Five Tips to Make Your Trade Show Display Stand Out

For many people, your trade show display will be their first impression of your company. If they’ve never heard of your company, trade show attendees will judge your business solely on your booth display and the way they’re treated by the sales staff at the show.

With such high stakes, it’s crucial to show off your best assets. Follow these tips for a trade show display that will set you apart from the crowd–in a good way!large backlit tension fabric signs

Tips to Make Your Display Stand Out

Clear the clutter. Everything in your booth should have a purpose. While you may be tempted to cover your table in giveaway products such as branded key chains and rulers, this can look messy. If you’re giving away items, keep them in a bowl off to the side.

Brand your booth. When an attendee sees your booth across a crowded trade show floor, she should know exactly what your company is called. Too many trade show displays hide away the company name, removing it from attendees’ memories. Use banner stands, overhead signs and displays so people know exactly who you are–and make them easy to read!

Stay friendly. Have you ever walked up to a display only to find the the presenters sitting in chairs talking to each other and ignoring attendees? There are always a few of these booths at every trade show, and they’re usually a ghost town. Step out from behind your banner stands and talk to people!

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Add some life. Set yourself apart from surrounding booths by adding some greenery to your trade show display. Set out potted plants and palms at strategic corners of your booth. Just place them out of the way so guests don’t trip over them, or you may be in danger of breaking the no-clutter rule.

Demonstrate your best work. Whether you’re advertising your candy company or your wedding photography business, you want to give potential customers something to remember. Don’t just stand there telling how great you are. Show it. Give free samples of your most popular candy bar. Show off a video of your best wedding photographs. Attendees should walk away knowing exactly what you do and how well you do it.

Having a successful trade show booth isn’t just about purchasing banner stands and tabletop displays. As long as you give a good first impression, attendees will remember you. Just make sure that your table isn’t cluttered, your booth is properly branded, you have some greenery, you’ve demonstrated your best work and you’re friendly to all of your visitors. Done right, you can walk away with dozens of new customers and potential clients.

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