Lights and Action in Your Trade Show Booths

Getting the attention of your potential clients on the trade show floor isn’t always a sure thing. The sound, the multitude of trade show booths, the sheer time it takes to get through the entire show can all be prohibitive factors. One thing you certainly don’t want to do is to shout across the floor, run up to the client like you are chasing them down, or wave at them like a traffic cop.

Here are a few ideas for changing up the look of your trade show booths that will help grab the eyes of those clients without the need to shout: hanging signs and some trade show lighting. Here are some ideas for what can spice up those visuals in ways that catch the eyes and draw the customers into your sales area:custom aero overhead hanging sign with pillow case fabric graphics

  • Hanging Signs: Placing a hanging sign above your trade show booths, especially one that that slowly rotates, creates movement that draws the eye to your booth area. Gradually turning rotators can handle up to 100 pounds (most hanging signs are easily under 50 lbs) and often make 2 Rotations Per Minute. Don’t underestimate the idea of simply having your trade show graphics on a hanging sign above your trade show booths, moving and drawing attention.
  • Trade Show Lighting and Graphics: You can design the best looking, most well conceived banner or graphic, but adding some lighting will always bring it to the next level. Next time, instead of just a banner stand, consider transforming your trade show modular laminate pedestal with remote controlled lights and locking storagegraphics with backlighting, helping the banners to highlight and illuminate your message for you. These trade show banners are easy to transport and to place, and the graphic messages on your banners are easily replaceable. Or if you need a trade show kiosk, consider one with back-lighting. The trade show lighting also brings out the detail of your visuals and gives it an eye-popping quality that makes clients take a long look at what you are offering. The same is true of a fabric lightbox and other graphics. Choose graphics for one show, and replace them as necessary, depending upon what you feel you need to display at the next show. The LED lights have a long-life so you won’t need to replace them for a very long time, and the illumination draws attention from customers.
  • Digital Banner Stand: The new wave of state-of-the-art technology has entered the marketplace. Digital stands are portable and easy to use, and they actually present slide shows of your products to your potential clients. A digital banner stand allows you to make your pitch to several people at once by combining images, sound, and video into a package that is essentially a small film or a PowerPoint presentation embedded right within your trade show displays. These 32″ screen displays are also easily collapsible after the trade show and ready for use at your next destination. You can bring your boardroom presentation with you as a portable billboard! The clients will come up to you asking follow-up questions rather than your having to chase them down. This is the wave of the future in trade shows. If you’re not ready for a DBS, at least start employing iPads and large monitors to display your products; there are many new trade show kiosks and counters with built-in iPad holders that both hold and protect your iPads.

Adding movement and trade show lighting to your trade show booths makes grabbing attention on the trade show floor much easier. These state-of-the-art trade show displays can help you accomplish more advertising than is possible with just static visuals and bored sales people. And showing your clients that your company and display tools are state of the art is a subtle communication of success – when your clients see how advanced your displays are over those of your neighbors, it makes the choice easy to come to your booth first and ask questions. You’ve given them lights and action!

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