5 Reasons to Use Portable Displays at your Next Trade Show

Attendees are drawn to trade show displays that catch their eye and stand out from the crowd of other displays, so it is important to design your display stand to grab attention. It is just as important to have a display system that is easy to use and set up! One type of convention display that has been very popular lately is portable displays, especially tension fabric trade show displays.

Here are 5 good reasons to consider using one for your next event:

Travels Well 
bcase_new-resized-600Regardless of whether you need to travel to the event or if it is just across town from you, trade show display wlbag1-resized-600stands that are easy to move around and ship will make your next event a breeze. The best portable tradeshow displays use lightweight aluminum frames and slip simply into a canvas carry bag or shipping case. This saves a lot of money on shipping and show drayage fees, and even makes bringing the display to the local convention venue a lot easier.

Ease of Assembly
Lightweight is important, not just because it saves on shipping costs, but also because it means one person can move the display around small_SNAP-MG-KIT (1)-resized-600and set it up. Displays that are lightweight arecurved_burst-resized-600 almost always designed to also offer quick and painless assembly. Newer style tension fabric displays like the Xpressions Snap and Burst displays simply open up and are ready to use. Others like the Waveline displays take 5 minutes to set up. Old style popup displays take about 20-30 minutes to set up, and are also a little heavier than tension fabric display stands – but still easily managed by one person.

Assortment of Sizes, Styles, Graphic Choices and Construction Methods
No matter what size and shape your convention booth space is, there will be a trade show display booth design to match it – in fact, I guarantee there will be several great choices. Booths and display multiquad_logodisplay-resized-600stands come in a wide range of sizes, flat and curved shapes for back walls, and many of them use a “tinker toy” approach allowing the user to build them into different shapes for different events, creating a table top display one time, and a 20 foot exhibit the next week. MultiQuad displays, LITE displays, and Composite Truss displays are all light weight, “tinker toy” display systems that are readily re-configured lite_panel-resized-600into widely different shapes and sizes, with graphics that are easy to swap too. Tension fabric systems like the Xpressions Snap, Burst, and Waveline also accommodate different size displays, by using one or more smaller 2×3, 3×3, 4×3 stands side by side – and swapping out graphics as desired.

Many portable display stands can be rearranged and customized to fit your changing requirements. Some 10 ft systems can become pir_mainintro-resized-600table top displays. Most can grow to 20 ft systems. A 20 ft display stand can usually be used as a single, or two separate, 10 ft displays, as required. There are also a wide variety of trade show counters, shelf_2-resized-600kiosks, podiums, carpets and flooring, banner stands and other accessories to help create a custom look – with the right assortment of accessories, you can change your look at each show, or keep several different sales teams supplied with a variety of sales tools for different markets and products.

Highly Affordable
We have a wide selection of portable displays, all of them priced very competitively – and when you consider the savings from shipping, setup/takedown time, drayage, and re-configuration, these designs are incredibly efficient compared to those of yesteryear. Many portable display stands also offer eco-friendly component choices, including recycled or recyclable frames and graphic substrates, to help cut down on waste. These new trade show booth designs are great choices, combining stunning looks, versatility, and relatively small price tags.

All of the pictures shown above are hyperlinked to additional information; if you’re looking for design help, you can browse our design search idea gallery or simply wander through the many trade show booth design ideas on our site – and then drop us a line or give us a call at 800-676-3976.

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