Everything You Need To Know About The Brochure Holder

When people visit your trade show booth, you’ll want them to have something they can take away with them, such as a brochure.

Stocking brochures in a haphazard way can cause you to misplace them while preventing them from being readily accessible to people who are interested in your products.

That’s why you need a brochure holder.

What, exactly, is a brochure holder? A brochure holder is a stand that contains your company’s brochures. It comes in a variety of styles so you can customize your trade show booth to attract more people to it.

With the above in mind, read on to find out more about brochure holders. We’ll feature everything you need to know about them and why you should buy one for your next trade show. 

Why Is A Brochure Holder Essential At A Trade Show? 

Why Is A Brochure Holder Essential At A Trade Show? 

There are many good reasons why you should invest in a brochure holder. These include the following: 

  • A brochure holder will set you apart from the crowd. Everyone at the trade show is going to be trying to make the most powerful and memorable impression on people. A brochure holder can help you to stand out and attract more attention, especially if you place it at the front of your booth.
  • A brochure holder is a call to action. What’s great about a brochure holder is that it contains brochures which will not only provide people with valuable information about your company, but it also ensures that they can use the brochure to take action, such as by purchasing something from you after the show.
  • A brochure holder will help you to engage with more people. While you might not be able to chat to everyone who visits your booth, a brochure holder can ensure that you still reach people who don’t get to engage with you personally. It can also be useful for reaching people who don’t want to interact with others and would rather gain the information they need themselves. 
  • A brochure holder makes a professional impression. A brochure holder is essential as it provides an organized, professional appearance for your booth in general. It will also ensure that people view your branded information as being well put together. They’ll therefore be more likely to want to purchase products or services from your company. 

Where And How To Place A Brochure Holder

Where And How To Place A Brochure Holder

To make the most impact when setting up a brochure holder at a trade show, you should ensure that it’s highly visible.

It should be placed at the front of your booth so that people will see it head-on as soon as they approach you.

Here are other tips to follow when setting up your brochure holder.

  • Don’t let it take up a lot of space. Make sure that the brochure holder doesn’t take up a lot of space, otherwise, this could make people feel cramped in your booth. If you’re short on space, you should choose a small brochure holder, such as a countertop one.
  • Put it in a high-traffic area but not in people’s way. Don’t set up the brochure holder in an area of your booth where it’s easy to knock into it. This will cause it to get in the way and become a nuisance.
  • Think about installing a wall-mounted brochure holder. Choose a wall-mounted brochure holder if you want the brochures to be at eye level. This makes them easier to see and reach for, so it is a good idea. It will also free up floor space in your booth.
  • Consider sign holders. Using these helps to pull people’s attention to the brochures you want them to see. This also works well if there’s a lot going on in your booth and you don’t want people to miss out on the valuable information in your brochures.
  • Install lights to draw attention to the brochure holder. Think about highlighting your brochure holder with well-placed lights. This will make people notice the brochures more so they can’t be missed. 

What DIY Brochure Holder Options Are There? 

What DIY Brochure Holder Options Are There? 

You can also make your own brochure holder if you don’t want to spend money on purchasing or renting one.

All you need for the following two brochure holder tutorials is cardboard and a few tools you probably already have at home.

Method One

You’ll need:

  • Cardboard 
  • Scissors 
  • Duct tape 


  1. Start by making the brochure holder’s sides. For this, you’ll need to cut two pieces of cardboard. They should both be four inches wide and eight inches tall. 
  2. Cut one of the shorter ends on each side piece. Cut it so that it’s slanted. You want each piece to be six inches in height at the shortest end. 
  3. Cut a piece that will be the front of the brochure holder. This should be four inches in width and eight inches in height. 
  4. Finally, cut the back piece. This should also be four inches in width and eight inches in height. 
  5. With duct tape, tape the side pieces’ longest edges to the sides of the back piece. 
  6. Tape the front piece to the six-inch edges of the side pieces. 
  7. Tape the leftover square piece to the brochure holder’s bottom part. 
  8. Cut the cardboard into a six-inch square piece. This should be taped to the bottom of the holder so that it will make it more stable.
  9. To make the brochure holder look professional and striking, paint or spray paint it. 

Method Two

You’ll need:

  • 1 tissue box 
  • Scissors 
  • Pencil 
  • Knife 
  • Stapler


  1. Flatten the tissue box. 
  2. Cut along the glue seam of the box with scissors. The glue seam is located underneath the box. 
  3. Cut off the end flaps of the tissue box. 
  4. Use a pencil to mark the body of the brochure holder. Think about how large you want it to be. Use up as much of the tissue box cardboard as possible. Note that the shape you should draw should have a thin rectangular piece at the top, followed by a slightly thinner neck underneath, and then have a larger square body that’s in line with the top rectangular piece.  
  5. Use the back of a knife to make creases on the fold lines.
  6. Remove the extra panel of the tissue box as you don’t need it. 
  7. Cut off the unwanted double-thickness glue flap, so that you can then mark off the 20mm ends. 
  8. Fold the piece in half. Crease it at the center. 
  9. With your pencil, mark a 20mm line at the crease.
  10. Cut off an angle at the bottom right corner of the cardboard. 
  11. Now you have the rear strut that you’ll be able to attach to the holder body you drew and cut out earlier. 
  12. Make creases in the ends of the strut with the back of a knife. 
  13. Now that you have the body of the holder and the strut ready, you can connect them. Staple the ends of the strut to the holder’s sides. 
  14. Fold up the front of your holder. 
  15. Tape the sides to the holder body. This will produce a pocket in the brochure holder. 

Tip: You might want to paint the cardboard so that it will look more attractive. Do this before you cut the cardboard and make the brochure holder as it will be easier. 

Related Questions 

What are the benefits of having a perspex brochure holder?

A perspex brochure holder is transparent, so it gives the impression of not taking up a lot of space. Since you can see through it, your colorful brochures will be able to draw more attention.

Should your brochure holder be multi-pocket?

Multi-pocket brochure holders are ideal for brochures. They can hold many brochures so you won’t have to worry about refilling them as regularly.

The multiple pockets ensure you can store a variety of promotional materials in one spot. 


If you’ve got brochures you want to hand out to people at a trade show, make sure you have a brochure holder to keep them safe.

You don’t want them to become lost or damaged or completely ignored by people with whom you want to engage.

A brochure holder is an essential item to have at trade shows because it ensures that more people will notice the brochures so they can learn about your products and services.