The Cleantech Forum North America annually curates a selection of keynote sessions that deliver insights into the latest trends and forecasts in the cleantech sector. These sessions feature leading experts who share their knowledge on various topics, from innovative technologies to sustainability strategies.

  • Content Focus: Keynotes typically cover groundbreaking content, ranging from industry-wide analyses to case studies of successful cleantech ventures. Attendees can expect to hear about new business models, technological breakthroughs, and market dynamics driving the cleantech industry.
  • Industry Experts: The speakers at these sessions are esteemed professionals known for their expertise in the field. They often include successful entrepreneurs, seasoned investors, policy advocates, and researchers at the forefront of cleantech innovation.
  • Interactive Experience: Beyond just presentations, keynote sessions encourage audience engagement. The interactive format promotes connectivity between attendees and speakers, fostering a collaborative environment for knowledge exchange.

The forum prides itself on its ability to host a diverse array of topics tailored to the interests and advancements relevant to the North American cleantech ecosystem. The 2024 San Diego event promises to continue this tradition, creating a dynamic space for dialogue and idea generation.

List of Potential Keynote Themes for 2024:

  1. Innovative Energy Solutions
  2. Sustainable Urban Development
  3. Cleantech Investment Trends
  4. Climate Change Mitigation
  5. Advances in Circular Economy

Through these keynotes, attendees have the unique opportunity to gain foresight into the cleantech industry’s future and learn from the experiences of those who are leading the way.

Pre-Event Information

The 2024 Cleantech Forum North America is poised for its next chapter in San Diego. Industry leaders and innovators gather on January 22-24, leveraging the event to explore the latest trends and form strategic relationships within the clean technology sector.

Event Location and Dates

  • Venue: San Diego Mission Bay Resort
  • Dates: January 22-24, 2024

The conference caps participation at 500 to ensure quality interactions. It is designed for:

  • Start-ups
  • Investors
  • Corporate representatives

The event serves as a bedrock for deal-making and insights into eco-innovation, while fostering a community dedicated to the technological advancements in the sector.

Participants engage in a variety of sessions centered around the latest in cleantech, with a keen focus on driving the industry towards a net-zero future.

To attend, participants can register through the event’s official website. Cleantech San Diego members are eligible for a discount using a code.

The forum’s layout and agenda are meticulously designed to spark collaboration and knowledge spreading. Attendees should expect a robust itinerary, packed with keynotes, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, all aimed at propelling the cleantech community forward.

Concluding Remarks

Cleantech Forums have long stood as pivotal gatherings for sustainable innovation, offering attendees a rich platform for collaboration. They underscore the dynamic nature of the cleantech industry and its drive toward a more sustainable future.

In each session, thought leaders bring to the table cutting-edge ideas and technologies that are pivotal to the cleantech sector’s growth. The exchange of these insights fosters an environment conducive to innovation and may lend itself to groundbreaking collaborations.

As the event wraps up, participants often reflect on the diverse connections made — from start-ups to investors, and corporates eager to partner with innovators. These relationships are key, as they can lead to co-investments and provide the support structures necessary for emerging companies to thrive.

The past iterations of the forum have seen a capped attendance — a testament to the forum’s exclusive nature and the high-caliber networking opportunities it presents. A prime example is the 2024 Cleantech Forum North America, which once again promises to be an intimate environment for fostering strategic partnerships.

Their focus is not merely on the immediate transactions or networking opportunities but on laying the groundwork for long-term collaborative efforts focused on sustainability. This event serves as a catalyst for tangible progress in the cleantech sector, encapsulating the essence of forward-thinking and eco-centric progress.

Becoming an Exhibitor

Exhibitors at the Cleantech Forum North America can expect a platform that showcases their innovations to a host of potential partners, investors, and peers. Aspiring exhibitors should note the importance of early preparation to secure a spot, as the event offers limited space.

Registration Details:

  • Opening Date: Registration typically opens several months in advance.
  • Space Assignment: On a first-come, first-served basis.

Benefits of Exhibiting:

  • Visibility: Amplify your company’s presence in the cleantech sector.
  • Networking: Engage with industry leaders and potential business partners.
  • Innovation Showcase: Present your breakthrough technologies.


  • Companies must comply with the event’s guidelines.
  • International innovators must be part of the 2024 Global Cleantech 100 company list.

How to Apply:

Cleantech Forum North America prioritizes a diverse range of exhibitors, offering a dynamic environment for attendees and participants. Exhibitors play a crucial role in the success of the forum, providing a tangible look at the future of cleantech.

Public Sector Participation

The participation of the public sector in the Cleantech Forum North America is significant for fostering partnerships and strengthening connections within the climate technology ecosystem. Governments play a pivotal role in addressing the climate crisis by supporting the development and deployment of clean technologies.

Public sector entities are typically involved in various capacities, such as:

  • Policy Makers: They discuss regulatory frameworks and incentives that can accelerate cleantech innovation.
  • Federal and State Agencies: Engage in networking to facilitate collaboration with cleantech companies and private sector partners.
  • International Delegations: Share global perspectives on cleantech advancement and form international partnerships.

The event serves as a conduit for public-private partnerships, with emphasis on how government initiatives can support and often catalyze cleantech ventures. It illustrates the importance that entities place on integrating innovative environmental solutions with market-driven approaches.

Participation of the public sector in forums like the Cleantech Forum North America also reflects a commitment to transitional strategies aimed at sustainability and climate change mitigation. Entities gather to glean insights from the industry, leverage connections, and potentially secure deals that align with public policy goals and the broader vision of a sustainable future.

Public Sector Role Objective
Policy Advocacy To promote policies beneficial to the cleantech industry
Funding and Grants To provide financial support for cutting-edge cleantech developments
Research and Collaboration To partner with private firms for sustainable innovation

In these engagements, the public sector acts as both a catalyst and a beneficiary, gaining access to the latest clean technologies while supporting the sector’s growth through insightful legislation and funding mechanisms.

Service Firms Involvement

Service firms play a pivotal role in the success of cleantech events such as the 2024 Cleantech Forum North America. They bridge the gap between innovative clean technology startups and large industrial corporations by offering expert consulting, financial services, and market analysis. Their involvement is crucial in a number of ways:

  • Networking facilitation: Service firms provide platforms for a variety of stakeholders within the cleantech sector to connect and engage in dialogue. Events such as these serve as fertile ground for networking opportunities, allowing service providers to broker relationships between entrepreneurs and established industry players.
  • Expertise and insights:
    • Financial advisors and consultants offer actionable insights into market trends and investment opportunities.
    • Legal firms specialize in intellectual property and regulatory compliance, safeguarding the interests of all parties involved.
  • Support for scaling technologies: Helping startups to navigate the challenges of scaling up, service firms offer strategic advice and can connect emerging companies with the necessary resources and industrial partners.

They host workshops and panels, providing attendees with the latest information on technological advancements, market dynamics, and regulatory frameworks. Here are some ways in which service firms contribute:

Contribution Description
Advisory Services They offer tailored guidance to align cleantech innovations with market needs and investor interests.
Market Analysis With in-depth research, they empower participants with knowledge of global and regional markets.
Legal and Compliance Providers ensure that cleantech products meet stringent environmental and safety standards.

Through these initiatives, service firms are integral in fostering a supportive ecosystem for cleantech development.

Family Office and CVCs

Family Offices and Corporate Venture Capitals (CVCs) have become integral to the innovation ecosystem, particularly within the Clean Technology sector. At events like the Cleantech Forum North America, they play crucial roles in the deal-making landscape, often bringing capital, strategic partnerships, and market insights.

Family Offices are private wealth management advisory firms that serve ultra-high-net-worth individuals. They have diversified interests in various sectors, including cleantech, with a growing trend to invest in sustainable and socially responsible ventures. A family office’s strategic investments often extend beyond financial gain, targeting social impact and long-term wealth conservation.

Corporate Venture Capitals (CVCs), on the other hand, are subsidiaries of large corporations that make venture capital investments. CVCs typically look to drive innovation within their parent companies’ markets by investing in disruptive start-ups. In the cleantech sector, CVCs are particularly strategic, often aligning their investment portfolios with their companies’ sustainability goals.

The convergence of Family Offices and CVCs at cleantech events is indicative of their shared interest in driving progress within the industry. At the Cleantech Forum North America 2024, they come together to network, share insights, and discover investment opportunities that are not only profitable but also catalyze positive environmental impact.

  • Goals of CVCs in Cleantech:
    • To foster innovation closely aligned with corporate strategies.
    • To access cutting-edge technologies that drive sustainable enterprise growth.
  • Family Office Focus:
    • Prioritization of dual return on investments—financial and social/environmental.
    • Emphasis on legacy and long-term impact on society and the environment.

Both entities are increasingly seen as vital partners in the cleantech ecosystem, offering unique perspectives and resources that support the industry’s growth and aim to address global environmental challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cleantech Forum North America is a premier event connecting innovators, investors, and industry leaders in the clean technology sector. Here are some frequently asked questions that provide insights into this influential forum.

What are the main topics usually covered at the Cleantech Forum North America?

The Cleantech Forum North America typically covers topics such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, smart grids, transportation, water technologies, and sustainable materials. Presentations and discussions often focus on innovations and trends shaping the future of cleantech.

Who are typical attendees of the Cleantech Forum North America?

Attendees usually include start-up entrepreneurs, corporate representatives, venture capitalists, private equity investors, government officials, and thought leaders. It is a diverse gathering of stakeholders all invested in the advancement of clean technology.

How can companies be nominated for the Global Cleantech 100?

Companies are nominated for the Global Cleantech 100 through a combination of proprietary Cleantech Group research data, nominations from partners and industry experts, and specific criteria that include innovation potential, market, and the ability to execute.

What are the differences between Cleantech Forum North America and Cleantech Forum Europe?

The main differences lie in the geographic focus and the regional market contexts they address. While both forums highlight global cleantech innovations, each forum caters to the specific interests, opportunities, and challenges of their respective North American and European ecosystems.

Can startups participate in the Cleantech Leaders Roundtable, and if so, how?

Startups can participate by invitation or application. The Cleantech Leaders Roundtable is an exclusive gathering aiming to facilitate high-impact discussions between veteran industry figures and emerging companies. Inclusion is typically based on the startup’s potential and alignment with current cleantech trends.

What are the emerging trends in cleantech that were highlighted at the most recent Cleantech Forum?

Recent forums have highlighted trends such as artificial intelligence in energy management, advances in battery storage, and the role of cleantech in circular economies. A notable emphasis has been on the role of digital transformation in accelerating cleantech solutions. These trends reflect the industry’s evolution and its response to global sustainability challenges.