Considering a Tradeshow Hanging Sign for Your Booth? Here’s What You Need to Know

Trade shows can be extremely busy, making it difficult for attendees to find your exhibition booth. Tradeshow hanging signs are a great investment to help you stand out of the crowd during a trade show. They are mounted directly above your exhibition booth on the ceiling as part of your overall branding and set up at a trade show.

If you think of your trade show booth as your store, then the hanging sign is your storefront sign. It indicates to your customers that this is your shop, in this case, the location of your exhibition booth, and also improves the aesthetics of your ‘storefront.’

Benefits of a Hanging Sign in Your Exhibition Booth Setup

blimp square hanging trade show sign

Hanging signs offer the following benefits at your trade show:

  1. They attract attendees to your booth. Since they are mounted high up into the ceiling, with a simple gaze upwards, the attendees will be able to locate your booth. The more people who can see your tradeshow hanging sign, the more people are likely to visit your booth, increasing the chances of achieving your set marketing goals for the exhibition.
  1. Brand awareness and promotion. Whether you are a well-known business or seeking to establish your brand in the market, a hanging sign is an effective way to showcase your company name, logo, and brand colors. It gets your branding information into the trade show attendees’ minds whether they visit your booth or not.
  1. Enhances the look of your booth. The hanging sign complements the rest of your set up for a visually pleasing exhibition booth look.
  1. Creates the illusion of a bigger exhibition space. The hanging sign fills the vertical space above your exhibition space, creating the illusion of a bigger space.
  1. They are cost-effective. While you may spend a significant amount of money upfront when buying high quality hanging signs, they will serve you for a long time.
  1. Can be multi-purpose. Interactive digital hanging signs are multi-purpose. They can be used to present the company’s brand information, showcase products, and demonstrate product use.
  1. Easy to transport. Most hanging signs are made up of a few lightweight parts that are easy to assemble and dismantle. These parts can be packaged in storage boxes or lightweight casings for easy transportation.

Parts of a Trade Show Hanging Sign

While hanging signs can be customized to suit various exhibitors needs and preferences, most standard hanging signs have the following parts:

  1. Portable frame
  2. A full-print graphic
  3. A liner on the inside if the hanging sign is not double-sided
  4. Attachment point
  5. Hanging cables
  6. Travel bag or casing

Customized trade show hanging signs incorporate add-ons such as:

  • Rotating hanging sign motors
  • Hanging sign lighting
  • Clamp lighting
  • Hard travel sign

Types of Hanging Signs for Trade Shows

There is a wide variety of hanging signs for trade shows available on the market. They vary depending on their shape, style, size, and material used. According to shape, the most common types include rectangular, curved rectangular, circular, ellipse, tapered triangular, curved triangular, 3D, tired flat rings, and flat disc, among others. Most commonly, hanging signs for trade shows are made from an aluminum frame, tubular frame, or fabric.

Qualities of a Great Tradeshow Hanging Sign

When deciding on which hanging sign, ensure it has the following qualities and features:

  • Lightweight for portability
  • Durable. Ensure the frame is well-engineered with high-quality materials
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle. While you are most likely to need professional and sophisticated equipment such as a lift to fix or remove the hanging sign, it shouldn’t take you more than an hour
  • High-quality printing fabric for brilliant and clear visible graphics
  • A carry bag for easy packaging and transportation

What to Expect from Your Hanging Sign for Trade Show Supplier

Like other exhibition book set up and marketing materials, you must have the hanging signs made at least six weeks before the exhibition date. The first step is choosing a tradeshow hanging sign supplier to work with. Do your due diligence to find someone reputable. From their catalog, choose a design that you would like, then contact them to make your order.

Most suppliers require that you provide them with graphics that will be printed on the hanging sign. They will give you a time-frame for when the hanging sign will be ready. Keep in mind, depending on how sophisticated your design is, it can take up to three weeks for your order to be completed. Also, factor in shipping time, which could take another week depending on your supplier’s location, the hanging sign’s weight, and your preferred shipping method. Furthermore, you may need to then reship the hanging sign to the location of the trade show.

When discussing costs with the supplier, ascertain what is covered in the quoted price. Find out whether frames, mounting cables, and shipping costs are covered.

Guidelines for Putting Up a Hanging Sign at Your Trade Show

In most cases, the trade show host will provide you with guidelines regarding putting up hanging signs, including weight and height restrictions. Upon request, your trade show host can provide you with a ceiling plan to show you the ceiling space’s beam capacity above your booth. You can then work with your supplier to determine the most suitable size, weight, and materials for your hanging sign.

While some trade show hosts allow you to set up the hanging sign on your own, in other instances, the host does the setup. In the former scenario, you will need to hire an installation contractor to put the hanging sign per the host’s regulations.

On other hand, if the host is particular about setting the hanging line themselves, you will need to ship it to the trade show location by a given date. Either way, it is important to be at the site or have a company representative at the site during installation to ensure that it is being installed to your liking.

If you are looking to be noticeable at an upcoming tradeshow, hanging signs are an important branding and marketing tool to consider. They give your brand extensive exposure, enhance your brand’s image, and improve your exhibition booth’s overall aesthetics.

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