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Expolight Backlit Tabletop Display

This MultiQuad Expolight table top is the perfect item to brighten up your table top display!

This is a 2x2 MultiQuad system, 46"x 46" x12", with LED backlighting inside, and a single roll-able graphic attached to the frame with magnets. The frame and graphic weigh approx. 35 lbs. 

There is one LED light kit mounted to the bottom of the frame facing up. Power cord runs under the bottom of the frame.

Light Reflectors to Increase Brightness

All ExpoLight boxes have white, light reflecting backs and sides to increase the graphic brightness.

It ships in a single case, assembles in 10 minutes, and works hard to attract clients to your table! 

Download Graphic Template

Download Assembly Instructions

Backlit expo_light table top displays

Expolight Backlit Table Top Display - $1,621 including shipping case

SC50_Shipping Case