Expand Podium Case

A convenient case to podium counter kit that ships inside itself

The Expand Podium Case with Graphic is a roto molded shipping case with wheels that easily converts to a podium display at your events. In other words, the actual shipping case becomes your podium display, simply by wrapping the hard case with a high quality, custom printed graphic wrap, and then placing a counter top on top of your new podium display.

In just a few minutes, your molded shipping case becomes a podium exhibition stand. This case to counter conversion also allows you to keep your shipping case at your booth during the show, meaning you can quickly and easily take down the graphic after your event and pack up and leave, without having to wait for show services to bring back your shipping case.

The resulting podium counter has a unique shape and provides a large surface to gather around at your event. Inside what was just a shipping case, the detachable shelves hold your brochures, demo products or anything else you may want to store for quick access. The Expand podium case with graphic is large enough to hold a 10ft pop up display and a retractable banner stand - and can provide easy transportation for multiple banner stands if you're not bringing a pop up display frame and graphic panels or other exhibit stand to this event.

Need a bigger counter? Check out the Expand Podium Case XL. The Expand Podium Case XL combines two roto molded cases with wheels, larger display graphics, and a special double-wide counter top. With the two cases, you have twice as much room for your trade show display and branding, and can store retractable banner stands, a trade show booth, or even several small display stands along with their fabric graphic or graphic panels in your heavy duty expand podiumcase.

The graphic can be sized to be used either with the case opened up wide, or with the case closed. (You need to pick one or the other, or you can choose two graphics, one for use when the case is open, one for when the case is closed).

Expand Podium Case & Graphic Kit (OPEN Kit) includes a (Wood, Black, or Aluminum) Top, Shelves, Skirt & Graphic KIT

Expand Podium Case & Graphic Kit (CLOSED kit) includes a Wood Top, Shelves, Skirt & Graphic KIT

A suitcase style case with wheels that turns into a spacious presentation counter!

Add Graphic Headers:  Header Template   -  Header Setup Instructions

Add Literature Holders - A pair of literature holders that connect to your counter top. Literature Holder Details & Instructions

Add a Tablet Holder - Connects to your counter top, holds most tablet devices.

Add a Monitor Holder (or "Monitor Mount") (15 lb max weight) - includes mount and connector arm. Monitor Mount Details & Instructions

The Expand Header kit easily attaches to the table top of your new PodiumCase. This accessory is perfect for in-store sampling or as a temporary information desk. The telescopic poles enable an adjustable height up to 97 inches tall. The graphic panel for the header should preferably be printed with a thin non-curl print material. The graphic is fastened to the top and bottom profiles with Velcro. The Expand Header comes in a bag and weighs only 4.5 lbs. 

Expand-Podium Case Animation