VBurst BACKLIT Pop Up Displays

Our new VBurst Backlit pop up displays are the only trade show pop up displays that are backlit and that do not show hub shadows on the center of your graphic face! In fact, the process is so revolutionary that it is patent pending.

Backlighting a display highlights a message better than anything else. And unlike competitive backlit fabric backwalls, our VBurst light kit is a simple, easy-to-use solution. More importantly, the frame comes with a lifetime warranty, and the graphic printing is a 4k dye sub fabric print of unparalleled quality.

Why get a backlit display? Because they POP! In our rushed and competitive world, seconds count. Backlit trade show displays help make your graphics and company logo brighter, to stand out from your neighbors at the show.

  • Burned out on imported displays that don’t last? VBurst backlit frames come with a lifetime warranty! (As in, no questions asked!)
  • Spending lots on install labor, or taking hours to set up your display? VBurst backlit pop up display accordion frames set up in less than 5 minutes. The graphic stays on the frame, further reducing set up time. All that is left is to hang a couple of lights from the frame and attach the fabric reflector in the back. (See set-up video.)
  • Looking for quality printing? VBurst fabric graphics use a heavy knit wrinkle resistant fabric with great color saturation. The VBurst print process is an 8 color process, producing some of the best looking graphics you’ve ever seen!
  • Need to change graphics? The fabric graphics attach with Velcro to the frame and can be changed out in minutes if needed.
  • Graphics get dirty while shipping? Our dye sub fabric graphics can be machine washed if they get soiled.
  • Paying for high shipping and drayage costs? The VBurst backlit display weighs less than 40 lbs – about 58 lbs in the compact shipping case – say good bye to those expensive shipping and drayage bills.
  • Waiting after the show to get your shipping case back? Get a graphic wrap on your VBurst shipping case, use it as a counter at your show, and it will be ready in your booth so you can make a quick departure after the show.
  • In a rush to get your new VBurst pop up display? No worries; we ship in 4 days, and can expedite that if needed.

Set-up is a simple three-step process: (Click to watch video)

  1. Open frame 
  2. Hang lights
  3. Attach the "reflector" back wall

The VBurst Backlit Kits include everything you need at one great price. The backlighting kit includes the internal lights, the frame, the dye sub printed fabric backwall, an unprinted white fabric "reflector" wall attached to the back of the vburst frame as well as a shipping case. Every VBurst backlit kit comes with adjustable feet and Velcro attached graphic for fast set up.

Convenience, functionality and good looks make the VBurst backlit the smart choice for event media backdrops and trade shows. Some competitive backlit fabric backwalls are cheaper, but they often look cheaper too. The VBurst light kit is simple to use, and the fabric graphic features an incredible 4k dye sub print that no one else can match. Absolutely reliable…no muss, no fuss. Other systems can be complicated, but the VBurst keeps it simple.

When you need a backlit display for your space, want to highlight your marketing message or just want to bring your image to life through the power of light, look no further - Get a VBurst Backlit Fabric Pop-up!

VBurst Backlit Comparison

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VBurst Flat Backlit Pop Up Display
VBurst Backlit_4x3 Straight