Trade Show Display Design Choices

Tricks to be Succesful at Your Next Trade Show

When you are looking to purchase trade show displays, you should keep in mind that you are probably going to use it at several different events. You need to understand the different limitations, available booth space and other factors at upcoming trade shows in your area. You definitely don’t want to purchase a display for one show only to find out two weeks later that you can’t use it for the next one. 

eco-1025-v1-web-resized-600Utilize Trade Show Directories 

Sites like the Trade Show News Network and Events Eye are great for finding events in your industry and location. Take the time to do your research on those sites, list the events attend and then contact the event planners to check with them and make sure there are not any unusual limitations or restrictions that they put on presenters. 

Plan Your Trade Show Display to Maximize Versatility 

This is especially true if you are fairly new to trade shows or are purchasing exhibition stands for the first time. Keep in mind that you may change your product, pitch or maybe just change your mind over the coming months so you don’t want to limit your own creativity. For example, if you are planning a 20-foot display for a specific show, you may look into getting two 10-foot displays instead. You can connect them to have the 20-foot display you desire but you have the option to arrange them differently at the next event. 

Find a Designer You Can Trust and Stick with Them two 10x10 satellite trade show displays

Take the time to have a conversation with the company you hire so that you trust them and they understand your personality and goals. Not only does this take the stress out of making future purchase or rentals, it also ensures that booth colors and designs will match exactly when you want to make additions or changes to any of your trade show displays. 

The trade show professionals at American Image Displays are experts in versatile display design. They can help you create an outstanding display while keeping an eye on versatility and future events which you may want to attend. 

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