The Portable Backdrop is Getting More Popular at Trade Shows

Trade shows are an important marketing strategy for showcasing your company and products to a network of clients and potential business partners in your industry. According to PWC, trade shows are the second-largest source of revenue for B2B businesses. They are effective in building awareness, improving customer engagements, enhancing product knowledge, and driving sales.

Therefore, your business must have maximum visibility during the trade show – a factor that has driven many businesses to be intentional about using trade show displays, including portable backdrops. In fact, US exhibitors spend over $24 billion in trade show displays every year.

animated trade show popup portable backdrop display
Popup Portable Backdrop Display

Why Portable Backdrops?

The number one reason that trade show portable backdrops are getting more popular is their functionality and convenience as displays. The second is their effectiveness as marketing materials.

Functionality and Convenience of Portable Backdrops

The following are ways in which portable backdrop stands are functional and convenient:

  • Portable backdrops are easy and fast to assemble. One or two people can set them up in the background by simply opening up the frame and locking it in place with no need for additional tools. Similarly, they are easy to disassemble.
  • They are cost-effective. Since display backdrops are easy to assemble and takedown (since they typically come with a backdrop kit), you do not need professionals to set up. As a result, you cut down on set up costs, and you can invest that money in branding
  • Portability. These backdrops are usually light and compact. They often come with a case, carry bag, or air trolley that protects the backdrops while offering a convenient way of transporting them. Depending on the size of the portable backdrop, some are airline friendly, unlike bulky display booths that would have to be shipped in parts ahead of the tradeshow. The carry bag and case also lower the risk of losing some parts or damages on the backdrop.
  • They offer you branding flexibility. If your display or branding needs change from time to time within the exhibition period, portable backdrops offer you flexibility as they are easy to change. You can remove the banner from the mount or background stand and replace it with another one.
  • Versatility. Portable backdrops offer versatility in both design and setup. There is a wide range of portable backdrops to choose from depending on your exhibition booth’s size, marketing needs, preference, and budget. The most common ones include magnetic pop-up display stands, tension fabric display, multi-skin pop-up displays, and silicon-edge graphics (SEG), among others. In addition, there are a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes to choose from.
  • Durability. High-quality backdrops can be used many times before beginning to show any signs of wearing out. If you participate in several tradeshows or events in a year, it is best to invest in well-designed, superior quality backdrops that you can use for all the tradeshows. It may cost more upfront, but it will save you a significant amount of money in the long term.
Hybrid tenson fabric portable backdrop display
Tension Fabric Portable Backdrop Display

Effectiveness of Portable Display Backdrops in Marketing and Branding

Portable display backdrops play a crucial marketing and branding role on and off the trade show floor. They are a great branding tool for creating a good first impression, and the background support can boost your marketing efforts.

You have only one chance to create a good first impression on your customers and potential business partners; make it good and unforgettable. A well-designed and properly set up portable backdrop banner is a major contributing factor to whether customers stop by your booth or not.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes for a moment.

You are walking around a trade show with hundreds of businesses offering the same categories of products you are interested in. There is not enough time to engage with all the businesses, so you have to choose a few to check out. What criteria will you use to decide on which business to engage with? The businesses that are well presented through their setup and backdrop display will most likely be the first to catch your eye.

As an exhibitor, let your backdrop present your business in a catchy, imaginative, and sophisticated way. At the bare minimum, your backdrop should have your logo, company/product name, a catchy image, and your promise to the customer. Depending on its size, it can also display some of your products. Ensure that it is colorful with uncompromised color matching with your brand colors. The backdrop should also be well-lit for easy visibility.

Furthermore, backdrops and social media marketing are the ultimate marketing combo. Have you seen how big brands leverage social media marketing to drive customers to their stands during trade shows? They also use their backdrop banners to direct attendees to the company’s social media pages.

You can use social media to create a buzz about your business regarding your exhibition at an upcoming trade show. You then invest in high quality, well-designed portable banners that ensure customers can easily find your booth during the trade show.

On the other hand, you can use your backdrop to retain the attention of new customers who come to your booth by sending them to your social media pages. To achieve this, provide your brand’s social media contact information on the backdrop.

Trade shows are an important marketing strategy to incorporate into your business. As evidenced by various statistics, trade shows can significantly improve your brand awareness, customer engagement and increase sales. However, the key to a successful trade show exhibition is being visible amid other businesses.

Portable backdrops are a convenient, flexible, affordable, and effective way to put your best foot forward. The right portable backdrop for you will depend on your marketing needs, display book size, preference, and design specifications.

Our range of portable displays and backdrops will help you set up an eye-catching brand representation for your trade show booth. We offer both design and printing services.

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