NEXT! SEG Pop Up Display

The new NEXT! SEG popup display is light-weight, portable, modular, and doesn’t wrinkle.

It’s build on the familiar Xpressions type accordion frame, is very lightweight (25lbs for 10ft kit), and comes with the same LIFETIME hardware warranty.

Set up and disassembly for the NEXT! SEG Pop Up Display is almost the same as a standard fabric pop up display.

  • The difference is, once you have the accordion frame opened, you place several light-weight extrusions on the border of the expandable frame and snap them onto the provided hubs - no tools required. This helps to make the frame rigid and lock it in place.
  • Just as important, those extrusions provide a groove that hold the silicone-edged bead sewn into the edge of the fabric graphic.
  • Last, you install the SEG dye sub fabric graphic onto the frame.
  • Final result - the NEXT! word in light-weight, pop-up displays, with SEG fabric graphics - and !

Why Are The NEXT Displays So Popular?

  • the extreme high quality 4K dye sub print
  • the SEG graphic installation
  • the modularity
  • Next frames can be connected side by side, or connected vertically and stacked!

Most of the Next displays are now available as backlit displays. This adds lighting (either LED or Fluorescent T5 tubes) and an unprinted back graphic that acts as a reflector (this back graphic can be printed for double-sided requirements).

Set up and disassembly for the NEXT! SEG Pop Up Display is almost the same as a standard fabric pop up display. Check it out in the video above.

The NEXT! SEG Pop Up Display comes in 3ft, 5ft, 8ft, and 10ft wide frame sizes, with or without backlighting, and with graphics on just the front, the front and one side, front and both sides, or a full graphic wrap on the entire frame.

A truly modular system, NEXT! combines frames with a special connector. These combined frames can be linked together in many different ways to accommodate 10ft, 20ft, and 30ft inline spaces, or 20x20ft. and larger Islands. They can also be STACKED to double the booth height.

Create endless back drops and privacy coves for Events with a clean continuous image and professional presentation. All with no tools and easy set-up. Add counters, combine different size frames and lights to create powerful exhibits and pop-up interiors.

Next SEG Pop Up Display Kit Pricing

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Frame Kit

Frame & Front Graphic

Frame, Front & 1 Side

Frame, Front & Both Sides

Full Wrap Kit

Full Wrap Kit & Backlit (LED/T5)

1x3 (3ft Wide)






$1533 / $1355

2x3 (5ft Wide)






3x3 (8ft Wide)






$2920 / $2438

4x3 (10ft Wide)






$3666 / $3025

2x2 TableTop






Next Counter


Click links above for graphic templates.

Optional Xpressions Shipping Case - $250


Optional VBurst Shipping Case - $270

VBurst Shipping Case